To sell or not to sell?

Hello gang,

Just a quick one today. I’ve been looking at and thinking about the huge pile of miniatures and terrain I have and started wondering if I should sell off some of it?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean all the stuff I haven’t built, painted or played with. I mean things like old (smaller) space marines and other bits and bobs I know I’ll never use.

Is it like the rule of the housing market “never sell” or should I sell off bits to create space for newer things hehe?

Love to hear your thoughts.

The other thing I wondered is maybe I should give them away to like minded hobby enthusiasts. Kind of pay it forward or even trade things.

I dunno?

Let me know what you think 😊



55 thoughts on “To sell or not to sell?”

  1. I am a pay it forward kind of guy. Been quietly doing it for the last year or so. Stuff goes to good homes and continues to be used. If you do sell be careful, as you will then have funds available to buy even more stuff that will fill your home and extend the painting queue even further…

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  2. I’m of two or three minds. Part of me is “Horde it all! My precious!” And never sell. Or, I was like that for a long time. I had sold off a Space Wolves army and regretted it. But, I also gave a larger Ork army to a younger guy at my FLGS who had a single mom and not lots of money, and didn’t regret that at all. I have held onto two more 40k armies since I last played in late 2002, and keep thinking i should sell them. I traded about 250 unpainted Imperial Guard models and a few tanks, for a huge Lizardman army. That trade made me think more about getting rid of stuff. I have sent a few bits and bobs off to people searching for pieces, and would do so again if people needed help. I have more minis than I will probably ever paint, and a resin printer to print more, so I am well-stocked.
    I say, trade/sell/give away a few and see how you feel about it.

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      1. Its however a trade works. I’ve seen model for model. Like, 1 to 1 plastic or metal. You can value OOP rare stuff at 2:1 or 5:1 or whatever. Or, army for army. My trade was 200ish unpainted Cadians, three painted tanks and a basecoated Baneblade I figured were worth about $700 for 300+ Lizardmen including a carnosaur and two stegagons and some OOP metal I valued at over $900. Other guy liked the trade. We were both happy. That’s between traders. Bartertown was set up for that, though much of the business is buying and selling now.

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  3. I think pretty much everything I was about to say has already been said by borderguy190. One things for sure you can’t take it with you when you leave this metal coil and the likely outcome is it will all end up in a skip! It is better to give than receive so if you can find someone who’ll appreciate it then why not give it away? You never know you might change a young kids life fr ever and create a new hobbyist. 🙂

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  4. Let me tell you a story, set long, long ago (the ’90s) in a country far, far away (Scotland)… I was a young man aged about 10 and my parents went for a night out and left me to be babysat by some friends of theirs who’s daughter was in my class at school. Her big brother was there and he was into this thing called “Warhammer”. He showed me his collection of miniatures and my mind was blown. He even gave me one of his Skaven as a gift and set me off down the weird and winding path into this hobby. That Skaven must be 26 years old by now and I’ve still got him, sitting next to my painting desk and watching over the massed ranks of those who have come after him.

    Years later, when I was down and out, poor and jobless (insert sad music here and footage of me, shuffling along through grey and rain-washed streets) another pal told me he was “having a clear out” and that I’d be “doing him a favour” if I took a load of his old miniatures and paints. Honestly I think he just wanted to do something nice for me and I’ve always been bloody grateful to him, it was a really nice gift at a tough time, but looking at my own unpainted pile now and putting myself in his shoes I reckon I probably was doing him a favour by clearing his feet a bit. Anyway, it really bucked me up, and those models formed the seed of my Ork and Chaos Marines armies, which remain two of my biggest and best loved armies to this day. Then when I was getting into my Skaven army I bought a bunch of models off another friend and she threw in a whole load more by way of a wee bonus (and it’s only just clicked that she went to school with the guy who gave me the first Skaven, things go full circle-ish).

    Equally I’ve known people build up a big pile of unpainted models and get overwhelmed by it, they realise that it’ll take years to clear through it all, they feel overwhelmed and they pack in the hobby altogether.

    Anyway, the point I’m labouring towards is that I bloody love this hobby, it brings me a lot of joy and I probably wouldn’t be doing it if decent people hadn’t given me models that were otherwise just getting under their feet. If you’re going to enjoy painting or owning a miniature then for god’s sake hang onto and enjoy it – but if it’s just going to sit in its box, gathering dust and getting in the way pass it on to someone and do both of you a favour.

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  5. I’m a natural hoarder & short of a very few bits that I’ve given away, I’m very reluctant to part with a single mini… That said, I feel that I’m reaching the same crossroads in life – my ability to collect & paint is starting to bump up against my ability to store, and I like the idea of things ‘going to a good home’. I’ll be interested to see which way you jump & what the outcome is.

    Having said all that, if you’re looking to safely dispose of some old lead, I’m your man 🤣

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  6. Hoard, sell, or give, all have there merits, and have done all 3. I’ve helped out friends and people I’ve hardly known with models they’ve needed or wanted, that were just taking up space. I’ve cleared out projects that were never going to get done, and used the money to treat the wife and children to a holiday. I still have so many armies which I’m slowly working my way through too.
    Try to rationalise the models that your thinking of getting rid of, will I ever get round to doing anything with them, if the answers no then choose what you feel is the best course for them one will definitely make you feel good, the other will give you money towards something else, or do half and half, that way you get both financial and emotional reward

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  7. IRO all I can say is that I have regretted every sale I have ever made. Sometimes not for years but almost always without exception. The things I have given to mates to help them out or complete their collection I have never regretted because I know they were going to be used. It’s also kinda fun seeing a mate turn up to play with something you have painted or something you have given to him to paint.

    When the family were growing up the only way I could afford a new army was to sell an old one. Down the track I would lose interest in the new “shiny” one and yearned for the one I had rid myself of.

    There was also a situation a few weeks ago where I gave my good mate Dave K a whole lot of boxes of GW plastic bits that I was never going to use with the proviso that If I evere needed something I could ask. Sure enough a few weeks later I needed a few spare swords and shields to make an objective marker. next gaming night they turned up with Dave! wse have both been winners.

    Now I buy and paint hings I like and wanted either play with or look at on the shelf. The stuff I don’t like I now give away to friends who want them.

    I guess it is your call. My advice is if you like it keep it. as you are only talking about small stuff there is unlikley to be regrets either way.

    It is your call

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    1. This pretty much sums up my hobby journey. The odd bit I have gotten rid of recently was on the club trade site and these were practically given away and it’s offset by also getting some great deals off others

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  8. It’s a tough choice man. I’ve sold stuff off in the past and been happy to reclaim space, make some money. Though after the time investment, fees, shipping, sometimes the profit can be pretty minimal. I’ve also sold stuff that I totally regretted and ended up buying again (and again) years later. That happens to me a lot with comics/graphic novels.

    I’m more interested in the game side of minis though, so if I’m not playing a game with particular minis and have no use for them in the foreseeable future, they start to get the looming Ebay shadow cast over them. If I had some friends at a local game store or something, I’d probably opt for donation/trading. As that’s something less regrettable than selling online to some stranger.

    Lastly, bits. When you mod minis, you just never never know when you’re going to need a specific part from some old mini you had lurking around. It’s something that is super hard to anticipate. Good news, is that there are a fair number of Bits dealers on Ebay, so I can usually find what I want anyways. But just from a modding perspective, it makes me more hesitant to get rid of minis.

    Do let us know how you get along though!

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  9. I’ve passed some on to my kids, but over the years I’ve sold a load of stuff on show “Bring and Buys”, there’s really only a small amount of stuff that has that much sentimental value that I’ll never sell if.

    But then I’m more of a painter than a gamer, so once it’s painted a good seventy percent of the fun with it has been had!! Plus I use the money on the next project (or more often on dinner on the way back home! 😁).

    Cheers Roger.

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  10. I mostly hoard, but I also sometimes give away. Either of those are the ones I personally prefer, and for me Alex and GuruPig have said it best.
    One thing I will say – go through each and every thing you want to get rid of and see if they – for want of a better term – “spark joy”. Anything you think you might regret getting rid of, keep.

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    1. That’s the smart way of doing it. I can be a bit of a bully boy when it comes to tidying up and sorting stuff out. If in doubt Chuck it out sort of thing haha. When it comes to my beloved minis though I’ll be very careful.

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  11. I have been selling off a few models recently, mainly things that fall into that ‘will never use’ category along with not being interesting to paint. I haven’t yet regretted any of the sales.

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  12. I’ve also sold off things but…I think the ones that I come to regret are things that I’ve finished, painted, and played with. I guess if I had to make a recommendation it’s that unless you’re in really dire straits, it’s never a great idea to sell or give away things that have that kind of memory or work invested into them unless you’re giving it to somebody special. Which…might be kind of a sentimental way to look at it. I’ve never found it hard to part with sprues, though.

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  13. I’m not too sentimental with miniatures or stuff anymore because I know what feels like to run out of room to store it so keep that in mind when it comes to my opinion. I would say that if you are running out of room and you have stuff that you don’t feel strongly about keeping, it is probably a good idea to sell so you can move onto other projects. If you do have any sentimentality or you think might use them, then I would keep them because many people who sell end up regretting it for those reasons. I also think it can be hard to get your money back with miniatures and it is work to sell stuff so its worth keeping that in mind too. I hope this helps and I’m sure if you follow your gut, you’ll make the right choice!

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    1. Wise words. My wife and I are keen on living modestly and minimally so this is one of the steps towards that lifestyle. I think it’s easy, and I’ve been a culprit, to live in excess but in my opinion the more we have the more we want. SO looking at my huge pile made me start thinking I need to reuse and/or reduce even when it comes to my beloved minis hehe.

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  14. I commend you for the forward thinking. I think you don’t have to do just one or the other. I only plan on holding on to painted stuff that I have a realistic chance of using again, in a game or a diorama (rare use) and my daughter has expressed some interest as well. Then again my granddaughter may also be interested as she grows up. Unpainted stuff I could sell or trade or give away if it has no future home. But my stuff tends not to be common- so I do need to be careful as I feel a need to preserve some of that hobby history stuff from the 70’s and 80’s. I guess “a good home” is the differentiating factor. As you know I’ve been giving away stuff in my challenge. And my Mark 1 tank you painted with Rogers Retrovians belong in a place of honor 😜. Bottom line, if it will only collect dust, do like Wudugast suggested, pay it forward. If it’s something you love, hold on to it. If it’s valuable enough to fund a far better future act, do that. You know what’s right in your heart.

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  15. Hey mate that’s a good question you have asked,plenty of good replies! If like you said once that you might end up in a Tiny House some day it would pay to down size the collection or save up now for a decent shed (about 10 to 15 thousand dollars ), lucky you didn’t go through with Rorkes Drift eh! I made the mistake eight years ago when I started thinking I might sell them, never thought about it, but when you think of it who on earth would want a bloody great dust collector in your lounge room!!! not sure what will happen to them but one thing for sure! the girls don’t want them they only want my Fantasy Decoupage pictures, those I could sell!!!

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    1. Ah see I do plan on downsizing and I’ve actually done a lot of that lately with other things like clothes and furniture. The future plan is to do the tiny home living but there will be a big shed for the hobby and tools. Rorkes drift is on the back burner but still alive hehe. I think I just need to look at the collection, espy the stuff I know I’ll never get back to and make some tough decisions. Thanks Pat

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      1. Wise move mate, you wouldn’t imagine how much clothing i got rid of ! yep small house big shed! Oh with all the comforts mentioned on the podcast!! Just remember I didn’t get into the modelling until my girls had finished school, to bloody busy having fun and aiding with them like you are now ! I didn’t think you would abandon a project that you had put so much planning into, something for me and all your great followers to look forward to in the distant future!! PS I’m so lucky to have save up the Fly on The Wall pods mate , i think I’m still back in Covid days! now that you can see him, stop doing what you normally do and give him a big hug from me as along with yourself he is pretty f…g intelligent and so funny! Cheers mate!! Oh and your girls are so good also, plenty of talent there mate!

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