Fembruary 2021 challenge #WIP 13

We are getting to the tail (pun intended, you’ll see why soon) end of this little treehouse project of mine and I’m actually feeling a little down about that hehe. It’s been an absolute labour of love, it really has.

I finished work early today because it was a bloody warm one. Funny, I think, last week I was rained out haha. That’s Melbourne weather for you folks. Anyway, it meant I could do some work on my Fembruary project.

Today was all about ANIMALS.

YES it’s a zombie post apocalyptic world BUT it’s about twenty years after the initial breakout so life is slowly, sort of, getting back to normal. People are living off the land again, growing their own veggies and raising animals for practical reasons.

There’s chooks for eggs and meat if need be. Their names are Tandoori, Kebab and Crispy haha.
A simple paint job but they were fun to do.
A duck for eggs and meat as well. Her name is Peking.
A donkey for hauling a plow or equipment etc. His name is Kirkpatrick. If you know the story of Simpson and his donkey you’ll catch the reference.
Finally, Aisha the Alsatian hunting dog. She’s loyal, cunning and hard working.

Next I’ll be making some Jerry cans and crates.

Then some guns.

Lastly, it’ll be all the actual people figures.

Nearly done folks.

In other news episode 51 of Imperial Rebel Ork Podcast is now available and it’s all about a recent burnt out feeling I had and how I dragged myself out of it. I personally feel that hobby slumps are a little different from complete burnout.



31 thoughts on “Fembruary 2021 challenge #WIP 13”

  1. Nice additions, I’d have called the Chickens “Duracell. Ever ready and Energiser” 🐔🐔🐔😁

    I had a pet duck when I was a kid, “Dinky”, though he wasn’t that dinky by the time he was grown!

    Keep it up mate, not long to go now.

    Will listen to the next podcast later (I need to go on the treadmill anyway, so that’ll keep me going!).

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Love it mate – I want to come and live in this post-apocalyptic house more and more. If the zombies do come you build it and I’ll start walking, 20 years should give me roughly enough time to get there! I worked on a farm for a bit and we named all the beef calves after meals. It sounds a bit grim but it was handy to be able to refer to them by name rather than just ear-tag number and it stopped you from completely forgetting where they were going to end up. Didn’t stop me getting attached to old Beef-Wellington though, he was a clever young beast.

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  3. I’m still hooked on this one. Looking forward to the end with mixed feelings. Want to see the completed dio but will miss the WIP posts. For a few years we kept three pigs at a time at a friends farm. The first year we gave them names and the kids were upset after they went for slaughter. After that we just called the next batch Pounds, Shillings and Pence!

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  4. Lovely! Are those the new TAG-ones? Or something from North Star? Or Warlord? Or something completely different? Nethertheless, the paintjob is great and fits so well in the diorma. Will you add a butc- I mean a farmer?

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    1. Thanks man. The animals are just from a plastic 1/35 kit I got online. Haha he figures on the diorama will be of myself, albeit much older, the same for the wife and our three daughters. This particular piece is the final addition to a trilogy/story.

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  5. Great progress on this absolutely fabulous work. Little details well done at every turn. When you do add people, I’m hoping there’s a familiar zombie wandering hopelessly outside the fence with no chance of a meal against such a well-staffed and built treehouse fort- maybe even a former unlucky e11even band mate?

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