Fembruary 2021 challenge WIP #7

I came home earlier than expected today. I love the sun but today it got the better of me a bit so I packed up tools and headed on home, one of the perks of being the boss hehe. The plan was to get stuck into the treehouse but I ended up quite snoozy on the couch after a cup of tea and some biscuits haha. Rock N Roll lifestyle I know.

Then I had to sort out some things for my Grandmothers funeral. I’ve been, willingly, assigned the duty of sorting everything out from clearing her flat out to organising the funeral. Lots to do actually but, in a strange way, I’m (enjoying is the wrong word) feeling quite honoured to be doing it for her.

Anyway, after that I had some grub (home made burgers mmmm) then got stuck into my lovely little treehouse.

I did a lot without it looking like a lot haha.

Basically I did all the shingles for the roof.

Just cut up bits of cardboard. Simple. Luckily I have a shit load of boxes in my Fungeon, mostly filled with unpainted miniatures haha.
Painstaking but fun to do.
I then painted the rest of the lookout tower.
The dormer window was the trickiest to do with shingles but it turned out ok. Here it is with the first coat of dark brown paint too.
Gave it an ink was of 50% Nuln and 50% Agrax. That little overhanging bar thing jutting out from the roof will have a lamp (not a working one) hanging from it.
A Birdseye of the shingled roof.

Short but sweet this WIP post guys but I really hope you’re enjoying the journey almost as much as I am hehe. I’m enjoying doing the posts and I’m loving the feedback and ideas. Keep em coming.



29 thoughts on “Fembruary 2021 challenge WIP #7”

  1. Nice progress mate, how about adding a flashing along the ridge of the roof in a metal colour to represent a lead flashing? would help keep the rain out.

    I remember clearing out my dads house after her died, and coming across an envelope of polaroid’s of stepmother!!!! o’natural (she thankfully died first, and I do mean thankfully!! no love lost there!), once you see that though you just can’t un-see it!!

    Cheers Roger, (off to rip his eyes out again!)

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    1. Oh sweet Jesus that’s something I’d never bloody forget too haha. Fingers crossed I don’t find anything at all like that haha. Flashing is a good idea and I was thinking gutters too but I am getting mildly concerned about time so I’ll see.

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  2. Excellent progress. Adding flashing would indeed add some realism. Apart from that maybe some rust, leaves and bird excrement would make it even better.

    Might be an idea to give every family member a keepsake to remember grandma by. Stuff she really liked or held dear. Maybe even a cherished present that finds its way back to the giver.

    I got some nice family photos after my grandma passed and a tea pot. Nothing out of the ordinary, but nice to have nevertheless.

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      1. Good question, some filler with a bit of grey and then to round it of a tad of black in the centre? Acrylic modelling paste might work better, given it will level somewhat.

        I believe Vallejo or AK Interactive had a dedicated bird droppings weathering product, but I am not sure exactly.

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  3. I really like the “homemade” look of the shingles. I think a greenish version of Streaking Grime from AK Interactive could be nice if you have the patience to order some and then apply it 🙂 If you have some mossy looking flock, you could glue some small bits of that on the shingles too, depending on what look you’re going for. With that said, everything is looking great and I am excited to see more!

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  4. I was just looking at this one ma, the wife came in looking for a very small chair and noticed that you had Pats cafe on the model building , quick as a flash she said ! Oh ! is that the one they are going to demolish !Nice!

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