Ork Invasion Part 10 – Some custom vehicles, a Deff Dred, a weird tractor and some Kommandos

Geez my post titles are getting longer and longer haha.

Well, shamefully, its been far too long since I’ve done anything with Orks. Here I am calling myself Imperial Rebel Ork and I haven’t touched an Ork since December last year. Warboss ScabRott will definitely be making me walk over hot coals for that I’m sure.

I’ve been in a bit of building frenzy lately and it all started with wanting to build a War Rig ala Mad Max.

All I knew was that I wanted to use this kit below from GW for the trailer.

Years ago I’d bought a shitty Ork Trukk off eBay for about $20 and decided that would be the cabin/engine of the War Rig.

Much like Der Red Orktober Land-Ship (not sure if you remember that one?) this turned out to be quite an epic but fun build.

I thought, well it’s Orky so go big or go home and went with two of those container things joined together in the middle for the truck trailer.

The trailer will, eventually be filled with Toxic Waste barrels that I’ll paint separately before gluing them in.

Here’s the full length shots of the War Rig, oh and also I’ve decided to call it The War Squig.

As you can see there are two gun turrets mounted to the top of the trailer. A big one with an Ork gunner and a little one with a little Grot manning it.

The back wheels are tank tracks from an Ork vehicle that I got from Puppets War (I think haha). You can’t really tell from the above pix but I tore out the very rear of the trailer to make it look like there’s been an explosion there. Maybe that was how the sneaky Orks managed to steal the struck in the first place? I’ll be filling the trailer with toxic waste barrels.

Lets go in for a closer look.

I used plastic plates from the same terrain kit to box in where the Ork driver is. Then I added a few Orky bits and bobs.

The top of the Cab is where the Ork TRukk Kaptin will be standing with his pet Squig. That upright bar is for him to hang onto if need be and it’s also where the Squig will be chained to.

The rest of the Cab is standard but I did change the gunner (not pictured) and arm operator and the saw/claw thing on the mechanical arm.

Below is a close up pic of the rear tracks. All I added were the exhaust pipes.

The next pic shows the rear gunner. A Wild Punk Ork called Sid Rotten.

I didn’t take a photo of the Grot Turret but here’s the large Ork Turret below. The main body is from another random mechanical walker kit I had laying around, as you do haha. The trickiest part about building the turret was getting the Ork sitting just right in there. Hard to explain but I had to cut the legs into six separate pieces to make them look like they are sitting. Sigh… the things we do for this hobby of ours huh?

I will definitely be basing THe War SQuig because I fear it may be a little fragile if I don’t. I’m thinking an old dusty highway road. What do you guys think?

This chap was going to be the Ork Trukk Kaptin but I’ve since made another one so this fat Ork will be sitting in the rear on an overturned toxic waste barrel.

I had so much fun building The War Squig that I decided to custom build another one, sort of.

A few years back I’d bought a toy army truck from a discount shop for about a fiver. It had been sitting in a box all this time and while on the search for bits for the War Squig I found it. The scale works well for Orks I reckon.

First of all I ripped out all the plastic windows and tore off the fabric canopy as I wanted an exposed open tray. Then I started adding “armour to the cab. All the panels came from the container terrain kit as well. Cutting a sight hole was fun.

I had to remove the air-horns and lights from the cab so I could cut a hole for the gun turret. Then I re-positioned the air-horns and lights. Worked out well. I didn’t really need to do anything else to the tray but I did add some metal (Plastic) panels to the sides to cover over some holes.

I used plastic sprues around the panels to look like they’re clamped on.

Still in a very Orky mood I decided to try and build a Killa Kan, this is what they look like for those of you that are unsure.

I found this kit, below, in my “Pile Of Possibilities” and thought hmmm… yes… yes… YEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

Before I knew it I had this in my hand.

The thing was I had the Ork Pilot in hand and just knew by looking at the Blue Warsuit Kit that he wasn’t going to fit into the cockpit SO, staring adversity in the face and laughing maniacally, I built the cockpit around the pilot. Say what???? That’s right… I glued bits of the cockpit directly to the Ork. Some to his sides, some to his bottom and some to his back. I literally built the kit from the inside out haha.

On I went into the early hours of the night, my eyes blurry (possibly from the twelve year old scotch and lack of sleep), my imagination going crazy and the creative juices flowing until finally I had created my monster…

A loping, crazy Ork Deff Dredd (An instagrammer said it was more Deff Dredd than Killa Kan).

Phew… So was I done with Orks? NEVER!!!!!!

I built this Mad Ork tractor thing too.

Then, for good measure, I put together some Ork Kommandos and the only thing I changed were the heads.

So, as you can see, I’ve been very busy and I’ve had so much fun. There is a lot of painting to be done and I think I might start with Der Red Orktober Land-Ship that I built in December last year. It’s probably about time haha.



39 thoughts on “Ork Invasion Part 10 – Some custom vehicles, a Deff Dred, a weird tractor and some Kommandos”

    1. Yes, IRO really does set the bar for works of art like “The War Squig.” It should get extra powers because the orks, who bring it to war, worship it and you know how it goes with orks when they start believing crazy things.

      Liked by 5 people

  1. Thwe War Squig is sheer awesome, all the extra bits work so well, your other war truck looks like the perfect vehicle for your commando’s with the military feel. The Deff dread is excellent as well, and which ever way works for you, is the right way

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Wow you’ve been busy. So many cool builds there. hard to choose a favourite. I luke the converted toy truck- it is crying out for somethinng in the back though.

    Mad Max 2 is such a classic film, but not the best, it must have inspirede 1000s of wargamees.



    Liked by 2 people

  3. Brilliant dude, just brilliant. I do love this so much! Mad Max 2 and a bit of Maximum Overdrive! You mentioned storage on the podcast – won’t you soon have an unpainted pile that would either never get painted or would get in the way of future builds? I hope not as the butterfly is creating marvels (that I desperately want to see painted too). Anyways your airbrush should help speed that process too. Glad your lockdown is ending, hope it doesn’t come back.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Wow! You’ve been busy, I see! 😛
    These are all so badass! Nice work! I love how you’ve always got such an endless amount of creativity and can manage to create so many unique and awesome pieces all the time. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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