Episode 34 of Imperial Rebel Ork Podcast – Hobby Butterflies and a chat with Roger from “Rantings From Under The Wargaming Table”

That’s probably my longest title ever haha. I’ll blame Roger.

I try not to over do it in a SPAM kind of way with promoting the podcast on this blog but every now and then I like to try and direct you to it. In this case it’s because the star of the show was Roger from https://rantingsfromunderthewargamestable.wordpress.com

Surprisingly (haha) Roger turned out to be a very cool dude and I thoroughly enjoyed our chat. As some of you know I’ve only done a few interviews/chats and there’s no pre-chat before recording. I like to just jump straight in and capture the magic but it also means you never know what you’re going to get haha. Luckily all the guests have been great!

I believe you can just simply click on the link below and listen on line if you don’t know where to find it. The podcast can also be found on Apple Podcasts, ITunes, Spotify and stitcher.

So have a listen and a laugh and be sure to check out Rogers website. He is an all rounder when it comes to the hobby. He’s funny and engaging.

Hobby butterflies.

Also in episode 34 I discuss hobby butterflies, namely mine. I think my butterfly looks like this.

For those of you that don’t listen to the pod I thought I’d share some of my thoughts On hobby butterflies here too.

I think for the last five years, since I’ve been obsessed with the hobby, I’ve felt the need to finish things. Firstly I don’t really game that often at all and I don’t commission paint or anything so, really, this hobby is just for me. Of course I like to share what I’ve done with my blogger buddies and on Instagram but essentially it’s for me. So why did I feel this internal pressure to get stuff done?

I think, in part, it’s because in all other aspects of life I get stuff done. With work for example I like to plan, work to a system and get the job completed as efficiently as I can. I’ve always been like that. I think, in general, I’m a planner and a doer.

So I think I naturally employed the same approach to the hobby. The thing is though, I “naturally” very rarely finish a project.

I get excited by new ideas that come to me on a regular basis and before I know it I’ve slowly moved away from the first idea/project. I especially find that this is the case if the project is a large one. Like my mammoth medieval project or other various FULL army projects. When it comes to smaller projects like a Warband or diorama I tend to start and finish them over a couple of weeks.

I also think that pressure feeling comes from the build up of boxes filled with possibilities, half finished projects and, as we all call it, the pile of shame haha. I look at all that and think Geez I really need to finish these things but then BoOm! I’m hit with another and “better” idea to start something new and fresh and exciting. Haha. It’s madness really…

BUT I’ve had an epiphany!!!

I’m going to stop worrying, feeling pressure or anything like that, that errs on the side of negativity. I’m just going to embrace my hobby butterfly and do whatever it is that comes to mind which basically means I’ll do what makes me happy. I’ll no longer refer to it as the pile of shame. Instead, from this day forth, it’ll be known as the Pile Of Possibilities.

Right at this very moment I feel like my new hobby butterfly looks like this

Haha, well maybe if it had pus coming from it’s eyes and an arrow in its guts.

I think being in lockdown has given me a lot of time to think and also more time with the hobby. I think I’ve used the hobby time to re-evaluate what is important to me, what I want out of the hobby and how I’ll move forward.

What does it mean for my blogger buddies and readers of this blog??? Well no change really haha because as I said, I naturally jump from one thing to the next. So it’s just more of the same but the difference is, behind the scenes, I’m not worried about finishing things and I’m having more fun. 😊



22 thoughts on “Episode 34 of Imperial Rebel Ork Podcast – Hobby Butterflies and a chat with Roger from “Rantings From Under The Wargaming Table””

  1. Will check out the podcast later, as for the hobby, just remember it is just that a hobby something that is supposed to be fun and enjoyable ! A way of relaxing and escaping the rigours of the real world, it’s great that you’ve done this self assessment during this strange time and realised that you need to make a change

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  2. “Surprisingly (haha) Roger turned out to be a very cool dude” Trust me nobody is more surprised by that than me!

    I think it is a real rarity in this hobby of ours to find someone who isn’t a hobby “butterfly” flying from one project to the other, heck I started my blog in order for me to get motivated to paint some of the stuff I bought years ago! There is a bit of a tendency for people to fell ashamed (hence the box of shame) of all the stuff we’ve bought/collected over time and never done anything with except help the livelihoods of wargames manufacturers (not necessarily a bad thing), but hey! how many shoes/ handbags/ exercise equipment are sitting forgotten in wardrobes or under the stairs in peoples houses around the world?

    If shame makes you get your stuff painted then great, if it makes you play with it too even better! but never let it bring you down, if it’s GW stuff take solace in the fact that in twenty years time it could be worth a fortune on Ebay (might not, but that’s life!).

    As Dave said it’s a hobby not a job (or possibly an obsession), the difference is you can always walk away from a hobby and back to it when YOU want to.

    Oh and I would pictured your hobby butterfly more like this…..


    Cheers Roger

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  3. It is your hobby do it however you like. It’s for fun so making it the opposite of that isn’t worthwhile at all. I only put pressure on my hobby when I’ve said I’ll do something for somebady else. When it is for me I very much take a scatter gun approach to it….



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  4. Well, I’m also a butterfly when it comes to working on stuff, and I do agree with going with whatever works, but I’m also a believer in the power of pressure at times. It certainly helps with motivation when you wanbt to get something done, and the endorphins when you get something finished makes it worthwhile. I’m working on a trio of models now (tonight) that I’m really having to push to get done – hopefully all three tonight – but it’ll be worth it.
    As for the podcast, I finished up your YouTube series the other week, and I’ve been binge-listening to the podcast over the last couple of days.
    Halfway through Ep16 now – some interesting topics and thoughts in there, and a fair bit I’d reply to, but obviously podcasts are more a 1-way format – and I’m listening to it while I do other shit, as opposed to writing blog replies, which is much more of an active activity.
    I’ve certainly never been ashamed of the amount of stuff I have, and I’ve got a lot. Too much if I’m being honest – Then again, I’m not in financial hardship, I work, I earn, I don’t piss my money away on gambling, booze, drugs, whoo-ers or anything like that, so fuck it, and anyone who wants to judge me can fuck right off, too! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for listening to the podcast mate. It’s been fun so far. I’d say most of us hobbyists are butterflies come to think of it . For me it’s just a case of not worrying too much about getting things finished because I don’t have to really. It’s always nice to get things ticked off but it’s the journey more now for me.

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  5. I’ve been looking for some alternative social media that’s more in line with my hobby tastes — I will go give this one a listen and report back!

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  6. Yeah mate I’m a butterfly also, its just that I’m an old one!! I have finally flitted back to the castle to finish the next section that I started Xmas 2018 and hope to put it up on the weekend !

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  7. Loved the podcast with Roger, and not just because you both like me…though I’m honored by that to be sure. The time listening flew by, a testament to both the skill of the interviewer and the entertainment value of the interviewee – kudos to you both.

    As for being a hobby butterfly, I get the attraction to be one. Really I do. And definitely more power to you to make you happy with the “beloved hobby “. Why else do it? It’s not a job, it’s an investment of your precious free time, so if being a butterfly and accepting that brings you joy, f’ing DO IT!

    As for me, I think – as you’ve seen in my blog – that I am truly incapable of being a butterfly! I’m too focused on finishing one project to the point of being able to run a game or at least to the point that it’s complete. Now I can add more minis to a project or take a break with a smaller project, I never have stuff in one stage of painting while I work on something completely different. If I start painting a baggie or blister, I finish it before moving on. Now I do have multiple planned projects (more than I should) and I do gather minis for those projects in anticipation of working on them, but I’m generally to laser-focused on one at a time. Is that bad? Maybe if I could be more of a butterfly that would be good, but I go back to your earlier discussion of what makes a hobbyist happy – for me it’s the completion aspect. So this allows me to experience that aspect which is where I get my high, and I can always live vicariously through you and all the other very talented butterflies in our little community!

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    1. Good comment mate. Roger, like yourself, was very easy to chat with. Very cool dude.I admire that you can stick to one thing to get it completed but, despite my best efforts, I rarely do that. I did it with the God Of Taint which kind of tells me that I can do it with smaller projects. Projects like HellGate are so huge that they’ll never be finished but that’s kind of the point. Most of my projects (the big ones) are like that. Rorkes Drift though is different. It’s big but once done it’ll be done I won’t add more to it. However it’s a huge project haha and, even though I’m exited by it, I find it daunting so therefore my mind starts to wonder haha. I’m loving the new found approach and if it means I die with a whole bunch of built minis and not as many painted so be it haha.

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  8. That’s awesome. 🙂 I love that you’ve taken the time from Quarantine to think about things and make such positive and liberating changes. I think that kind of attitude will help keep you loving your hobby and help ensure that you always find joy in it. ^_^

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