Fembruary 2021 challenge WIP #12

Good day all,

I didn’t end up doing any gardening with the wife today because it pissed down. It’s been a very strange summer here in Australia to say the least.

Instead of gardening I had a lovely Fry Up, went to the tip (dump), played dolls with the little one and then got stuck into the old treehouse diorama.

I spent a few hours adding more bits and detailing here and there and had an absolute ball.

First, I painted some tiny tools and then built a shadow board for them to go on.

Note the missing saw of which I did some freehand for the shadow. As you can see I also placed some bits and bobs on the bench top as well.
I then added another sign but the wife had the idea of having a broken one somewhere. It fit perfectly in this spot.
I painted and placed some steel drums and left one of them lid free and put some scrap wood and metal lengths in there. The little oil cans you can see (white and green) have decals on them which were easy and fun to do.
Next I added a metal shelf. I used to have one the same colour.
A chair, some tyres and a metal tank completed the workshop.
I’m actually really, really pleased with this whole section of the diorama. You can just see some oil stains on the ground dead centre of the workshop.
I also painted a piano and stool for the decking.
It’s a nice little piece actually.
Lastly I made a rope ladder. It was a little fiddly but the finished result isn’t half bad if I do say so myself. My seven year old daughter asked how they managed to get the piano up a rope ladder haha. I chuckled at first until I realised that I was just outsmarted by her haha. She definitely takes after her mum in the brains department.
One more shot of the lean-to work shed from a different angle.

I had a great weekend with lots of hobby time for a change.

I hope you all had a good weekend too.



33 thoughts on “Fembruary 2021 challenge WIP #12”

  1. Loving the detailed work mate. Even though all the ideas are coming from your wife and daughter don’t let that dent your confidence! 😉 Seriously, really enjoying this one develop. As you know I love the detailing side of our fantastic hobby so this is just great. Pretty sure I had the same accessories kit you are using which I used for a 1/35th diorama of my own and at the risk of being repetative love the way you are using the bits and bobs to create such an authentic scene.

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  2. Excellent work IRO, all the details are adding a lot of background character to the whole piece. As for the piano, a pully system would be a great way of bringing up much needed supplies and little home comforts to the treehouse

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  3. Every little detail you add to this just makes it more impressive so keep them coming. I think you’re really starting to tell a story and instill a lot of life into the scene as well. Glad you got plenty of hobby time in this weekend. Its been the same for me which has been a nice change of pace.

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  4. Ok, what’s a Fry Up? I’m dreaming of the day that I don’t have to play dollies anymore. At least I’ve talked her into playing boardgames, so I guess it s a fair trade! 😉

    Your work is looking awesome my man! Did the tools come pre-made or you actually made them out of stuff? I didn’t know what you were talking about with the saw, until I zoomed in and finally noticed that spot wasn’t just another tool, haha. So much to look at, signs looks amazing. The piano, the shelf, the barrels with debris in them. Looks like the Fallout game for shrunk and landed in your room! 😃

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      1. Ah, sounds awesome! I make breakfast burritos on the weekend with eggs, cheddar, cilantro and green onion. Some kale on mine. Hot sauce and jalapeños on the boy’s. Maybe some basil or avocado if we have it.

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  5. Hobby slump? Obviously not shown here! Great details down to the smallest ones like the oil stains. I’m hoping you finish while simultaneously wishing this journey doesn’t end, it’s been so cool to look at. Kudos! Oh yeah, what’s the difference for you guys between a bit and a bob? (like the word “whilst”, another thing not said over here – and I’d have thought a fry up was a fish fry so there ya go).

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  6. Easy, disassemble, move, reassemble. Hopefully you marked the keys. Really outstanding detailing. That adds so much life and narrative to it. Love the missing saw. I am interested were it ends up. I am slowly catching up on my favourite blogs, so I might not have to wait long for the reveal.

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