Fembruary 2021 challenge WIP # 10


I’m in a mild hobby slump but I don’t have time for such things! I only have about four weeks to get this diorama done but I’ve found myself watching telly instead of tinkering.

However, despite some lack of motivation, my daughter (13) and I did manage to make and paint a little table setting together for the treehouse.

This 1/35 scale cafe kit was the most fiddly, fragile and annoying thing I’ve ever put together haha. First world problems I know. The first chair I completely destroyed just clipping it off the sprue! My daughter found this quite funny. Luckily I had three more in the box but only made two because I only needed two. The table was easier but still a bit of a bastard to cut free of the sprue. My big stupid hands combined with my current lack of enthusiasm were the main problem I feel.

Anyway, I got them done and my daughter painted them. The kit also came with these nifty little bottles and glasses etc.

Here’s the end result.

After a tough day of building miniature chairs I could see myself sitting here enjoying a Sherry.

In other news I’ve rediscovered my love of obscure T-shirt’s haha. This is a throw back to my youth and clearly a midlife crisis but meh I’m happy hehe.



45 thoughts on “Fembruary 2021 challenge WIP # 10”

  1. Well done on the table and chairs IRO, they do look fiddly even when stuck together and painted, the glass and bottles are a great touch.
    The retro T-shirts are awesome, not that I’d call them retro, just cool !

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  2. Table for two? certainly monsieur, spaghetti and meatballs with no knives and forks? Oh sir you old dog you! (sorry don’t know why it made me think of that 🐶🐺.

    Nice work on the table and chairs, and very cool T-shirts (I like the second one best but I am biased! I see the last one was so cool it made your beard drop out!! (now that is seriously COOL!!!!).

    Cheers Roger.

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  3. Love the Mad Max and Evil Dead shirts! What’s the last one? Get yourself a Reservoir Dogs shirt, and will be mates forever, haha!

    Doll houses…so we got one of those things..for our 5 year old…opened it up and HoLy €#CK!! I’d rather put together the hardest, most complex damned model GW has ever produced! I took one look and told the Wife “Nope, you bought it! Enjoy!”. Two hours later she *almost* had a sink done. Insane. Not surprisingly, it found a new home shortly thereafter, haha!

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  4. Sometimes you have to take time out on dioramas, it’s a modelling fact of life. That said the cafe set looks excellent and I like the lighting for the photo, very romantic! Like the fashion shoot but the Oddball one wins for me. 🙂

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  5. I (nearly) built a detailed scale model of a cake shop with my daughter once. It had lots of fiddly little tables, shelves, lights, etc. etc. The model was made in China and the cafe was called “Cake Love”. It was very tricky and we had a laugh often failing to get it right. We eventually changed the name by adding a comma and a question mark to “Cake, Love?”

    Much respect for the t-shirt collection.

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  6. No mate, don’t fall off the hobby wagon now! Seriously, don’t sweat it, the odd hobby slump here and there is to be expected, and you’ve still got plenty of time to play with. Creativity can’t be forced, it’s not like squeezing toothpaste from a tube (actually that’s a lie, professionals do it all the time, but we’re gentlemen hobbyists and if we’re feeling rested we produce our best work – or so I tell myself when I’m watching telly!). Table and chairs are looking good though, excellent T-shirt collection too. 🙂

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  7. Well I wasn’t expecting a fashion show in this post but I certainly got one 😉 The furniture all looks great and those pieces really do look tiny. I can definitely see where that would be frustrating. For what its worth, I have suddenly embraced wearing graphic T-shirts for things I like such Star Wars and Marvel so I must be going through whatever mid-life crisis you are too 🙂

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