Happy Birthday to meeeeee

They say anniversary I say BIRTHDAY because starting the blog really was the birth of IRO (Imperial Rebel Ork)

I remember trying to decide on a name took me all of two minutes. I just thought what are my favourite things when it comes to the hobby? The Imperial Guard, being rebellious (in a creative sense) and Orks. Easy!

To be honest guys if it wasn’t for all of you and your friendship, support, guidance and encouragement I wouldn’t be here in the blogosphere.

I think I’d still be tinkering with models but maybe not as obsessively.

It occurred to me recently just how important my hobby is to me. I’ve always been creative and needed an outlet but this here hobby is something more. It really allows me to let the big kid in me loose.



41 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to meeeeee”

  1. Very happy blogday to you mate! Fully agree with everything you have to say there too – I know that not everyone who reads my blog comments, but ultimately it’s the little community that’s formed here that keeps me posting regularly. Anyway, here’s to the next six – don’t forget to have yourself a birthday beer when you can!

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  2. Can definitely echo that if it weren’t for other bloggers I wouldn’t still be here, nor do I think I would be making the same progress through my miniature pile.

    Nice to hear your name story, I always figured it was because you like both Star Wars and 40k!

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  3. Happy Birthday, IRO!

    Hopefully you can get back to more hobby-ing soon. We’ve got a little 3-month-old at home, so I’m lucky if I can get 30 minutes a week in. I feel for the absence of something you love, but man, the is community sure is great.
    I’m always impressed by how supportive folks are on here of each other’s blogs.
    Here’s to another 6 years! 😁

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  4. Happy Birthday, IRO!! 😀
    Hobbies are so important and you’re killing it with yours! It’s always inspiring to see someone so dedicated to their craft. Here’s to many more years of awesome blog posts from you! Cheers!

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  5. Happy Blogiversary!
    So happy to have met you! 😀
    Honestly, the blog community, when you find the right people, is really bad ass. I don’t think I would have continued either if other people had not made it so much fun.

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  6. A blogoverse without IRO is like a day without sunshine, to paraphrase a marketing gimmick. Glad you’re here. Remember, this community isn’t the Mafia, but we can of course never let you leave us…without profound sadness. Happy Birthday and thanks for brightening up my world so many times (well, at least for a moment…)

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  7. Big congrats on the anniversary, mate! That is about how long I’ve been back in the hobby so that really puts things into perspective. I hope you’ll get more hobby time soon as we all miss your updates in the blogosphere!

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