Fembruary 2021 challenge WIP # 4

Your old weathered hands in mine

felt fragile but warm

and your tired wise face still managed a smile

you’ve lived a long happy life

and what a journey it’s been

but now it’s time for the last mile

Travel well Grandma Pat 1/09/29 – 15/01/21

I travelled down to a small town called Wonthaggi yesterday to visit my Grandma (92) who had taken a turn for the worse.

She’s always been a small woman but somehow she seemed even smaller, snuggled up, in the hospital bed.

I knelt beside her and held her hand and kissed her forehead. She opened her eyes and her face lit up when she recognised me. Her eyes closed again and her hand tightened on mine just enough to say hello.

A little while later she became quite chatty, asking about my daughters, my wife and my work. We called my sister and Grandma teased her about knowing about my nephews plans to try for a baby in 2021 before my sister knew hehe.

I spoon fed her bits of ice because she couldn’t manage a drink any longer.

The doctor spoke to me quietly in the hallway and said they are now just making her comfortable. I read between the lines. All my family live interstate so I called them all to inform them that things weren’t looking too good.

I held Grandmas hand for as long as I could before kissing her and telling her I love her very much.

This morning I woke with a start at 6:45am.

My Dad called half an hour later to inform me that Grandma (His mum) had passed away at 6:45am.

Later today a friend of mine on Instagram sent a picture of his baby son who born today.

Life and Death.

I did one job for work this morning, hoping to get a big day in to keep my mind off things. It’s what I do. It’s how I cope. However, it started to pour down. We are having a very strange summer here in Australia.

I came home and got stuck into my Fembruary project. I was home alone for a few hours and put on Johnny Cash and a little Sam Cooke and had a few cups of tea.

I’m quite happy with my progress and I hope you like what I’ve done too.

First I did some staining tests on the balsa wood. I went with Agrax Earthshade.
I stained the whole house including the interior and underneath plus the railing. Then I painted the railing. I guess it was a good test for the main walls. I’m really pleased with the railing as it looks old, even a little rotten in parts and like the paint is chipping and pealing off.
Then I painted the window frames. I didn’t mask out the glass (plastic) and was just extra careful not to get any paint on the panes.
Next I painted the door, roof facia and then made a start on the walls.
I decided on white for the annex as well just to break up the blue a bit.
I’ve only done one coat with all the painting and I kind of like it like that. What do you guys think though? Bear in mind I’m going for a reclaimed, weathered timber look.
I think I’ve nailed the overall look I was going for with the treehouse but still need to build the roof and also the lookout tower. It almost has a nautical vibe to it which I like.
I decided to add a little homage to my Grandma Pat on the awning.

I’m really enjoying this project and it was a good way of distracting myself today. I still have so much to do but I’m confident I’ll get it all done. I’m nearly done with the actual treehouse and then I’ll be moving on to an outhouse (dunny) and small open-air workshop on the ground level. Tomorrow I’m going swimming with the little one, then I’ll clean my roof gutters before sitting down to do more on the treehouse.

I’m not a religious person but we are burning a candle for Grandma tonight 😊

Thanks for stopping by.



43 thoughts on “Fembruary 2021 challenge WIP # 4”

  1. Sorry to hear about your loss, and your visit truly sounded a memorable one for her.
    The treehouse looks awesome and the paintwork looks worn and weathered, the only additional piece I would suggest is some additional staining to represent damp or even moss growth. Love the tribute on the house

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  2. Wishing my words could console merely by the act of reading them, but it sounds like your Grandmom lived a full life and was surrounded by family that loved her very much.
    I wouldn’t change a thing on that paint job. It looks exactly like old reclaimed wood!

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  3. yeah, sad news mate, I’m so glad you got to see her before though. Great stuff on that treehouse – the paintwork looks amazing! Any chance of recreating it full scale?

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  4. My first comment on your excellent blog, which I should have visited sooner (I blame Roger – it’s usually his fault). Lovely work on the treehouse, as it does have that reclaimed/cobbled together look about it. I’m looking forward to seeing the next steps and the finished article.

    Sorry to hear about your nan.

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  5. Sorry to hear about your gran mate but 92 is a good innings by any standards and at least you got to spend time with her at such an important moment for you both. As for the diorama it is clealry coming along very well indeed. The paint job and weathering look spot on to me. 🙂

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  6. I’m very sorry to hear of your grandmother’s passing. I lost mine two years ago and it was a difficult thing to go through. I’m glad you have a project like this to apply yourself towards and everything is looking great. Keep chipping away at it and we’ll all be looking forward to seeing how it turns out 🙂

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  7. I am glad you were able to say goodbye and talk to your grandma a last time. I think that might have given her closure. I had the same experience with my grandma, but was too young to realise back then. Only in time I realised she was ready to let go and said goodbye.

    Love the weathering and mural to remember. Looking better and better. I second that adding a bit of moss or green streaks would further emphasise the dilapidated nature of the tree house.

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  8. Ah mate, I’m sorry to hear about your gran, hope you’re doing ok. Painting and modelling is a great way to calm the mind though isn’t it, centres you in doing something practical (he said sounding all spiritual and wanky!). Anyway, the tree house is looking amazing mate – can’t wait for you to crack on and build a life-size one for me to live in.

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    1. Cheers Wudu and yep the hobby is perfect for pretty much any reason really hehe. I hope to build a life sized tiny house one day so if I have any left over bits of wood I’ll build you a small shed to live in. It’ll be nice. I can sort of keep you in there for any hobby advice. I’d feed you of course… when I remember to.

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  9. Sorry for your loss mate, but it’s good that you had a final moment with her. 92 is quite the accomplishment!

    That tree house is turning out lovely, hobby stuff is a good and healthy way to cope. Take care!

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  10. I’m so sorry for your loss. ❤ I'm glad you were able to spend such precious time with her and talk with her and have her know you were there. Reading what you wrote made me all teary eyed. My sincerest condolences to you and to your family.
    I had a grandma named Pat too, she went by Patsy. I think your homage to your grandma with Pat's Cafe is so sweet. ❤

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