The plan for the second half of 2021

I’m hoping to be back at the hobby desk by the end of June therefore I’ve started to plan ahead.

Writing a list of projects helps me 1. Remember what I’m doing. 2. Motivates me and 3. Helps with the withdrawal symptoms when I can’t be doing any actual hobby stuff.

The only thing I’d like to try and complete in 2021 is CoffinWood. I’ve really been enjoying the project and I’m very much looking forward to getting back to it. As a little reminder or for those of you need to my blog, CoffinWood wood is a Wild West tabletop game I’m writing and developing myself. No easy feat as I am not really much of a gamer but I like a challenge.

The other projects listed are older and/or ongoing ones which I hope to just add to throughout the remainder of the year.

Wudugast once advised that, to break up what can sometimes be the monotony of painting minis for one particular project, it’s good to paint other bits and bobs for other projects. So that’s exactly what I plan on doing.

One other thing I’d like to do more of is paint more wall plaque busts like this one.

I thoroughly enjoyed transforming the original into a horrific looking zombie/ghoul hehe so there will be more of that kind of thing to come.

I also plan on more blog posting and of course keeping up to date with all of your wonderful blogs too.



32 thoughts on “The plan for the second half of 2021”

  1. When I first read the list, I thought all of that in the remainder of 2021 ! WOW that’s some undertaking, then read further down, that’s all the projects that you are currently working on and you wish to focus in on elements of the list, think that’s a great idea, and if a project gets too much take a break and paint something else, after all it’s a hobby and should be fun

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  2. oh man, that bust looks great! I’ve often thought about tackling one of those, but I’m not sure my painting skills are good enough, I will be very interested in seeing your transformations!

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  3. Great to see a list- I find them very helpful. Another ttrick I use is Kanban boards, at least for uni stuff. If I had any hard deadlines for hobby stuff I’d use one for that too.



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  4. List are a great way to get motivated, the best bit is crossing stuff off them as you get it done! I have four different list around me as I look around my painting desk!

    Oh and CoffinWood is the one I’m most looking forward too. 🤠

    Cheers Roger.

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  5. I just made a 3d printing list this afternoon. Not much a list guy usually, but seeing as I have 2000+ files id like to print and only two printers, I need to get a system going. A list might help with all my projects, too. Good food for thought IRO.

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  6. What I like about your plans is the variety between the goals. That should make it easy to paint what you enjoy or are in the mood for at any given time. For me anyway, that is absolutely crucial to keep me from getting bored. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how you get on with all of these. Should be cool looking minis and terrain when you’re done!

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    1. Variety is the spice of life. There’s something quite cathartic about batch painting, say, red coated British troops but I’ve got about 160 to paint so I’ll definitely need a change to break things up hehe.

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  7. Gotta love a good to-do list! 🙂
    I recently got a notebook off Amazon that is all for to-do lists and says “Get Shit Done” on the cover. It’s really been helping keep me organized and on track lately.
    I love the idea for this post and just might have to borrow it to do something similar on my blog with my own goals. Good luck with all your exciting plans! You’ve got this! 😀

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  8. Good looking plan with some stretch goals, just like you probably did a thousand times when you were in architectural sales. Glad to see the focus – bit as TIM said, make sure it’s still fun. Maybe a good idea to plan an end of year post to see how you did? As you know, I do annually, and its a nice and somewhat cathartic experience to see how you do against your plan. Kudos and bring on Coffinwood.

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