Fembruary 2021 challenge WIP #14

We really are getting to the pointy end now. In fact I’d say my 16th post, so not the next but the next, will be the final. I’m really excited to get some photos of the whole thing completed.

For this WIP post though I wanted to share a beer with you…

A lot of effort went into this pint. Not only did I colour mix to try and match a lovely amber but I also painted on some froth that you can see if you zoom in. I’m calling this beer “The Wayward Wudugast” Why? Well for three reasons. 1. I’ve been chatting to Wudugast about beer. 2. I tried a beer called Wayward a few weeks ago (see photo below) 3. My next tattoo will have a scroll saying “carry on wayward son”. Which is a song and lyric by Kansas.
This was delicious but please note that the glass beside the can contains lemon lime and bitters. I certainly don’t put ice in my beer!

Anyway, a beer without a drinker is like tits on a bull POINTLESS so, ironically, the first figure I painted for the Fembruary challenge this year is a man. It’s a future me in fact.

Note the missing leg
Poor bugger but hey at least he (I’m) still alive in this zombie apocalypse world.

I’ve also added some more steel drums and Jerry cans here and there but haven’t photographed them yet.

I finished the “Anti Zombie Kombi” too but you’ll have to wait to see that as well.

I’m super excited to be getting this finished soon and to show you all the diorama in its entirety.

Hope everyone is well.



26 thoughts on “Fembruary 2021 challenge WIP #14”

  1. Nice bit of detail with the beer, like things like that and the name of the brew is inspired too. Hop a Long IRO looks very good as well but I can’t see any tatoos on that left hand? But hey this is the apocalypse and I guess things happen 😉. The big question of course is how did you come to lose your leg? No doubt you’ll come up with all sorts of fluff but my money is on you chopping it off with a chainsaw while you were drunk gardening. 🙂

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  2. When I first saw that photo I thought you were running toward the beer, typical Aussie! but no you’ve lost a leg! As Wudagast has already pinched the best joke 😞. I’m going to say your Daughters put it on the Barbeque when times were tough, bloody kids cost an arm and a leg!!

    You wont be much use in an ass kicking contest now will you, and I hope that combi is an automatic!

    Cheers Roger.

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  3. Excellent additions IRO, as for the reason you lost the leg, you could go down the Walking Dead route, where you got bit by a zombie and had to chop the leg off to stop the infection.

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  4. Love that Kansas song, also Dust in the Wind. And Point of Know Return. Great album was “Leftoverture”. Check them out if you have not already (man I miss the music of the 1970s). Nice work on the beer, and agree with TIM, though Roger stole my joke. It’s ok, because unlike you in the future, he still has a leg to stand on. Really am intrigued with your progress and the future you figure. I’d tie in its loss to a heroic act on your part to save your daughters. Cool!

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  5. The beer looks great but I like the mini you’ve added even more. Its perfect for a diorama like this and is another visual cue that things aren’t so hot in the world at this moment. Keep the updates coming. I wouldn’t think there is too far left to go on this dio now.

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