German Örks- Der Störenfried- Part 6 AND a bit of R&R

I went away for four nights and five days, all by myself, and it was brilliant.

I don’t know about you but “getting away from it all” is like a much needed medicine for me.

My eldest daughter teased me and asked, “Are you going to find yourself?” Haha. Err not quite but I just needed to reset. I have quite the busy life so it was great to just stop. I watched movies, had day time naps, drank cider, played a bit of guitar and explored the beach. I also painted TWO MINIS for my WWII German Army themed Ork Army haha. So, obviously, I’ll show some pix of those but I’ll also share some of the snaps I took when I explored the beach.

First of all we have Kaptin GobSplitta and his little Squig sidekick. The sculpt is from Kromlech and I bloody love it. I made no changes and just painted him as is. Lot’s of cool little details.

It was the first time I’ve ever attempted bloodshot eyes and I don’t think I quite nailed it but it’s passable.

I really, really enjoy highlighting now.

So much character in Ork faces, I love it.

Next we have Sergeant Grittz.

His eyes are actually red but didn’t really show up in the photos.

Here they are together. I think the Kaptin is screaming “FIRE” and Sergeant Grittz is following that order and executing some insubordinate Grot. I need to base both of them.

As I’ve mentioned many times I don’t consider myself a photographer but I do thoroughly enjoy photography. I especially enjoy the hunt for the perfect angle and shot.

I approach photography from a miniatures point of view a lot of the time haha. You could say it’s a small minded approach haha.

In this first picture I imagined all these tiny shell creatures (approximately the size of my pinky fingernail) clustering around their small citadel in an effort to protect it from larger shell creatures.

The next shot I call “Valley of the damned” because all these purple clam-like shells were empty as though the squishy, slimy occupant had either left in a hurry or had been torn from their homes by hungry seagulls.

I like this next one a lot. I like the angle and I love the bright green seaweed.

The next shot, almost looks like it could be on the moon. I love the texture of the sandy rock.

The contrast in colours really stands out to me in the next photo and I love that water.

Speaking of water, I had to capture a crashing wave. It took about thirty shots to get just the right one.

Another citadel/castle type one with troops swarming around the base of it. Haha.

The Australian landscape is incredible.

This last one was taken by a quiet little pier and the place was so peaceful I just had to capture it.

In other news I recently acquired three new tattoos and here is one of them. A crow that, for me represents death and a reminder that life is short.

I hope you’ve all been well.

I’m going to spend the next little while catching up on all your lovely posts.



47 thoughts on “German Örks- Der Störenfried- Part 6 AND a bit of R&R”

  1. Great mini’s, I love the face on Grittz very nicely painted too. Your photo’s are beautiful, they really are, you should try selling them, I have no idea how you would do that, but you should!

    The green seaweed looks almost Alien!

    They would make great album covers but I fear don’t really suit your kind of music 😉

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Excellent work on the Orks IRO, and sounds like a good break. The pictures you’ve taken shows a vivid imagination with all the descriptions you’ve added and the change of angle of the photograph is a great approach.
    Nice Tat by the way, great line and texture to it

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It’s difficult to get away. 1. Family, work and friends commitments of course but 2. Theres that feeling of guilt you have to get over too. Fortunately I have a very understanding wife who knows I need my own time. Glad you liked the post man.

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  3. Good to have you back! Four days away is a gift of almost immeasurable value for a guy at a certain stage of life. Bless your family for granting you such a wonderful vacation!

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  4. Great work on the Orks, Iro, and the photos of the beach look great. It’s very beautiful out there. When I saw the first Ork, I thought he looks as if he had takedn out Commissar Yarrick and donned some of his gear! 🙂

    Also, I wanted to tell you that I really liked your last Podcast on whether or not blogging is dead. It surely is not! It’s always good to see blog posts with pictures of projects and battle reports, etc. There is something there that a YouTube video just can’t capture.

    Great action shots with captions really brings me back to the battle reports I used to read in White Dwarf.

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  5. Oh, very nice find on those minis and nice job painting them up. For bloodshot eyes, I would start the lines from the outer edge and move inward, but not all the way to the pupil. We’re currently at the beach, but that Australian beach looks to have us beat by a mile!

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  6. You’re lucky to live near a scenic landscape like that. I live near a lake and some beaches but it is cold here 60-70% of the year so not so exciting! I really like the orcs you showed off too. They have a lot of character to them and they stand out compared to other orc models that GW has made as well. Glad to hear the rest and relaxation paid off too. Getting away from responsibilities and the tight schedules most of us have to keep can do a world of good.

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  7. Nice work on those orks, you must have a hell of a lot of them by now? Time for a group shot I reckon. 🙂

    Loving those pictures, the citadel in the first pic appears to have been heavily shelled. I’ll get my coat…
    Glad you didn’t find yourself out there, I always worry about that when I’m out somewhere remote for a few days. If I find myself what do I do? Do I leave myself there or do I bring myself home? If I do then where will the second me stay? The more I think about it the more it turns into a logistical nightmare. Best to avoid the whole business if you can.

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    1. I was literally just thinking I need to do some group shots. For fun but also for my own sake, see what I’ve got. They certainly needed a lot of mussel 😉 at the citadel that day. If I found my younger self I’d give him a good smack and tell him to grow up but if I found my older self I’d say mate, get back in touch with your inner child.

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  8. Brilliant photos mate! I have to say no. 2 is so good, all those little mussels make an amazing picture to me,and in the 4th last one the leopards head staring out into the distance is so clever, and you say your aren’t a photographer!!!
    I glad you had a great time,always good for the soul to get out and about!

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  9. Love the photos and I’m so glad you had such a great go of your trip off the grid! 😀
    The little sidekick is so damn cute! Haha The crow tattoo is fantastic and I really appreciate the meaning behind it. Something important to keep in mind always. Excellent post!

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  10. Absolutely beautiful photos, just stunning. As we already have snow cover and I won’t see leaves until next April or May so it’s nice to see a beach scene. The two minis are great and so right up your alley. I see that your highlights are getting better, and I like the outside mini shots a lot -really show off your excellent painting. Nice tat. I’ll never get one (wrong generation plus I’m a bit too old for that methinks). Fantastic post and blogging is far from dead

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Well maybe. Understand that among my generation of officer that was a “career limiting move” back then unless you were prior enlisted and already had one. Besides, I probably couldn’t consider getting a tat of the tank until you actually painted yours! (Hint hint)! 😁

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  11. Sorry a bit tardy getting to your post, blame moving house preparations!

    I think I enjoyed your photography here as much as your figures (which are also great by the way). Is it only me that can see an evil weasel’s head looking stage left in the rock formation in the photo below where you wrote “Another citadel/castle type one with troops…”?

    Or maybe I need some time away too…

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