Fembruary 2021 challenge WIP #11

Fun fact: Eleven happens to me favourite and lucky number.

So after a mild case of hobby slump I hit the ground running today. I decided to have the whole weekend off as I’ve been feeling a little burnt out with just about every aspect of my life lately.

So, after sleeping in until about 8am I got up and watched new Gerard Butler movie called Greenland. It’s one of those end of the world movies and it gave me a cheery start to the day.

I did some ninja warrior training with my seven year old and then it was time to get stuck into the old treehouse.

It was mostly base work today but I also built and painted a few signs which I think, or hope, you’ll like.

Looks a bit like “her” instead of “here due to the generous lashings of dried blood.
This one is attached to the lean-to workshop and I added some bullet holes for good measure.
Very good advice. I need one of these for my real front fence.
This was meant to be mid but ended up looking more like rock so now it’s rock haha.
I’ve never used static grass stuff before so it doesn’t look amazing but not bad either.
Turns out that not only do I love weathering in general but I really love weathering wood. It’s actually so easy to get a really nice look.
At the moment this is my favourite corner of the base. I like the moss going up the tree trunk and how the fence meets the tree.
A nice old and wonky picket fence is what everyone needs in a post apocalyptic zombie world.
I finished the allotted hobby time making a start on some tiny, tiny tools. I included the pencil for perspective. Much smaller than a GW Ork Chain-Axe thats for damn sure.

I’m off to band practice now. Then tomorrow it’s gardening at home with the wife followed by a little more hobby in the evening so there could be another post.

Stay pretty people.



34 thoughts on “Fembruary 2021 challenge WIP #11”

  1. Loving the base work and from the sound of it so are you. Transforming odd bits and pieces into something cool is great fun and like you I enjoy using wood. Nice photos too. Enjoy your weekend off and the band practice a well. From what I’ve heard you need all the practice you can get! 😉 Oh, nearly forgot, the signs are excellent. 🙂

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  2. Excellent progress. Love the signs and vegetation. That moss on the tree trunk really makes it part of the base transition wise.

    If you want to remove lustre from the static grass you can drybrush it with a beige; alternatively use a vaporizer and apply some matte medium thinned with water and a drop of dish soap.

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    1. So, over here, there’s a show that airs once a year called Ninja Warrior. Basically contestants have to run, jump and swing their way through several obstacle courses under a certain time to win big money. My youngest and I have been watching it since 2017. We love it. Since the show started a bunch of ninja warrior clubs have started up. I joined my seven year old and my 13 year older up recently and they’re loving it. I’m loving it as well. It’s really cool. So despite the word “ninja” there’s no martial arts or weapons training involved haha. All ages do it from toddlers to elderly people. It’s awesome!!

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      1. Sounds indeed great. We don’t have that exact thing, but somehow reminds me of American Gladiator. I always loved obstacle runs, maybe they have some toddler programs here that are similar. Just have to wait until Covid is over.

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  3. Stunning bit of work mate, this just looks better and better. Love the sign’s .

    You want to watch that Ninja training, a chap I work with did some “play kung fu” with his seven year old son years ago, and his son kicked him in the nuts, long story short three weeks off work and a trip to the hospital ensued. Oh and he never lived it down! (true story).

    Cheers Roger.

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  4. Excellent work on the basing and signs IRO, adds a lot of character to the whole piece, and great use of multiple flocks on the base to give variation

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  5. Great progress once again. The freehand on the signs is really nice! There’s something about those kinds of signs that just fits the post-apocalypse setting. The greenery looks good as well. I like that you’re going for a more lush and overgrown kind of setting for this dio. That is going to look really cool. Keep the progress coming hope you’re able to figure out the burnout too. If you figure out the secret, please consider sharing with the rest of us who are also burnt out 😉

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    1. Aww man I wish I could say it was freehand but they’re actually stickers. I did touch up some of the writing though as it was a little too light or faded. I also added some dried blood etc. My next podcast episode is actually about burnouts and how to get out of them haha. Episode 51. Should be published either tomorrow or Tuesday 👍🏼

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      1. Well I feel daft now! They looked like they could have been freehand to me or I’m so burnt out on life, I’m now delirious 😉 You certainly did a good job fixing them up/weathering them. I’m going to subscribe to your podcast in moments. Its long overdue and you’re putting out too many good episodes so I don’t want to miss any 🙂

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  6. Clearly you have totally killed on this (and TIM has been a strong influence here) as this is a prime example of diorama brilliance in progress. As a gardener (we would call you a landscaper) you see so much at work that you have accurately brought to life here. The wood weathering is really spot on, and the tree and moss look very natural. The tools look like they are proper scale and are a really nice add – and must have been a challenge too. Loving this! And I see Episode 51 just arrived Yesterday so now I can have a listen.

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    1. Thanks Marky Mark. TIM has definitely been an influence to push myself to get better with Dioramas. His work is incredible. He’s the master I’m the apprentice but like any good apprentice, one day I’ll attack him with my lightsaber haha. Maybe not. I think being a gardener and outdoorsy person has definitely helped too. Cheers man.


  7. bugger me mate that work on the moss and the fence is so good mate, great to see this as its what I really like, good to see that you are using your time working in peoples old gardens to take in all the little details like the tiny fungi and the mosses , It shows in your work mate!
    Its like your Model dad, he doesn’t rush of to the model store ! he pops into the garden or into someones rubbish and find great material ( cheap ) and bloody effective,its a bit like my old folk said , there was no recycling back then as everything was turned to some use. Sorry mate I do rabbit on!

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      1. Brill mate ! I noted on one of your pods that you said some of us just report what we do as in modelling and other really engage in other interesting things as well. Maybe ,just maybe you have stirred up the Rabbit and when he is settled in he might just drive every one insane with his boring old stories that his long suffering family have had to put up with for years!! HA HA !

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