Ork Invasion Part 11 – Der Red Orktober Complete.

G’day gang.

It’s been a while, well for me anyway. I went back to work on the 28th of September and have pretty much worked right through until now. It’s been hectic to say the least but I love it. To be honest if it wasn’t for the wife and kids I could quite happily work all day, every day. I love my job.


Over the last few weeks I’ve done little to nout of the hobby but I’m glad to say that over the last week I picked up the paintbrush. The first thing I tackled was a special model for a blogger buddy of mine (and yours) but more on that another time. The second model in my sights was “Der Red Orktober” (landship) which I built in December last year. Here’s a link to that post – https://imperialrebelork.wordpress.com/2019/12/15/der-red-orktober-ork-invasion-part-8/

I thoroughly enjoyed the build but, if I’m honest, I was dreading painting the huge vehicle because of all the details, nooks and crannies. However the painting turned out to be a lot more fun that I expected. As the word RED is in the name of this mighty landship I decided the paint scheme would have to include red. Red is also my second favourite colour after black and YES I know black is shade.

As well as the red I wanted the timber parts of the model to be of a reddish brown tone then I chose gold to act as a bit of a contrast. What I ended up with was a rough around the edges but slightly grandiose ship and it’s very, VERY ORKY indeed.

So lets have a look.

Kaptin BludToof wasn’t always a pirate, in fact he was a lowly Mek aboard a battle wagon for many, many years. One day his Boss told him to go wash the Bog so BludToof headbutted the Boss to death and took over being the boss of the wagon. A few years later the old battle wagon was hit by a heat seeking missile and exploded into smitherines killing all the crew apart from BludToof. BludToof dusted himself off, collected all the bits he could find of the battle wagon and hid them in a cave. Then he went on an expedition, a pilgrimage if you will, in search of more bits to mend his beloved battle wagon. What he happened upon was an old shipwreck in the middle of a vast desert. He dragged the timber and bits and bobs back to his cave and got to work. After about six months BludToof was done and out of the cave rolled Der Red Orktober.

First Matey Smythe
I’m not the best at freehand but I was 70% happy with the Ork Skull and Bones.
Custom made Big Gun

Not sure if you remember but this is the first model I’ve magnetized. The upper deck comes off to reveal the below deck area with cabin and treasure chest.

Below Deck

Next time I magnetize something I’ll try and disguise the magnets more.

Snotty McSnotgrass mans the moveable gun turret.
Kaptin BludToof

What do you think guys? I’m quite pleased with the end result but, of course, I can see faults haha. Now I need to paint the rest of the crew which consists of six more pirate Orks.


I’m slowly heading towards 2500 listens which has blown my mind and I’m still having a lot of fun doing the show. If you have any suggestions on ideas or topics to be discussed feel free to comment below or email me on imperialrebelork@gmail.com

I am planning on more interviews and actually have one coming up soon with a miniature industry heavy weight so stay tuned.

I hope you’ve all been well. I know it’s a tad late but Happy Halloween.



53 thoughts on “Ork Invasion Part 11 – Der Red Orktober Complete.”

  1. I think this is the best piece you’ve ever created, and you’ve made a ton of impressive stuff. To somewhat quote Master Chef Australia: that’s a crackin’ build, love it, love it, love it.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Yep I have to agree that is a smashing model really looks the part how about disguising the magnets as tins of Salmon or Tuna or “Elf flesh in Brine”?

    Congrats on the Podcast ratings by the way, well deserved.

    Cheers Roger.

    Liked by 5 people

  3. Over the years you have done lots of great things (some you have even finished! 😉) but I think this is possibly the best ever. I think everything good you have done in the past has come together in this single and highly detailed piece. Congratulations on a fantastic model creation and an excellent paint job too. Well done on the podcast as well. That is some achievement in my opinion. Have your latest one to listen to and am continuing to enjoy it so long may it last.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. I echo everything the great and wise TIM just wrote. What a masterpiece, words cannot match the awesomeness of this piece. Looked at the pics multiple times already and still see new cool details. Congrats on this I know you have been on this for a while, and I know you must be rightfully proud of it. Also congrats on the podcast, been loving it. Happy November!

    Liked by 3 people

  5. This is a really impressive project and Orc pirates on a mechanized ship is really cool as well. I applaud you for seeing such an ambitious project through to the end. I’m sure it took a lot of work to finish!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. So happy for you being back at your job you love, making time for your hobby, and for killing it with your podcast! 😀
    Like I said over on Instagram, I LOVE how this turned out. You did such an amazing job!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Hey mate When I first saw this one back then, I said ha ha I ‘d love to see you paint this!! Well done, so much detail and that’s what I love as you know. Oh and remember, you will always see your own faults where we will most likely miss them!

    Liked by 2 people

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