HellGate – Part 29 – The Fallen Prince.

I can’t believe that it was September (three months ago) that I last posted anything for my HellGate project.

The other night I managed to get a little time to myself and had a tinker with some plastic odds and ends. To be honest I had no plan or even the faintest idea what I was going to do.

I just simply started and after about an hour I had built this…

I’ll show a few more angles in a moment. Basically it’s a miniature in a sort or chaired case mounted on top of some sort of beast. The weirdest but, dare I say, most interesting part is that the head of the beast is actually the torso from another miniature called a Goliath from the necromunda range of minis that GW sell. Let’s have a closer look at the head then aye?!

Not that you can really tell but the torso is upside down and I added a metal jaw and some fangs. I drilled a couple of holes for deep set eyes. Might add a little green stuff for tiny eyeballs.

The beasts body is mostly Ogre but I cut and carved away to make him look four legged. Then I added a couple of blades from his front legs instead of feet or hands.

The Prince was fun to build but his right mechanical leg was a bit tricky to get right. Even now I’m not 100% happy with it but happy enough.

It felt good to be in my happy space which is converting/creating. Here’s a few more snaps.

I have a couple of diorama to do over the next little while. One of them is for the up and coming Fembruary Challenge Alex from Leadballoony puts out each year. The other will be something a little different and I’ll be using a few miniatures a couple blogger buddies of mine have sent me.

In other news I interviewed my hobby dad and all round cool dude TIM (The Imperfect Modeller) for episode 45 of my humble little podcast. It was a really great chat and a good laugh. I will definitely get him back on the show down the track. Here’s a link to the podcast which can be found on all major podcast platforms.

One more thing before I go. A question for the podcast actually.

What’s your least favourite thing/aspect/step to the miniature hobby?



38 thoughts on “HellGate – Part 29 – The Fallen Prince.”

  1. Looking good Luke, glad to have you back again! My least favourite part by far has to be prepping miniatures: removing mould lines, fitting together metal parts, pinning…argh. I hate it so I get sloppy doing it, and then notice halfway through painting that there’s a mould line running through somewhere visible, and then I have to take a file or sandpaper to a painted mini.

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  2. Good to see your post mate and once again I am in awe or your creativity. You definitely see the world through a different lense, that’s a good thing by the way! With figures my least favourite stage is the prep, I just want to get stared on the painting side and simply see that stage as a frustration. With dioramas it is the early base work when typically there is shit all over my desk and I hate working in a mess! Loved doing the podcast mate and look forward to another chat (not specifically for the podcast) whenever the opportunity arises. 🙂

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  3. Excellent looking kitbash IRO, it has plenty of interest all over the model which draws the eye in.
    As for the question, my answer would be never enough time to do all the ideas I have, as I love every element of the hobby process

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  4. Looking forward to the podcast!
    For your question, I think the only thing I really don’t much like about the hobby is cleaning mold lines. If I could get miniatures with zero cleanup, that would be fantastic. It’s also probably impossible…

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  5. Nice mini there! 🙂 Are you sure we’re on Part 29 already, or do you just number them randomly to confuse those of us that still count on our fingers? I hate mis-cast parts that leave a mould line you just can’t clean up or fill in (usually metal bits)! In fact, I hat them that much I need to repeat that I hate mis-cast parts that leave a mould line you just can’t clean up or fill in!

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  6. Good to see you blogging again, nice bit of Kitbashing too, the beast reminds me of a character called “Mongrol” from the 2000AD comic strip “ABC Warriors” (you should look it up).

    Looking forward to these Dioramas, a lot.

    Worst part of the hobby? well not to be very original, I too hate removing mould lines when it comes to painting and turning to the sculpting side I don’t like making the wire support structures , or bulking up the figure before you can add the detail, I guess we all like doing the detail bits be it painting or whatever, even though they can be “bleep” frustrating in their own right too!!

    Cheers Roger.

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  7. I’m going to have to give that podcast a listen and see what advice TIM has to impart 🙂 I like the beast and prince without a filter applied to get a better look at it but that’s just me.

    Least favorite thing in the hobby is having to make a bunch of terrain to do some gaming especially when it is a repetitive task like making a bunch of trees. Varnishing is also up there in that it tends to be a bit tedious but if you mess it up and get frosting, you lose basically all your painting progress which is maddening. There are other things I’m sure but those two stand out for me.

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      1. You’re welcome and I gave the podcast and listen and both you and your hobby father did a great job! 😀 I’m going to try and follow future episodes I enjoyed it so much!

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    1. Kuribo there are cures for frosting. I don’t get it anymore at all as I now use an airbrush to varnish but did see it occasionally when I used rattle cans. But when I did, usually another light application of the varnish would take care of it. Another solution that I have used includes using a wash in the effected areas like Agrax Earthshade. I read somewhere that applying olive oil to the frosted area can help – but I’ve never used that approach.

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      1. Thanks, Mark! I’ve had good luck with varnishing with an airbrush too (though I’m terrible at maintaining one and am considering giving up mine but that’s a whole other thing). In the US anyway, I don’t think rattle cans for varnish work well because its too humid in most places and you have to be careful not to spray in those conditions. With that said, I haven’t heard of those tricks but I’ll give them a try if I ever run into frosting again so I appreciate you sharing them!

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      2. Glad to help. The other point about using an airbrush to prime or varnish (which you might know so sorry if that’s the case) is to use a larger needle, nozzle, and cap). I have an Iwata CS. I found going from .35 to .5 and watching my pressures and dilutions. I’m in Massachusetts so if I relied on rattle cans I’d be screwed hobby wise!

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      3. Chicago, where I live now, and Cincinnati before that probably aren’t much better, I would guess! That is interesting about the needle, nozzle, and cap. I have an Iwata Neo that is cheaper and not as nice. I’ve gone through 4 of them now which is embarrassing and a sign of my lack of mechanical and troubleshooting skills. I’ve been debating getting rid of mine as it is starting to have problems and I am terrible at fixing it. If there was a way to solve that, I’d be very happy to be able to use an airbrush regularly so getting a nicer airbrush is food for thought!

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      4. I have a CS, a Neo, and an uber-expensive Micron that I love for doing camo on tanks. The other issues surrounding an airbrush are pressures (you definitely need an adjustable pressure gage and an in-line water trap filter) and effective cleaning. I don’t use my Neo much as most of my work is priming and varnishing which are nearly impossible with the .35mm nozzle on a Neo. I can see why you are having cleaning issues. I had less but similar problems with the CS and its original .35mm nozzle/cap/needle combo until I discovered you can use a .5mm nozzle/cap/needle combo for priming and varnishing and that was a game changer. I also thin my paints to a 50/50 (milk viscosity) with Flow improver and thinner. I recommend Iwats’s page for a lot of helpful hints and videos – good luck. https://www.iwata-airbrush.com/

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      5. This is all really interesting. It sounds like there is a viable solution to the issues I’ve been having which is something I’ve been wondering about for a while now. I will certainly investigate further and thank you for the lead! 🙂

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  8. Glad to see you back on this project after a wee break from it and getting so more great looking minis from it.
    I’ll try to give the podcast a listen when I get chance.
    On worse part of the hobby, one has to be trying to find the bit you just dropped on the floor that you had just found and would work perfect to stick to the model, it normally has to be a very small bit to make it even easier to find.
    The other would be base spraying models got to wait till the weather is good etc. The I always get to much some areas and none somewhere else, I hate it.

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    1. Thanks man. It was good to do a bit more tinkering on this one. I have some more to show soon too. No worries Re the podcast but, I must say, it’s a good episode. In fact all the interview episodes are probably my favourite. In my humble opinion. Ahhh yes losing bits is bloody annoying. I cut up things like hands, faces (not just heads) and fingers so dropping one of them pretty much means it’s gone. The family laugh at me when they see me on my hands and knees with the light from my phone searching the carpets haha.

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    1. Haha it does look like a crow!!! Same profile but it’s actually smoke/flame. Once it’s painted you’ll see it better hehe. I like that it looks like a crow now though hehe. I always enjoy Fembruary. Have you still got the piece I sent you?

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  9. Loving your work here on your beloved project in the beloved hobby. What impresses me the most is the creation of the beast. It looks like it could have been born of the GW folks. But the Prince is equally cool – love the head as a toast. I did listen to the TIM special yesterday in my car while I searched for a place to inflate a tire that had gotten low due to the recent cold snap. Well it is December. It was about 20 degrees F (-6 C for you metric folks) so I had no motivation to get out of a warm car to crawl on the bitterly cold ground – especially as your great podcast was playing on my BMW speakers. As I am expecting up to 2 feet (61 cm) of heavy wet snow in the next 36 hours I should be able to catch up on the FOTW too as we hunker down and I have started my Conquistador Contest. BTW I appreciate the shout out on the podcast and really you’re right about me! Also, when Dave and I communicated on email I told him that he’s like my slightly older brother. So I’m either your hobby uncle or your hobby older brother, or both (no need to check the DNA). 😉

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