Fembruary 2021 challenge WIP #3

Good day good people.

Today I turned 42 (feel free to forward all gifts to IRO No 11 Wanker St Australia) and what better way to celebrate than spending lots of time lost in the beloved hobby? Last night my wife prepared a Greek feast which was delicious and the kids and I had a few games of chess as well as Sonic The Hedgehog and some shooty fighter plane game. I also had several beers, several Moscow mules and even a Mango and Vodka smoothie haha. Needless to say I was in no state to do any hobby work but today was a chill day so I watched a movie with the kids in the morning and then got stuck in.

Keeping the Fembruary diorama on the kitchen table is key to me getting it done in time because I see it every single day and cannot avoid it nor help but tinker with it haha.

I’ve got to admit that I am seriously loving this project, probably, even more than all the other Fembruary challenges. I should also admit that there is a little trepidation with this one because it’s the biggest and most ambitious diorama I’ve ever attempted. Luckily our favourite diorama Guru, aka The Imperfect Modeller, is on the sidelines giving some advice here and there. What can go wrong huh? Well… my big clumsy hands, my knack of not really having a solid plan and the fact that this project is incredibly detailed and involved. Anyway, enough moaning, I really do like a challenge and I’m loving it.

So what I achieved today was finishing all the walls, including the annex, made a start on the roof (I need to paint/stain the inside first before I do more of the roof though). I also built the front door and finished building 90% of the bannister/rail/fence around the decking. Oh and I also added a round window to the annex too which was a right fiddly bastard haha. I had a two hour break to watch some telly and eat and then went back to it and added a lower platform and a ladder.

The photos will explain better…

The round window is made from a cut out milk bottle lid and matchsticks. Fiddly bastard of a thing. I used my magic mixture of superglue and bicarb Soda to fill in gaps around the edges.
Bulsa wood tends to splinter easily as it’s so soft, plus my scalpel needs a new blade but meh it adds to the rustic charm haha.
With the annex window complete it was time to finish off the walls.
As I said, rustic charm haha.
Next I built the front fascia of the roof. As mentioned before, I won’t do anymore to the roof until I’ve stained/painted the internal area of the house.
I added a door, which is only slightly ajar, then moved onto the railing around the decking.
Internal shot of the door.
How’s that for joinery and craftsmanship aye???? Hehe.
I considered a staircase to loop around and down from the decking but decided against it as it would make the whole thing look far too top heavy. It’s already quite too heavy. TIM had suggested adding more branches to the trunk but errrr ZOMBIES! Can zombies climb? Who knows and you know what I’m not about to take the risk and find out haha.
Then I thought a crude ladder coming down from a trapdoor would be cool but….
I decided to use a plastic ladder I had instead. However….
I needed a platform for that ladder and built this.
Again, look at that bloody craftsmanship haha. Would you believe I failed woodwork at school. Not because I didn’t like it, not because I wasn’t good at it. I failed simply because I rarely attended due to the fact that I was off chasing girls and generally getting into mischief haha.
The finished platform with ladder. I still need to put in the trapdoor on the decking. Remember this is a treehouse in a zombie apocalypse world so the next part to reach the ground will be a rope ladder that can be hoisted up if needed.
Another angle of the ladder and platform.
A shot of the railing. Another fiddly bastard haha.

It’s 11:42pm and my birthday is almost all over. I’m sitting in my armchair, listening to The Smiths and sipping some spiced rum. I’ve had a great day. Old age suits me I think hehe. I’m a little wiser, a little more eccentric and a little more senile but you know what gang, I’m happy.



PS: Those of you who may not know, episode 47 of Imperial Rebel Ork Podcast is published and available. Be warned though, if you love elves you will definitely NOT love episode 47 haha. Stay cool.

42 thoughts on “Fembruary 2021 challenge WIP #3”

  1. Really taking shape. Love the layout so far. The idea with two plattforms, a ladder and rope makes much sense in-universe. The only thing I would do is to lightly sand the balsa where it is fuzzy. If you stain or paint it this will show and look a tad odd.

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  2. Happy Birthday IRO, sound’s like you had a great day. Sounds like your wife is very understanding of your hobby with this sat on the kitchen table all the time ! LOL
    The progress looks great, and it’s really taking shape. One thing I notice that is missing, would be fixings, what I mean by this is how it would all be held together, a quick way to do nails would be push a paperclip into the balsa where you want the nails, then clip off close to or even level with the balsa

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    1. She’s a good wife hehe. The paperclip nails is a great idea but, for me, that’s a bit too much detail for this project. If it was just a hut I might do that but there’s soooo much timber here that I’d be there forever haha. Plus I still have lots to add to the base so, even though time is on my side at present, I still have lots to do. Nice idea though mate.

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  3. Continuing to look great IRO. Reckon you may well be on the way to doing your best one yet. Some good tips put forward too to add to your own to do list I’m sure. Looking forward to the next installment and once again hope you had a great bithday. 🍻

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      1. I listened to our chat the other day for the second time and something you said about “set ups” as a kid translated to the love of dioramas. I think because I don’t actually play with the toys I’m getting the same kind of buzz out of the “set up” too.

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      2. Once you get into them IRO you will love them even more. I see them as a compromise to painting a figure and having a war game. Instead of a movie they are just a still image. Takes the hobby to a whole new level. Maybe it’s just me. 🙂

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  4. Oh mate, I’m so sorry to hear you were forced to listen to the Smiths, and on your birthday too. You have my heartfelt sympathies and I hope you’re feeling a bit better now. 😉

    Seriously mate, Happy Birthday, sounds like you had an excellent day. That treehouse is an absolute thing of beauty. This is way, waaay beyond anything I’ve ever attempted, my hat is off to you! One thing I’ve not managed to get entirely clear in my head – is the finished piece going to be calm and idyllic or will it be surrounded by ravening hordes of zombies? Knowing you I think I know the answer already but it’s hard to picture the bloodbath that this peaceful scene will doubtless soon become… 🙂

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    1. Haha you’re not a fan of the smiths??? I have to be in the mood for them. You’ll have to wait and see what is planned for the overall picture of the treehouse but know this, I like to surprise people and be unpredictable at times 😉

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  5. Happy birthday Luke! Sounds like you had a blast. This is looking better and better, love the tiny woodwork. Also surprised to hear that they named a street after Lord Edmund Wanker, but that’s colonisation for you.

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  6. Looking very good, like the round window idea! but just the one is a good idea, you don’t want to milk it!

    Happy Birthday mate, once you get to 52 you wont even remember 42 ((mind you I don’t remember Thursday!).

    Cheers Roger.

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  7. I’m imagining you at the kitchen table with a drink, a dio, Greek food, and you listening to the Smiths “What Time is Now”. Nice. The diorama is coming together nicely and with hobby dad mentor in the ethereal wings success is guaranteed, only I know I will still be blown away by the final product. Oh yeah, just curious, do you call it bulsa in Australia? We call it balsa. And again, Happy Birthday. Listened to the elves episode., gave me a chuckle, which was nice given all else. Cheers

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    1. I cant wait until he starts the Dwarf bashing he’s promised, Keith (Dead Dicks Tavern) is going to go ballistic at that!! 😮

      Actually I quite like Dwarves, and I don’t mind Elve’s either. (But I’m not keen on Dark Eldar strangely…..Oh and don’t Ork’s have pointy ears too…..

      Cheers Roger.

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      1. Orks do have pointy ears but the difference is if you take the piss out of then they’ll beat you to death with your own severed leg. Whereas elves will probably cry, then write some whimsical poem and do a little melancholy dance haha. Yep, dwarves are my next target BUT they won’t cop it as much because I can see why people would like them.

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  8. I sent your birthday gift to your place on Wanker St. so do be sure and get it 😛 In all seriousness, happy belated birthday. I can only hope to be as happy and content as you are when I get to that age.

    The Treehouse is coming along extremely nicely as well. You really have a knack for building and I’m really impressed by how it looks. Looking forward to seeing more and definitely don’t let that thing off the kitchen table until you’re done building it! Your system is working 🙂

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