Fembruary 2021 challenge WIP #8

Hello all,

For the last few days I’ve been a very busy bloke but today, Australia Day, I managed to have a couple of hours of being lost in the hobby. It was actually quite cathartic.

I didn’t achieve a great deal but I’m happy enough with the progress that I felt a WIP was justified.

First, I dry brushed the shingled roof of the treehouse. Made a nice difference I reckon.

I reckon I’ll add a bit of moss here and there eventually.

Then I base coated the actual base of the diorama and gave the lean-to workshop a base coat of brown umber and then added some red.

Still lots more to do on the workshop of course.

Next I started painting the vehicle. I went for a die cast Kombi van. Here is what it looked like originally.

Not exactly cool for a zombie apocalypse world

I decided to go for something of a rockabilly, rat fink type vibe with black, white and red. I still have lots, lots more to do on the van but I wanted to show you the basic colour scheme.

My Grandad used to hand paint life sized cars back in the day. Apparently he was so good at it that panel beaters and car sprayers thought he’d sprayed them. I wish I had his skills haha.

Lastly, I added some green, mildew, streaks to key areas.

In other news the IRO podcast episode 49 is available and is all about “Basing”.

Tomorrow is my Grandmothers funeral. I’m feeling somewhat somber but pleased with how it’s all come together. I’ve never had to organise a funeral before so it’s been an interesting time. I wouldn’t say it’s been a pleasure buts it’s certainly been an honour.



34 thoughts on “Fembruary 2021 challenge WIP #8”

  1. Brilliant work, I’m loving the weathering and mildew streaks on the wood especially, it looks incredible. Sorry to hear about your Grandmother, wishing you and your family well.

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  2. Looking good there mate, I’m curious to see how the bus fits into all this. Like the little streaks of mildew, they really add something to it, and I’d agree the roof is much better but still a bit too clean, needs a bit of moss on the shingles.

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  3. Great progress IRO, the drybrushing and streaks have added real depth to the project. Nice base colours on the van, look forward to seeing this progress, and the workshop.
    Hope the funeral goes well and you all celebrate your Grandmothers life, and well done for organising it all

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  4. The mildew looks the part. Looking forward to seeing the finished and weathered car. Graffiti might be an idea to add back some of the Hippie slogans. Maybe some altered to fit the scenario. Make pieces, not Zombies?

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  5. Nice work all round mate, the weathering adds a lot to the treehouse, |I can see why you re-painted that bus, far to jolly for you 😉, for slogans (if you go that way) how about “And the dead will ride!”.

    Oh and Keith (Dead Dicks Tavern) wrote in my comments……

    “Sadly, I missed the opportunity to respond to IRO when he asked all and sundry what was the best miniature material, plastic or metal? So, if you’ll allow me, I’d like to address him directly here, in your comments section, with apologies for the late reply:

    “Dear IRO:

    Sensible man!!

    Hope the funeral goes well.

    Cheers Roger.

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  6. Excellent progress all around. The drybrushing definitely improved the shingles further and you did a great job painting up the van as well. If my understanding of time zones in Australia is correct, the funeral has most likely already occurred but I hope it as well as it could and I’m sure she’d be proud of you too, mate!

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  7. Glad to hear that the funeral went off as well as possible. It’s a cathartic experience and not easy. I’m sure your Dad and family appreciates greatly your efforts.

    As for the treehouse, coming together brilliantly. I’m impressed that you are adding features left and right – it’s really working well. This will be an heirloom for your kids, no doubt.

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  8. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your Grandma, you have my sympathy as its never easy saying goodbye to some one that had played such a big part in you life, the times you mentioned her and your grandpa shows that they were really decent folk, I’m sure you lovely daughters will miss her as my daughters missed my mum when she passed away Eight years ago, there is not a morning tea that Gran comes up in the chat , with laughter and great memories shared ! ,and I feel that is exactly what you gran would love,just to be remembered as a great human being and a great contributor to the family she loved so much!

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