CoffinWood part 5 – Almost done with MDF

G’day gang,

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. Work and life in general has been quite full on.

Despite this though I did manage to get some more paint onto my Wild West mdf buildings recently.

Firstly, I finished La Casa De Los Impíos (The House Of The Unholy)

I might add some beams to the roof to hide the holes
There’s some gaps here and there but I’m trying to not let it bother me haha
The floors were easy enough to do. The grain is created by the brush bristles.

As you can see it’s all pretty straight forward stuff but I had fun.

Then I painted all the outbuildings in a mix of pale grey, mid grey and a bit of pale brown.

Every good old Wild West town needs a privy hehe. The photos didn’t come up that well but there is actually more highlighting on the edges of the outbuildings.

So now this lot is done it leaves me with one more MDF building to paint which is a homestead type house. Oh actually, I just remembered, I bought more MDF buildings on line but only another three I think it was. So not quite done with mdf yet but I am still loving it so the motivation is still there.

I’m pleased that I’ve been able to remain focused on this project.



34 thoughts on “CoffinWood part 5 – Almost done with MDF”

  1. Very nicely done indeed mate and the house of the unholy is a cracking building. I know from your earlier posts that you wanted to keep the buildings relatively simple but the old chinchilla dust would have looked superb on that one if you wanted to pimp it up. Time is the problem for you though I know. The bog looks good too. Looking forward to seeing the town in due course. Great project. 🙂

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  2. Don’t worry mate it took us a while to find a lad to mow our bloody Hugh block! every one is so busy especially in your line of business! you have done well on the buildings mate ,knocked a bit of that look you refereed to on the pods of the prefabs !! HA HA ! looking good.
    I have done all your pods and now unfortunately I’m going through your hysterical journey with Big Wass ! so f… great ! had to stop doing the bloody rigging on the roman ship as the tears of laughter were blinding me !!

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  3. Excellent work on your buildings, the paint has brought out the detail really well. with so many bloggers working on Wild West, I’ve found myself doing more ! LOL

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  4. Very nice work and I agree that a post on the whole town would be appropriate at some point when you have the next ones done. For the Wild West, these are exactly what you’d want, simplistic and austere yet with true character. I think you’ve achieved that. As for the rooftop holes, perhaps get some crows or even chickens painted up like you did for the dioramas day babe them over the holes? One thing is for sure, you’ve maintained a nice focus here, and your panoramic vision is definitely taking beautiful shape.

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  5. Really nice to see more progress out of you, mate! The buildings look great and I like how you’ve applied weathering here and there to make them look lived in. I hope work and life settle down for you and I’ll be looking forward to more Coffinwood updates in the near future! 🙂

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  6. ” Work and life in general has been quite full on.”
    Tell me about it dude! I almost missed this one in all the craziness. That town is coming together nicely though. Between you and Mark Morin I reckon there’s some mdf buildings in my future too…

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