CoffinWood Part 2, a Palate Cleanser and a T-shirt

Howdy folks,

As my intro last month (the one with the first draft of the rules) to CoffinWood was technically Part 1, welcome to part 2.

Firstly, before I jumped into another “proper” project after the Fembruary Treehouse I was in need of a little palate cleanser. This came in the shape of some Star Wars Lego I’d acquired in January for my birthday from my 13 year old. She knows her Dad very well.

I won’t bang on about it too much because, well it’s not technically miniatures and I certainly didn’t paint anything haha. I will say this though. I had a lot of fun putting it together and worked perfectly as a plate cleanser.

Stormtrooper Head

So after playing with some lego I felt ready to dive into my next project. A Wild West game I’m creating based in a town called CoffinWood.

Nothing too original really, just a bunch of gangs causing trouble and waging war on one another.

It’s what I would say is a mid sized project and I’m determined to stay focused on this one. One of the tactics I’m employing, to stay the course, is to start with the terrain/building’s. I think/hope this will help create the overall panorama (thanks Mark 😉) for me to feel even more motivated to paint a whole bunch of minis for it. Does that make sense? Basically create the world first then add the people.

Today I had a few hours to myself and I’ve got to say I’m quite surprised with my progress. Turns out MDF kits aren’t too shabby. More on that in my up and coming podcast episode number 54.

So heres what I built.

This isn’t the exact layout of the town, I was just playing around. Note the mat.

I actually had a lot of fun putting these together and was spun out with how quickly I could knock them out.

With a few alterations I made the house able to have ground and floor levels be playable.

I’ll be adding some basic furniture but won’t be overdoing it at all.

You can also access all the internal areas of the smaller buildings.

Inside the bank. I made the counter from some MDF off-cuts.
Inside the general store.

I still have a few more MDF kits to build too.

As well as the MDF stuff a have a bunch of 3D printed buildings coming from OTP Terrain too.

I’m excited to pint everything and I’ve been watching a bunch of Western movies for inspiration. Last night I watched Tombstone and had forgotten just how bloody cool that movie is. I’ve also watched Unforgiven, The Good, the bad and the ugly, Hang Em High, Young Guns and Nevada Smith.

Ok, I put up a T-shirt challenge for March and I’ve already seen that Roger has played along over on Rantings from under the wargames table. Basically just put up a pic of your favourite T-shirt’s haha. Preferably with you in it.

Here are my submissions for this post.

My 13 year old made the last one for me and it’s great for when I’m drinking beer and/or painting minis hehe.

That’s all folks.

Be good and if you can’t be good don’t get caught.



36 thoughts on “CoffinWood Part 2, a Palate Cleanser and a T-shirt”

  1. Those MDF building are pretty cool do they do them in 10mm? (just kidding!!), Half yaw through the month and your just posting your first T-shirts!!! (some of us have been playing since the start of the month! 😁

    That is a seriously cool Stormtrooper helmet!!! I think I’m gonna go Star Wars with my next T-shirt entry too….

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Very cool present you had there Luke, and the buildings look great especially your modification to make both floors accessible, should be a great looking town once your done.
    Cool T’s as well

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Good to see your next project well and truly under way. The buildings look cool.
    I must say the genre is well represented in MDF form and if you are in need others then do check out Sarissa Precision and Blotz if your haven’t done so already, both have some excellent kits. A western town was always a project I planned but for now it will remian on the back burner due to space constraints sadly. ☹ Nice bit of lego and like the American Werewolf T. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Nice little town. I started mdf buildings for my Bolt Action project, and have a couple for my ongoing Wild West (w/ Deadman’s Hand rules) project. Speaking of that project… I’ve got stuff to paint.

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  5. Your daughter has excellent taste in gifts! I actually got my brother the same Christmas gift and he also had a good time with it too. I love the mood pictures you took of the helmet. They look dark and very imperial to me 🙂

    You have been busy with MDF kits it looks like. I’d say you’re living the Wild West dream, in fact. I’d love to have a “board” like what you’re working on but I just don’t have the space. Will you be getting into some spaghetti westerns in the coming days? I have The Man With No Name trilogy on Blu-Ray sitting next to me unopened that I need to watch sometime soon 😀

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  6. SO looking forward to seeing more from this project! 😀
    Also, you definitely have the coolest shirts. I have some that I really like that I could probably do a post about. It makes me want to do one about all my obnoxious Christmas sweaters when the holidays roll back around. My Ugly Christmas Sweater game is strong. Haha R2-D2, Deadpool, Krampus, laughing skulls with Santa hat/elf hats with actual bells and pom poms on them, “Ba-Hum-Pug” with a cute pug on it, and also my Grumpy Cat Christmas onsie. 😛

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  7. Sorry for the very tardy response – as you saw I’ve been wrapped up with my gaming aids project! Check your email and shhhh – just for us! As for the Lego – is it a kit or did you just freestyle this beauty? Impressive either way and a true palate cleanser. I was too old when Lego came around (or it was too expensive for us back then in the 60s). My daughter did not have them BUT I have been playing with them with my 4 year old granddaughter Tabitha and its been fun when she comes over to play! As for CoffinWood – THAT has potential! Looking forward to the panorama – and thanks again for the shout-out!

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  8. Great looking town there mate – even in it’s “raw” form – I’m sure it’ll lool compleetly kick-arse when it’s done. Are you planning in building them straight? – or in a freaky Weird West style?
    I’ll get some t-shirts up at some stage this week hopefully. I’m in a shit place with them though – accumulated a ton of cool shirts over a few years, then dropped 40kg in a year, so tons of them are all tents. Not that the drop is bad, but I just wish I could get the tshirts all resized for a reasonable price…

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      1. Sounds good, I feel like we’ve seen a lot of what IRO-unchained can do – I’m looking forward to seeing your talents on a much more low-key, and realistic setting.
        Problem with a seamstress is that it’s probably cheaper to re-buy them (the ones you can still get, anyway) than have them “fixed”. :O

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  9. Nice, really like the looks of those MDF buildings. Some cactus, tumbleweeds, a wagon, etc. to up the scatter terrain and you’ll have yourself a nice game. The neat thing about those buildings is that already start to match the Wild West scenic without paint. Though they will be even cooler once you do!

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