End of an Era or amd IRO?

I’m pulling the plug on the IRO Podcast.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing it and putting it all together and I’ve especially enjoyed the interactions with listeners weather it be on air interviews or general feedback etc. However life is busier than ever currently and I have a lot on my plate.

There’s a small chance I might do a season 2 or something down the track but I won’t make any promises right now.

As some of you might know I also run another podcast called Fly On The Wall Podcast with my best mate Big Waz. This podcast will continue and is tracking well.

I’ll also be keeping this blog up and running but, as you may have noticed, it’s not as frequent. I love the blog though and I love your posts and it feels like home to me.

The old Instagram may not get as much love. I find Instagram to be a little shallow and fickle. Especially compared to the blog. There’s some interactions there but nothing like the blog and I’ve come to realise that the interactions are one of the most important things to me when it comes to the hobby.

I want to say thanks to those of you that listened to the podcast, interacted, suggested things and advised. I really appreciate all of that and all of you.



39 thoughts on “End of an Era or amd IRO?”

  1. Such a shame as I enjoyed your podcast, even if it meant I wasn’t working while it was on, as I wanted my full focus on what you or any guests were saying, but can understand that life may be throwing too much at you so you need a break. Do hope you find the time and enthusiasm to do a season 2.
    Hope you continue on with the blog when time allows, as I completely blame you for all the Weird Wild West I’ve been doing this last month ! LOL

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  2. Busy is probably good (money?)? Sorry to hear about the podcast though. I listened to a couple, but didn’t have the free time to get very much into them. Too distracting during my brief hobby time, and pandemic has cut my free time quite a bit. But catching up on the podcasts was something I’m looking forward to during the long work commutes. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that season 2 too! Tutu! Get it?! Oh man, I need break from the pandemic!

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  3. Sorry to hear about the Podcast, but it sounds like your plat is overflowing! I know exactly what you mean by this blog thing feeling better than other “social media” outlets; I feel the same way. Always looking forward to what these other creative bloggers are putting out there, the supportive comments – all of it.

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  4. Sometimes there’s a change of direction on the hobby pathway, and it’s something you may even loop back to later. as I’m sure you know it’s no small task to do a podcast.

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  5. For a second there I thought you were packing in the blog, there’d have been tears round my house I can tell you! You’ve often impressed me with your energy and how much you’ve managed to do but there’s no point burning yourself out or trying to take on too much, just concentrate on what’s important (specifically inspiring and entertaining me) and time will take care of everything else. 🙂

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  6. Hey mate you are so right !the young one said go Instagram ,Tech said no dad stick with those that you have known ,more fun and you love to regal mum with their comments! So i can agree with you mate, I did love yours and I will miss them but you do have to realize you are a working man and family comes first ! Any way this old selfish guy can relax because he still has a heap of f,,,laughs to catch up on with you and Big Wazz ,Brendan and Keithy ! got love your your team mate keep up the grand work even though the tears in my eyes does disrupt my painting !

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      1. It Is mate, more informative and i can get more done modelling wise as I don’t cry with laughter like am now that I’m working my way through you and your brilliant teams work, F… priceless mate! I haven’t laughed so much since the old Monty Python mob did their thing long ago! Cheers mate I ,and I would imagine the others do appreciate the work you and the lads put into it.


  7. Have noticed you MIA the last few weeks (as I have been myself a bit too), sorry to hear you are pulling the plug on the Podcast, as I really enjoyed that, you would never of believed someone talking about miniatures would be so interesting, after all what we do is a VERY visual hobby 😁.

    The good news is I’m now back at work (and trust me this is the only good news about that!), therefore I no longer have to go on the torture…I mean walking machine to keep fit, as work is taking care of that (in as much as it’s killing me), so don’t need your Podcasts to keep me entertained while on it!

    Perhaps you could do a best of special…Oh wait you already did that! it’s the one I was on (ha ha!). Seriously though mate, it is a shame to see this go though I fully understand the reasons, hopefully you can bring it back at some point. At least we still have the blog to keep up on your madness.

    Cheers Roger (at least I’m not to blame this time, at least I don’t think I am??)

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  8. Well, I know all about other stuff interfering with blog posting lately, so I understand. Well, I can hardly complain! The worst thing for our hobbies, I guess, is to feel obliged to them so we’re best to dip into them as often as we can / want to.

    Anyway, hope you’re doing OK and keep posting stuff whenever it suits!


  9. You did great with the work you’ve done so far which is an achievement and testament to your talent as a hobbyist 😁. The doors are always open should you ever decide to return to the podcast. 🙂

    I’m the complete opposite to you when it comes to interactions and feedback haha. Insta has been a much more social hub for me of late with new people dropping a comment or two now and then. The Fallout stuff hasn’t been too successful as such, but its drawn in a few people from that hobby which is great!

    Meanwhile my blog is pretty much just going slowly down the drain. I only get bots and unrelated bloggers from the hobby like my posts (even though the stats suggest they’ve never viewed the post?). It’s a dry well with motivation and interest depleted.

    Good to hear TFotW podcast is still going on! 🙂

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    1. Thanks mate. I think, for me at least, I started getting more traction on my own blog when I interacted with others more on their blog. Not sure if you do that already. The other thing to remember is that it’s quality not quantity. I’ve got 2000 something followers on insta and 500 and something here but on both platforms I liaise with a handful. Those handfuls are great though.


  10. Your reasoning makes a lot of sense to me. Keeping up with a blog, two podcasts, hobbying, and having family is a lot of commitments and if you start to stretch yourself thin, its a good idea to pull back and focus on what you enjoy the most. I enjoyed the podcast and was honored to be featured on it so I will certainly miss it but you can always bring it back later too like you pointed out.

    As far as Instagram goes, it certainly is more shallow and its hard to cultivate consistent interest in your work or that’s what I’ve found anyway. I’ve somehow lost my core followers either due to them no longer using Instagram or they don’t like what I paint now because recent things I painted like Drazhar got next to no response compared to things I painted a while ago which are nowhere near as good. Its a real headscratcher for me but also illustrates that Instagram is a fleeting place compared to WordPress. We are eternal and you cannot leave us 😉

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  11. So glad we still get to look forward to your WP posts. It wouldn’t be the same around the blogisphere without you and your awesome posts! 🙂
    I feel ya on having to be selective about what hobbies/activities you can devote your time to. Too many things to do, never enough time!

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