IRO’s T-shirt challenge

G’day gang,

In my last post I put up some pix of some of my T-shirt’s. There were some cool comments and it kind of, organically, evolved into an idea of a challenge… sort of.

The challenge is simple.

In at least one post that you put up in March include a picture(s) of your favourite T-shirt’s.

Preferably you wearing it or them (not all at once of course Roger) but alternatively just take a snap of it laying on the table or something.

Extra points for rare or more obscure T-shirt’s but there’s no winner, apart from me of course haha. It’s just for a bit of fun.

In other news Imperial Rebel Ork Podcast Episode 50 has been published and available for your ears. This episode may not be for everyone as it’s about my preferred choice of kits to kitbash from Games Workshop.



22 thoughts on “IRO’s T-shirt challenge”

  1. Will check out the podcast over the weekend. Not sure about the t-shurt challenge. Nice idea but seriously I don’t think I own any! Hard to believe I know given how ripped by body is but what can I say, I’m a polo shirt kind of guy. They look better with slippers. 🤗

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  2. As I’ll probably still be dealing with winter it will be a T-shirt or maybe a sweatshirt on one of my March posts for you. I’m assuming you want a link too – will you be doing a compilation? You need an Ernst Vollmer T-shirt I think. Have horses to paint today so will be having a Saturday listen. Happy weekend!

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  3. Very cool. The missus thinks im nuts because I have well over 100 tees, but most are from Boy Scout camps/events and wrestling (the collegiate type, not that nonsense on the telly). I have picked up a couple that I like though, and should get a laugh. Nice challenge IRO.

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