German Örks- Der Störenfried- Part 5

Hello good people. I hope you’ve all been well.

Last night my best mate and co-host of Fly On The Wall Podcast, Big Waz, came over for a game/battle. It was the battle of DunkOrk but this time round I fancied having a relaxed game without worrying about photos and documenting any of it. “So why bother post about it?” I hear you say haha. Well this post is about the pre-game preparation. Namely some stuff I built and painted.

As I don’t get to game much I always like to put something new and fresh on the table. This time round I focused on the Orks once more.

First of all I built this whacky little tank from left over and bits and bobs. It’s well over the top and cartoony… exactly the way I like my Orks. The front command turret is the head or cockpit of a sentinel from GW and the main body, including the tracks, is from Kromlech. All the other bits are from random kits. I think it’s NUTS and I love it haha. Unfortunately I didn’t get to paint this bad boy but he’s next in line. As long as I don’t get distracted by other cool and shiny things which is often the case haha.

Next I tackled the Blitzkrieg 222 Assault Vehicle from Kromlech. I’d had this resin model sitting in a box for quite some time and hadn’t really given it too much thought. As I put it together I got more and more excited because it is full of detail. My favourite detail being the gunner in the turret sticking his finger up haha. I added a few bits here and there, including the poor soul spiked to the front bumper, and also changed a few little things too. Painting the armoured Ork car was fun and easy.

Next I wanted to add some more troops to my WWII German Army Themed Ork Horde and built and painted a fella I call “Da Russian”.

Then I painted a couple more standard troops. I love the Afrika Korps theme with these green warriors. Love those sub machine guns too!

I didn’t paint as much as I wanted to due to time restraints but I was pleased with what I got done over only a few hours of hobby time.

It felt great to get some paint on some more Orks and the battle of DunkOrk was awesome. Big Waz played the attacking Orks and I commanded the Imperial Guard. Despite smashing the Örk attacks again and again the filthy Greenskinz juuuust managed to win the day. It was so much fun that I think there might be a DunkOrk two! Hehe.

Here’s a shot of the table set up.

I’m off on a solo camping trip for three or four nights now. Work has been manic and I need a break and just need to reset. Hopefully that’ll give me a bit of time to catch up on some of your blog posts although I’ll be off line most of the time. Disconnecting 😉



31 thoughts on “German Örks- Der Störenfried- Part 5”

  1. Love those tanks – especially the first one… can’t wait to see it with some paint on it.

    The Russian though is fantastic- not used to seeing Orks in that style of hat but they really suit them.

    Have fun camping.



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  2. Great work mate and sounds like you had a well deserved bit of fun with Waz!
    I have been trying to send you a reply on your Email but it keeps getting refused! It was just to say that I have listened to a couple of your pods and was pretty chuffed that you mentioned me, thanks for that mate. The Tech adviser has a permit and is coming back from SA on Friday (haven’t seen her for a year!) so I’ll get her to investigate, have great break mate!

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  3. Lovely work on the tanks, I especially like the armoured car, is that a shell lodged in the back?

    As Pete said, the “Russian” is a smashing paintjob and does really suit that hat!

    Have a good camping trip and try not to get bitten by any of the numerous nasties that you have over there!

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Thanks Rog. It is a rocket shell lodged in there. I probably should have given it a bit more attention with a brighter paint come to think of it. What you need to know about me is that I’m a biter so it’s the bugs and other nasties that should be worried about me. Hope you’re well mate.

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  4. Haha I love these guys so much. They have so much character. You did a great job. The one throwing his middle finger in the air is especially fantastic. 😛
    Hope you have a fun and relaxing time camping!

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  5. Nice! I do enjoy a ramshackle ork vehicle or two. You just can’t beat them (and indeed, it sounds like your guardsmen couldn’t beat them either!). 😉 Enjoy your camping trip mate – I’m a bit jealous! It’s the start of a long, cold tent-free winter up here I reckon… 

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  6. These conversions are excellent and full of character. I think every Ork player dreams of seeing their greenskinz riding around in vehicles like these. I hope you enjoyed your recent game and also have fun camping. It sounds well-deserved!

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  7. “Into ze Beutepanzaa ye gitz!!!”
    The first tank reminds me of the Pzkpfw. 38t, really like it and the second one is a clear remedy to Sdkfz 221 or 22 or 23, well done to make search for it on the interwebs! And you’re very right the very British finger is absolutely fantastic.
    Looking forward to Tiger-conversions and Pzkpfw. IV already.

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