HellGate – Part 27 – The God Of Taint – The Big Reveal.

G’day Everyone.

I’m quite excited to share this big reveal to you all. I’m very pleased with this one. Without sounding arrogant I think the conversion and paint work isn’t half bad.

From conception to taking photos and writing this blog post this “Monster” project has taken about 3 – 4 weeks and I’ve, roughly, worked out that it’s been about 10 hours of work. That’s not bad. Being in lockdown has at least helped me get more hobby time in.

In this post I won’t just show you the pix but I’ll also try my best to remember and show you all the tricks and kits I used to assemble this bad boy so lets get stuck in.


The main model that inspired me was this Nurgle Glottkin one from Games Workshop.

Obviously a fantastic model with amazing details and I liked the fact that there’s a Lord riding on top of it.

The first thing I knew I wanted to change was the beasts tentacle arm (the left one). That was the only thing I didn’t like about the original model. I wanted more of an attacking/striking position for the arm but also didn’t want it to just be a slimy tentacle. I guess it’s a bit Orky in a way but I decided on a giant blade. I searched in the bits box and found a bit from my terrain box. For the life of me I’m not sure which kit it came from but it was a solid rectangular piece that I carved and shaped into a blade. That was fun to do. The actual mechanical arm section came from a walker robot from an unnamed kit. It was the perfect size.

Repositioning the long tentacle arm was simple enough to do but created some huge (1 inch) holes in his shoulder and chest that I will address further down in this post.

I knew right from the start I wanted the beast to be half robot or mechanical and half fleshy monster (it’s actually more like 80% fleshy and 20% mechanical) and the original head I went for was the cockpit from the Astra Milititarum Sentinel kit. Below is the sentinel and also a snap of when I positioned the sentinel cockpit.

It looked ok but wasn’t quite unique enough for my liking. I started thinking about some of my favourite monsters and that’s when I thought of Talos from Jason and the Argonaughts.

YES!!! I wanted a stone/statue head. I remembered I had an Age Of Sigmar terrain kit and tore it open as fast as I could and decided that the large bald head (Top left in the pic below) would be perfect. Originally I was going to paint the head to look like Talos’s but when I did the blue I was surprised how cool it looked. For the whole model I also used the top right statue in the picture below to be carried on the monsters back and the pillar in the bottom right of the picture would work as ruins for the base.

Due to the statue head missing a section of the left side of it’s face the head had to be turning as if looking at approaching foes but it slotted into place quite nicely and was a great size.

The head looked brilliant but still I wanted to add something even more unique and creepy to it. Nothing says creepy like a mask-muzzle-type-thing. Haha.

I ended up using a cage canopy from the sentinel kit but had to cut it into pieces to get it to sit right on the face. I used tweezers to place the tiny plastic bars and I don’t think I breathed the whole time.

The Monster was coming together even better than I expected.

My next decision to make was what I do for the top? Like I said I really liked that the original model had someone riding it or controlling it.

I’d acquired two of these Sisters of Battle kits when they were released and had planned to use both for a large tank but then thought one of them would be perfect as a sort of pulpit for the beasts rider.

It’s actually quite a cool model. My middle daughter built the second one I had which she will paint in the next couple of weeks or so and I will show you guys the results.

The pulpit fit surprisingly well and snug on top of the Monsters shoulders with minimal tweaking.

Next I wanted a shooting weapon of some description for the other arm of the beast and decided, why have one when I could have two. Both weapons, a flamer and (I think) a large las-canon, came from the Sentinel kit as well.

I then glued on a large, snapped in half, statue from the Age Of Sigmar terrain kit and used one of my real chains to make it look secured to the back of the Monster. In retrospect I wish I had of used two chains in a criss-cross pattern but I think it looks cool enough as it is. I’m really pleased with how it looks and I like the madness of it too. Why does the beast carry the statue??? Is it a trophy? Is it an image of God? Is it for luck? Who knows.

FILLING LARGE HOLES and adding more details:

I did something I’ve never done before… NO, not use my manners when attending a high society banquette or go to Church. I used cotton wool as a gap filler. WHAT??? Haha, that’s right. As I said before some large holes appeared after adjusting the arm plus there were other larger gaps around the head and on the shoulders. They were going to be far too big for my standard bicarbonate soda and super glue mix and I didn’t have enough green stuff at hand so I wandered around the house thinking and hunting. I found an old cushion that I’ve used for “smoke and clouds” in the past and thought hmmm this could work as a hole filler with bicarb and super glue over the top. I plugged the holes with wads of cushion stuffing and then sprinkled bicarb all over it and then squeezed out super glue on top of all that mess. It worked very well and even left some hair or fibers dangling out which I quite like. When we get to the photos of the beast you’ll see all the texture around the arms, shoulders and back.

Other, smaller, holes I just used bicarb and super glue.

Then I added little details like bits of pipe and wire to give it a slightly more mechanical look. I especially like the little nubbins on the side of the statue head. I added a few skeletons, one of which looks like its being sucked into the flesh of the beast. All these extra bits came from my standard bits box which is a never ending pit these days, a good thing for a nutty converter like me.

Lastly, for smaller details, I added some spikes around the shoulders from the Warcry terrain kit. I really love the horns on the original kit but wanted some sort of defensive spikes too. Just in case some enemy bastards manage to climb up the Monster. They worked a treat. The key was to not over do it.


I had a nice large oval base left over from the Mumak Elephant I put together for my Orks. It was the right size but I didn’t like all the dead horses and LOTR figures strewn across it. So, again, I rummaged through my terrain bits box and found all sorts of little goodies. As mentioned, I also included a piece from the Age Of Sigmar kit in the form of a broken and engraved pillar. With a splash of broken up cork tile for rocks and the essential and obligatory skulls I was done.


At first I was going to use the two Nurgle miniatures that came with the Glottkin kit as they are very cool minis but I decided I would use them down the track for something else. Instead I dug out my new Fabius Bile kit and new he’d be absolutely perfect in a menacing and regal kind of way manning the pulpit atop the God of Taint. I’ve always liked Fabius Bile as a character and I liked the old miniature version of him a lot but much prefer the newer one (Which is the one I went with). The only modification I did was to his left arm. I gave him a chunky mechanical/robot arm. For those of you not familiar with Fabius Bile see below for a piece of art of him followed by the original classic model.

I also wanted some assistants. The first one (He has a black gas mask type head) actually came with the new Fabius Bile kit but the second one I kitbashed from some chaos bits, Admech bits and the face/mask came from the Sisters of Battle Junith kit. (The one I got the pulpit from).


I had SOOOoooooooo much fun painting this nasty looking monster. It had metal sections, fleshy sections, pusy (I think it’s spelled pussy but err yeahhh) infected sections, textured sections, smooth areas and rusty spots too. It had it all. As much as it was fun to paint it also pushed my skills to the brink haha. I’m not a great painter but this was kind of a culmination of all I’ve learnt in the last five years. I used contrast paints as glazes but also made my own glazes and washes too. I was patient (not a natural thing for me) when it came to highlighting and adding details. I loved every moment of it and it didn’t take as long as I expected. I think the most challenging part of painting were the horns. I still don’t think I nailed them HAHA which is funny because some of them do have nails in them! However, I think they’re the best I’ve done to date. Painting the pus and blood was, by far, my favourite parts haha. The hardest bit to paint was the black leather belt strapped around the beasts upper left thigh but only because I forgot to do it until the very end haha.

Painting Fabius Bile and his assistants was fun as well but not quite as much fun. In fact I think I should have painted them first but I’m happy with them.

Ok, I think I’ve made you wait long enough. It’s time for some (well a lot actually) pictures of my little monster called The God Of Taint.

I like how the little fella looks like he’s caressing the God Of Taint
I am really pleased with the green vials.

I think the contrast between the base, flesh and blue stone head works well.
This my favourite tentacle haha

Sorry I probably went a little overboard with the photos haha but I was enjoying myself and it’s my bloody blog so shut your face holes haha.

I hope you like the God Of Taint.

I am super proud of this monster and can’t wait to get him onto the battlefield where I am sure he will wreak havoc and unleash complete and utter carnage on all that dare challenge him.

What I have planned next, for the beloved hobby, is a vingette/diorama for one of my best mates Keith. Do you remember I did a Battle of Britain dog fight for one best mate called Warren and, more recently, I did the Incredible Hulk for a best mate called Glenn? Well now it’s Keithy’s turn to receive an IRO original and THEN hopefully I’ll be working on a little something for The Imperfect Modeller.



38 thoughts on “HellGate – Part 27 – The God Of Taint – The Big Reveal.”

  1. Gloriously creepy and gross! Lots of great paintwork, texture and contrast. It’s no easy thing to bring something so complicated together and you have done it very well. Great job! Will we get to see some pics of it in action on the battlefield?

    Liked by 6 people

  2. Just grim… I mean great!
    Enjoyed the thought-process behind it and how you assembled the design in your mind and in the literal flesh. Bile is probably the perfect candidate to drive this “thing”. Is it his creation? Is it a creation for him? Did it come from the warp? It really gets you to think and that is what counts.
    GW really can get some notes from you design-wise, as pure uglieness can be intriguing, but the terror comes from its combination with something aesthetical.
    Great job! Are you gonna homebrew play with him as a Chaos titan or something?

    Liked by 4 people

  3. That is absoultely brilliant. Got to be your best work. Love the blue face, love the way you painted the tentacles and the skim. The pustules are great too.

    It will certainly make a statement on the game table.



    Liked by 4 people

  4. Wow! That payoff was incredible! I loved getting it behind the scenes tour of your thought process as you created this model. Really incredible work, and I hope it hits the battlefield very soon.

    Liked by 4 people

  5. Awesome mate. Of course I like the finished figure and it is clear to see the effort you have put into it in terms of the painting, which is very cool indeed by the way, but the real clincher for me has been the WIP posts and the narrative. I think this is the first time I can recall you going into so much detail. For someone like me who is unfamiliar with many if not all of the original figures I have no idea just how many and what changes you have made. This therefore is a gamer changer series of posts for me. Great to be able to see how the concept developed but once again very worrying to see the state of how your mind works! You and Dali would have got on great! 😊

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thanks man. To be honest I did the background with you in mind. I think others will find it interesting too, well I hope at least, but it was more for your benefit. Don’t expect me to always do it though haha. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it. Dali and I would be the best of pals I reckon.

      Liked by 4 people

  6. This was definitely well worth the wait, I think you’ve really outdone yourself here. As others have mentioned, it was interesting to read about the process too.

    Liked by 4 people

  7. Oh mate, this is fantastic! Some of your best work, the time and effort you poured into it really shows. Good job on the horns, I find those an absolute bitch to paint (and I’ve spent most of my hobby life painting things with big horns *giggle* so you’d have thought I’d have the knack of it by now). Literally so many good things about this (the mask, the skeletons, the mechanical arm, the pulpit, the statue – I could enthuse all day!). One to be extremely proud of mate!

    Liked by 5 people

  8. Bugger me Luke mate ! there must be something in the southern hemisphere! like the modelling gods have felt our grief of being locked in and came down to help us !! I just love the detail mate ,so good ,thankfully you dropped it a time I needed as work was so slow today! I have to say the 6th photo intrigued me as all I could see was the guy reaching down to what looked like a baby in a crib! it turned into a pink skeleton, Brilliant, at least I know what I’m doing at work tomorrow if there is a lull.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Sorry to bother you mate but I had to show my carer! she has seen your work before but was as amazed as I was ,the thing is I’m a bit like Dave (TIM) and as its not figures we are familiar with the scale can allude us and of course she had to ask me how tall it was, ah! 20cm I said knowingly! But mate how tall is it really!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Sorry for the late reply, that thing is bloo*dy awesome! You should be justly proud of the work you’ve put into that (not so much the twisted mind that came up with it in the first place though). That is a ton of detail and all done to perfection in my books.

    I could go on raving about this part and that but I’ll sum it all up in one work “superb”.,

    Cheers Roger.

    Liked by 3 people

  11. Wow… this is great mate – almost too much to take in! I love that this is the culmination of all your learnings – I’d say it’s a huge success. I’ll be back to have a proper look on a big screen later 😎

    Liked by 2 people

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