HellGate – Part 30 – Dwellers

I’ve been very much inspired by Wudugasts “it takes a village” blog post series about civilians in the grim-dark future. As a result I’ve, sort of, made a start on dwellers of HellGate. I say “sort of” because they’re not exactly civilians, more like lost, wandering and creepy ex-servitors and Priest.

I plan on a lot more civvies and have even bought minis from a whole bunch suppliers that I think, with a bit of kitbashing, could fit into the HellGate setting.

This servitor is one of the more weirder and creepier kitbashes/conversions I’ve done. The head is 1/35 scale from a German Tank kit I had. I particularly like the awkward static look of the candle arm. I imagine this servitor to be very old, broken and pitifully sad.

Haha, I told you it was weird.
Next we have another servitor. This one, I imagine, is incredibly violent and aggressive by nature but is just as lost as the candle servitor. He has no real objective and is incredibly twitchy. He lopes around the ruins of HellGate on his spindly mechanical legs shooting randomly. Other times he just stares off into the distant, his eyes flickering and twitching now and then for hours and hours.

He’s a bit top heavy but that kind of works for me in an odd kind of way.

Last we have the priest. He once had quite the audience including King DralRamith but that was a very long time ago. Now he preaches to the shadows. His mind has gone but his faith is stronger than ever before.

I could build weird little dudes all day every day haha but now I’ve turned my hand to a Sci-Fi diorama that I suspect, and hope, that blogger buddies Mark A Morin and Roger (Rantings from under the wargame table) will like a lot. 😉

Hope you’re all doing well.

I’m still trying to catch up on posts from you lovely lot but it’s all a bit mad with work and other commitments at the moment. I’m chipping away though.



33 thoughts on “HellGate – Part 30 – Dwellers”

  1. Wonderful denizens for Hellgate, and each one tells his own disturbed story, look forward to seeing more of these develop. Adding background characters can really add to the immersivness of this project, I’ve been doing similar with all the background characters from the cantina in Star Wars

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  2. More inspired wierdness, I think I like the guy with the candles best, but they are all good.

    Dread to think what you are up to regarding the diorama, I feel like I’ve left my children with a serial killer!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱

    Cheers Roger.

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  3. Cheers for the shout out bud, glad I’ve inspired you. 🙂 Looking at these has my brain buzzing with ideas in turn – it’s the circle of life and all that! All three of them are cool but candle guy is definitely my favourite.

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  4. Those really do fit in with Wudugast/Blanchitsu style I would say! The servitor models leave a lot to be desired and are pretty old. I’d much rather see any of these on the table, but especially the priest. He really looks like he’s turning to the dark side and it is a beautiful thing in this case 😀

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  5. I love them. The remind me of sinister versions of the Warhams episode, where the group was in the Mechanicus-outpost. It’s a fascinating idea to actually breath life into the warped scenery of your setting like this. It really has that Silent Hill-feeling or of course the feeling of those dreaded souls in hell.
    The conversion-work is extremely ingenious.
    You could maybe try building some of the warhams-stuff *hint hint* in the future.

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  6. Great stuff mate! I’m all over the place with checking everyone’s post also mate as the house if in a great state of bedlamness (if that’s a word) we have to have everything packed and out so the renovators can come in and do there stuff before the auction!
    Its going to be a weird Xmas here matey , I’ll wish you and the family the best for Christmas now as dont think I’ll there will be another chance AAHHH!

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