Mr McRotter

If you’re familiar with the Charles Dickens novel called David Copperfield (not the magician) you might know the character Wilkins Micawber, a clerk. Micawber had a very positive outlook on life and whole heartedly believed that “something will turn up.”

I like that philosophy very much indeed.

What did turn up recently while going through some of my late grandmothers things with mum and dad was this pompous fellow.

Turns out it’s Mr Micawber himself in a statue/wall plaque. I asked Dad if I could have it and he said it’s only going in the bin if you don’t take it.

Anyway, me being me, I couldn’t just touch up the old chipped statue nahhhh I needed to give it the IRO treatment. So with a little imagination and some basic (very basic) skills I turned the pompous old git into a pompous old ZOMBIE git.

I call him Mr McRotter

Hehe I’m quite chuffed with old Mr McRotter actually hehe.

An apology and a thank you.

Sorry I haven’t been around too much. There’s been a lot going on personally. I have been stopping in here and there and I do look forward to getting back to the blogosphere in the not too distant future. I’ve come to realise that you guys are an extension of my hobby and my friend circle.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out too. Makes me realise even more how important this little blog world of ours is to me.



41 thoughts on “Mr McRotter”

  1. turning a keepsake into something new is great. You’ve done an excellent job on it and has a completely Zombie feel to it.
    You have certainly been missed around the blogosphere, but great to see a post from you, hope normal life returns to normal for you soon, in the mean time stay safe mate

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  2. Well done! My grandmother had a series of busts similar to that. She had painted the ones on her wall as she was quite the ceramics painter. Not sure what happened to all those. Your improvment is quite nice. Though little ones might not think so!! Good to see you around IRO!

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  3. That is a touch of brilliance. I love the green shading as his flesh turn and the gammy eye isa a great touch.

    Glad to see you posting again- you’ve been missed round these parts.



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  4. Great work on that piece, the green shading works so well!

    I also firmly believe I would not be painting, and certainly not progressing as much, without the encouragement and interaction with other bloggers.

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  5. That is brilliant, and a little disturbing (much like your good self ), he sort of reminds me of the the evil bloke from “The boxtroll’s”.

    Good to see you back posting you have been missed.

    Cheers Roger.

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  6. Great to hear from you, mate! Personally, I think you took a sabbatical to become a man of letters 😉 I never expected to see you talk about David Copperfield, let alone paint Micawber. I enjoy that character a great deal so seeing a zombie version was quite a shock but in a good way. That bust has so much detail to it that it was perfect for a project like this. He really does look undead now to me! 🙂

    Fun fact, I got in trouble with my fiancée for comparing her friend to Mr. Micawber. I.E. someone who is delusional about their station in life and makes grand plans constantly which do not come true in spite of it 😀 That put me in the doghouse for a bit, but totally worth it, I feel!

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    1. Oh noooo haha. Note to self then, never compare anyone to Charles Dickens characters. Haha. I’ve only ever read Oliver Twist and Great Expectations by CD but I feel compelled to read David Copperfield now. It was a lot of fun to paint.

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      1. I was being a bit biting but I’m a realist and don’t always have as much patience as I should for those with their heads in the cloud 🙂 I really enjoyed David Copperfield. Its a bit long but still well worth reading!

        If you haven’t already seen Twisted minis (, some of them are inspired by Charles Dickens and given a steampunk aesthetic. I’m pretty sure your “hobby father” painted one up a while back as well. Could be worth a look!

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  7. That’s pretty awesome! I can imagine it sitting on your desk somewheres while you crazily paint away at your minis.

    Hope you and yours are doing well man. I’m still catching up on tons of posts and look forward to reading through some of your other projects.

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  8. I absolutely love this! More ‘something I’ve dug up’ than ‘something will turn up!’ Super painting of course. There’s definitely a whole new genre here – Zombie Dickens. Zombie and Son! Ha Ha!! 🙂

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  9. Pardon the pun, but you really killed it with this one. 😉
    Haha sorry, couldn’t resist. Like I said over on Instagram, you really did an amazing job on this. So many great details. Well done!

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