What would your dream work space/studio be?

Ahhh the Man Cave… That special place reserved for us more distinguished fellows who want… no NEED to escape the pressures of life and indulge in things like video games, playing pool and fine whiskey. A place we can be ourselves without judgement. A place where we can leave an empty beer can on the floor and our smelly socks on the table without risk of persecution. A place of our own.

In 2020 I think the man cave should be a place for everyone, apart from kids, so a sort of parents retreat if you will. A place Mum or Dad or both could go to be free of kids and bills and the washing up.

I think my Man Cave is my Fungeon. The hobby room. The IRO Studio. It’s basically a bedroom sized room full of boxes of miniatures, a couple of tables, a couple of display cabinets and some drawers. I’m lucky to have it and I enjoy it in there BUT What Would my dream work space/studio be?

That’s the question I’m asking myself in my next Podcast episode (36) that will be released this Friday.

What I want to know though is what would be your perfect dream hobby studio be? Tell me in the comments below and I’ll share it on the show.

There’s only one rule… There are no rules so feel free to use your imagination and go nuts. If you want a waterslide in there say so. If you want a dance floor with Mirror Ball and your own personal DJ that dooooo iiiiiiiit. Nothing is off limits.

I’m back at work now and I’m loving it. I am absolutely flat out so may not be able to do much with the hobby for a bit but I’ll endeavour to stay up to date with your posts.

I hope you’re all well.



36 thoughts on “What would your dream work space/studio be?”

  1. I think mine would be high ceilinged, with a sheltered outdoor area for easy spray painting. Air conditioned of course, with drawers for model storage, large bits boxes (Mister Maker style!), space for painting and modelling, a gaming table, and a couple of computers. Probably would cost more than most houses!

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  2. Currently building mine and it’s a slow process, especially as I keep having new ideas, or the wife looks at the area and says ” I think we need to get you custom shelves, floor to ceiling to optimise your space !” will be great when that happens.
    A place where your comfortable, can get to your resources easily, is a must. Nothing worse than being part way through a project, and thinking I’ll just grab that bit I need and spending 2 hours looking for it !

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  3. Self tidying… it would be self tidying. Other than that I’m quite attached to my little shed. Could do with some music in there but it is good. Just need a tidy really. It doesn’t have to be fancy to keep me happy.

    Obviously if money were no object a massive converted bard with different areas and a few tables so I could keep different games set at different points would be nice. Plus a refereshments area with tea/coffee/beer/cider/whisky (select your own poison) would be good.



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    1. a wee hobby-roomba! That would be ace, until …
      Pete: Hey, where are my Romans?
      Hobby Automatic Logistics system ™: I’m sorry Pete, I can’t do that. Not until you finish your Barbary Coast Pirates.

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  4. The small bedroom, I used to have the small bedroom, desk by the window , computer on another small desk next to me stereo on the shelf behind me with speakers on the wall, pictures on two walls and book shelves on the other two, small drawers of unpainted figures on the wall next to my desk, the whole thing about seven foot square, but I loved it! then we had my youngest (22 years ago), now I share the front room with seven cats not ideal! (I’m sat here now with three of them looking at me waiting for me to feed them, and one has a tendency to lie in the middle of my painting table all day, but I can’t move her because she’s old) .

    Not so much a “Fungeon” as a “Catastrophe”

    Cheers Roger.

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      1. You said in the podcast that i didn’t say what my perfect workspace was, but that is what I was describing (and had), sorry if I didn’t make it clear, I’m a simple man with simple tastes. Ozzy stop hissing at your sister! I’ll feed you in a sec….oh I’ll have to go sorry.

        Cheers Roger.

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  5. Since we moved houses, I was able to stake out a space and have been really happy with it. All my paints are now wall mounted in paint racks. Supplies are pretty organized, computer close by, when I need it.

    I think the next step would be a really good lamp armature that tucks away nice and neatly. I have two, but neither one is perfect. A better speaker system, with easy access to all my music.

    Sky’s the limit? Relocate the space to someplace where I could also have a really nice gaming table for friends. Wall vacuum to clean up messes. Wood floor, so I won’t lose bits in the damned carpet all the time (I just found a GW human skull two days later!). A bar with my fave beers on tap. A nacho maker (as long as I don’t have to clean, set it up). Let’s add a pretzel maker with nacho cheese and hell, some really good pizza too! I guess I better add some Exercise equipment as well now! 😉

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  6. I’m veering towards garden wargaming with Covid looking as if it is going to be here to stay. Who knows? Wars of the Roses with castles in the shrubbery and a flat lawn for really big 54mm battles, or maybe the 15th Century Hungaro-Turkish wars of Janos Hunhadi? Orks in the potting shed? I already have Shed du Soleil to retreat to if it rains.

    Regards, Chris

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  7. A really large room with enough shelf space around the walls for displays, scenery, terrain, painted miniatures, storage of everything (kits, boxed games, board games, books, etc etc. A pair of work desks – one for painting that could easily fit two people, and one for terrain and larger builds), airbrush booth, space for a 3D printer. A gaming table or two.
    And then the electronic stuff – PC desks with space for multiple consoles with good chairs & 4k screens, space for things to be added in and out (and stored). A cinema area with 4k projector and cinema seats, place to display busts and statues and 1:6 models. I’m sure I could go on…

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  8. Love the idea of having a designated Hobby Room sort of place. I’ve day dreamed about that sort of thing numerous times but never made it happen. I’d love to have some sort of art studio/writing room with a built-in library and have it just loaded with a never-ending supply of office supplies. So lame, I know, but office supplies are my jam. Haha We currently have an office but since I use a laptop I tend to be a creative nomad, moving from spot to spot throughout the house. 😛

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    1. Not lame at all. I used to have a bit of an OCD thing when it came to stationary. I couldn’t walk past an isle full of paper or note pads at the shops without buying something haha. Now it’s the same with miniatures. Why not build a little studio in your back garden? If you want to save on costs just use reclaimed timber. Lot’s of building sites often have left over bits of timber, sheet metal and guttering etc. Plus, well here in Aus at least, there are places dedicated to selling off old building materials. It’s what my wife and I plan to do when we start our tiny home.

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      1. Nice! Glad it isn’t just me with a love for stationary! 😛
        That’s an awesome idea, but I’m afraid I’m not so handy with that sort of thing. Haha Plus around here they never have any extra metal or anything since people are always selling it off to scrapyards. We actually had an old mall finally get torn down fairly recently and they had to wall it all off and guard it because of people trying to go nab up all the scrap metal to sell. 😛

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