CoffinWood part 6 – New 3D printed buildings

I am super, SUPER excited with some new 3D printed buildings I’ve received and I can’t bloody wait to paint them.

This building will be a bordello called The Promiscu House (get it 😊😉) Its actually the bank from the movie Kelly’s Hero’s.
Long before he became “Crazy Pete” he was just known as Pete the Gold prospector and he resided here with his young family. For more on crazy Pete find him here on The Imperfect Modellers Blog
There’s already one sheriffs office in MDF but here’s one in plastic. I might make this Minnies Haberdashery though.
I’m not sure what this building will be yet but I think it suits the setting.
This was listed as General Lee’s HQ (as in the confederate General) but I think it’ll just be a homestead on the outer rim of the town of CoffinWood.
The blacksmiths
Another saloon (the other is mdf) this one will be called The Quick and the Dead Saloon.
I’m thinking this building to be a post office.

So some very cool stuff to paint once I’m back at the hobby desk. Roll on end of June! It may be a little sooner but I don’t want to build my hopes up hehe.



33 thoughts on “CoffinWood part 6 – New 3D printed buildings”

  1. These all look awesome and I will be counting the days until we get to see them painted. I figure you’ll be like a kid in a candy shop when your hobby time finally comes back around 🙂

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  2. Those buildings look really nice. I can just see them fitting in your layout perfectly.

    Have you seen the Little Wars TV Wild West stuff on you tube that they have done recently?



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