Fembruary 2021 challenge WIP #15

Hello good people and welcome to my final WIP post on this Fembruary treehouse project. The next post will be the big reveal 😊

I added some guns. Scattered care free around the place. Don’t worry no young kids will accidentally pick them up.
What’s a zombie apocalypse without some weaponry?!
As the above photo gives away the fact that I’ve painted another figure/miniature I may as well share more.
This miniature represents my daughter Sianne who’s 13 in real life but in this dio I see her at about 32 Which would make me about 61 in the dio.
She’s always vigilant and keeping watch for any kind of threat.

Tomorrow I’ll put the final touches on the rest of the figures that will be featured in this diorama plus some scattering a of moss and leaves. One more thing I want to build and add is a winch/pulley. My mate Warren came over last night and said the treehouse needs a pulley system. Since he’s said it I kinda have to do it now haha. I’ve already got an idea on how I’ll go about it and I have, should be able to find, all the necessary bits for it.

That’s it for this WIP post though guys.

The final reveal will either be tomorrow evening or Monday evening. Hopefully tomorrow but I need to do a few jobs in the morning and also my taxes Sighhhhh…

In other news, episode 52 of Imperial Rebel Ork Podcast is now available and is all bout “Focus”.

Hope you’re all well.



41 thoughts on “Fembruary 2021 challenge WIP #15”

  1. All great additions IRO, the model of your daughter has a perfect pose for the watchtower, you can never have too many weapons in a zombie apocalypse, although boxes of ammo may be useful, as well as weapons that can be used when the ammo runs out.
    Did you get my email the other day ?

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  2. With so many guns, I was starting to think this diorama takes place in the US and not Australia 😛 Most people aren’t that bad there are some here that have a firearm collection like that. Setting that aside, I love all of the little details and in the post-apocalypse, you can’t have too many weapons to keep you safe I would think! The mini for your daughter fits this setting really well. Ahh… we’re so close to the end now, I can’t wait to see the final results! 🙂

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      1. There was a comment made by one of the British commanders in the Iraq war, that the difference between the British and American armed forces was that the “British arm the men” whereas the “Americans man the arms”.

        I didn’t say it, (Mark). 😰

        Cheers Roger.

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  3. Interesting going through this marvelous piece of art again, its so different, again well done mate!
    Oh I’m up to your pod cast no.35 I think, had to laugh! so good of you to do a spotlight on the old guy !! much appreciated !

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