Fembruary 2021 challenge WIP #9

I had four jobs lined up for today but my last client rescheduled so it meant two things. 1. I could go home early and 2. I could do some more work on the treehouse.

So I chipped away for about two hours in a leisurely sort of pace.

Here’s what I achieved.

I weathered the Kombi van.
If anyone has any ideas on how to hide or fill the gaps around the gun turret on the roof I’m all ears!
Lighting wasn’t great for photos but it’s ok for WIP shots I guess. I’m looking forward to photographing the whole project once it’s complete.
I love weathering.
I imagine this van is a runabout vehicle, a combat vehicle and a bug-out vehicle.
I LOVE weathering.

After the van I built a picket fence.

Quite painstaking in a way but still fun.

I painted and glued on the corrugated roof to the lookout tower.

I’m not 100% happy with the weathering on the corrugated roof so I’m open to ideas.
I painted the workbench for the workshop. It’s not glued in yet because I need to do more work to the base first.

Finally, I painted a sign and a name for my humble little treehouse. For those of you that have been following me for a while you’ll know that I’m big on naming things. From character miniatures to vehicles I think it gives the model a bit of depth and character. A story if you will. Being set in a zombie apocalypse I wanted a name that said safe place, home, refuge or even hope. I’m not religious at all but I ended up going for…

Yesterday we farewelled Grandma for the last time. It was a lovely send off actually. One that, even, Grandma would have been pleased with.



45 thoughts on “Fembruary 2021 challenge WIP #9”

  1. Great progress. The weathered car looks amazing. You really got the grimy, but still in use look.

    That workbench is also a very nice detail.

    Large gap filling is usually best done with Milliput and then sanded flush. Only catch is, that you have to colour match in the end.

    So I propose an easier solution: Add some netting with leaves to the top of the bus, as is used on tanks to disguise them.

    You could also add a bit of debris and leave scatter on the roof an especially the turret, but that would signify it wasn’t used in a while.

    Finally I really like the name. Simple, but gives you immediate associations and tells a story all in itself about the occupants.

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    1. Ah yes netting and leaves is a very good idea. I’ll do something like that. Thanks so much. I love weathering so much that I have a tendency to over do (which is fine with Orks hehe) but in this case I think subtle is best. I’m really happy with the name of the treehouse 😊

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  2. Looking great mate and glad the funeral went as well as such things can go. As for ideas I’ll give it some more thought but quickly off the top of my head you could fill the gun turret gap with milliput or alternatively disguise it with say a tarp craped over and around it. The corrugated roof possibly just needs some rust pigment. I’ve never seen corrugated roofs that didn’t have rust, I think you actually buy the stuff with rust on it! 😉

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  3. Looking really good mate, the tin roof needs rust, a chocolate brown, rust or chestnut colour and some orange, work up from the the darkest colour to the lightest stippling it on , you can do a bit of silver of bare metal first too. Would work on the bus too.

    As for filling under the turret, you know what I’m going to say….Greenstuff!! Seriously though is the turret fixed onto the bus yet? if not hold it in place with tape or an elastic band then roughly over fill around the gap with your preferred medium, once dry take it off and sand it to shape, you could then add plates of card or plasticard, or how about the mesh they use for car bodywork repairs? that always looks post apoc!

    Glad the funeral went well.

    Cheers Roger.

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  4. Great progress IRO, that van looks truly beat up, and the additions to the house add character.
    Roof problem, are you more comfortable bending plasticard and trimming or working with putty ? both can solve the problem, but depends on how you feel using them.
    As for the corrugated roof, as the others have said rust, I like to apply mine with a sponge, starting with Rhinox hide as a base, Skrag brown for mid tone and Tau light ochre as the top. hope this helps.
    Great to here your Grandmothers send off went well

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  5. Kombi is a word i have not seen or read in a long while. I did not know other countries used the name for these vehicles as well. I love the work man. How about making a skull trophy display to cover that gap up? Give the kombi some extra character to live up to the name? Not that it isnt oozing character already.

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      1. Yeah, just a VW van. Like I told you, there’s some subtlety in your Aussie slang that I miss sometimes. Brits too. Sidebar – Btw on your podcast on bases I put a lot of work into mine. My thoughts are that if it’s 20% of the overall mini, and I want an A grade, it’s gotta be an A too. If it’s good, it blends in perfectly.

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  6. Glad the funeral went well dude, good to have a good send-off.
    This dio is soooo cool mate – the weathering is fab! I’d second (or third) the suggestion of some scrim netting around that turret, or hang something like mudguards or rubber flaps around the bottom edge of it & have them flex where they meet the roof… thinking about it, that is probably more practical from a real-world perspective – you wouldn’t want your netting to jam the turret on a critical zombie-mowing traverse! Anyhow, it’s awesome work mate, well played.

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  7. Wow, great job and fantastic weathering. I notice other people beat me to the “hide the gap” with netting or tarping or whatever. Another possibility might be to affix some make shift armored plates around he turret that would make it look more cobbled together and also hide the gap.

    It is always sad to read about a beloved relative passing away but nice that it was a lovely send off. I think, speaking for myself, if you can get through life and have people care enough about you to do that then you’ve lived a pretty successful life since in the end what is most important are our relationships with people.

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  8. I think daggerandbrush is spot on as far as fixing the turret is concerned, given that the rest of the vehicle’s painted. Milliput or greenstuff would have been probably best before painting! Reminds that I need to wash my car and get it as clean as this one here! 🙂

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  9. Now that is a mean looking van! I love the weathering and the turrets. The alliteration in the name isn’t bad either 😉 I think people have given great advice above so I’ll only say that I’m looking forward to more updates. I hope those work cancellations keep coming to give you extra time to work on this project 😀

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  10. Lovely transformation from the clean paint job of the last post. I kind of like the turret with gaps, it feels more kind of like a homemade Zombie Kombi.

    Sounds like you did good with a great farewell to your Grandma.

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  11. Oh mate ! I have said it before but the combi has to be a true Icon of the seventies!!
    The days of The Group one of my favorite bands of the sixties and then followed by Daddy Cool!


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