The new hobby space(s)

G’day folks

I’m about 90% done with setting up a new hobby space. We’ve recently moved and the house is a lot smaller than the last. This is a good thing because I hope to eventually do the “tiny house” living thing. Low impact and semi self sufficient.

I guess this house, I’m in now, is like the first draft copy of the tiny house dream.

It’s been hectic to say the least as moving house always is but add in a Covid lockdown and extremely bad weather (rain, high winds and storms) and you’ve got an even tougher time.

I’m in the same area as the last house just higher up the hill so the views are even better.

At the last house I had room to swing a pig but this new one has made me have to put my thinking cap on. Luckily there is ample room under the house for storage. I set up pallets and will eventually add a gravel pathway down there because it is pretty muddy but it’s a good spot for big plastic (sealed) tubs of miniatures, terrain and other odds and ends. There’s a lot there. I also had to build a door to keep under the house secured.

The really nice thing about this block is that it’s very secluded. It’s a bush block filled with native trees and shrubs plus even some old camellia trees. However my miniatures are my family so extra security was a must haha.

My actual hobby space is a desk with a cupboard/unit in front of it.

I’ll be adding a shelf for all my paints. I’ve highlighted the section where in the below pic

CoffinWood buildings sit on top of storage compartment containers to keep me motivated with that parity project.

I plan on painting more bush/plaques but this one has already gone up on the wall and will be joined by many more.

It’s a cosy home and we are very happy there and it’s been interesting, challenging but fun to try and reduce what we had to fit a smaller place. My rule of thumb has been “if in doubt, Chuck it out”. This excludes any sentimental things but isn’t it funny how we hang on to stuff for sentimental reasons. For example I found an old toddler harness that was my Dads when he was little. Mum gave them to me years ago. I have no use for them and haven’t looked at them for about two years but I still kept them and couldn’t and wouldn’t ever Chuck them out.

Eventually when I do have a tiny home I will also build a large-ish shed for tools, potting and for my beloved hobby. It’s part of my life. It’s who I am.

After setting up the hobby area last night I planned to paint a bit of CoffinWood but I opted for scotch and writing a few songs instead hehe.

Hopefully over the weekend I’ll finally pick up the brushes.

I’ll leave you with one more photo before I go. This stained glass lead light window is the first piece to the tiny home that I’ll eventually be in one day. The person I bought it from, on the other side of the city, believes it may be from around the 50s as the house he was renovating was built in 1955.

I hope you’re all well.



45 thoughts on “The new hobby space(s)”

    1. The tiny house will be larger than Coffin wood won’t it!! SWMBO is a Tiny house fan but I would need one for just the “family”. We are also moving from Cowes to Lake Nagambie but will need to build so we will be stuck in Melbourne once we sell Cowes until end of next year.
      Love the view and your hobby space. By the way is there ever a choice between a glass of whisky and painting? I guess you could paint with glass in hand!!!

      Loved the post.

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  1. Wonderful views from your new place Luke, if your happy in the space that will make a lot of difference. The hobby area looks good, and once you’ve got everything set where you want it, I’m sure the creativity will flow.

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  2. Oh you were moving! Damn, this means I’ve lost a fair bit of money in the sweepstake we all had going – I was sure the answer would prove to be “running from the law”. Seriously, glad you’re settled, moving house can be a difficult business. That’s a fine looking hobby space you’ve got yourself there though, bet it doesn’t stay that tidy for long though. Not sure why you’re going on about wanting to build a tiny house though – you’ve already built one! I can see it in the second two photos, you’ve even drawn a big red circle around it. What’s wrong with it – not tiny enough for you?!

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    1. Not running from the law… this time. I’m hiding out in the bush now, making a last stand. A bit like Ned Kelly but I’ve only got this hot pink plastic laundry bucket over my head with no means to cut out an eye hole. Glad you like my new space. It’ll stay tidy as long as I never ever use it and that tiny house is far too big.

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  3. Loving the new hobby space- hope you enjoy your new home. The view looks stunning btw.

    What whisky were you drinking? Quite a fan of it myself. Goes well with late night games I feel.



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      1. Sounds good- found a UK stockist of you. Be great to share a scotch with you one day. I really like the Islay peat-y ones. I looked on Hellyers Road website and they do one like that.



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  4. I respect and admire your dedication to reducing your earthly belongings. That is not an easy thing to achieve. As others have said, I hope you can still have enough room for hobbying in the long run. I don’t think we can support you reducing your house much more if it means less room for hobbying fun 🙂

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  5. Glad you got yourself moved and setup a hobby space proper! I’m not sure what this “tiny house” stuff means? In the states, it seems everyone moves to bigger and bigger houses. Though my Wife reminded me the other day that this house will be too big when the little ones are gone. I immediately thought “Crap! That means I don’t get to confiscate their room space for more hobbies?! WTF?!”.

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  6. A beautiful view and window too! Good to see your hobby space where all the magic happens.

    I’ve had to slim down a lot to move. Even now, it’s an ongoing project and one I’m committed to. Before we moved we filled three skips with crap, visited the dump, sold some things, gave away loads to charity, etc, etc – and we still are only just squeezing in! In reality, there’s no need for so much stuff we convince ourselves we should have, so I admire your project.

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      1. Good stuff mate. The downside of this hobby is it does take up an extraordinary amount of space. My wife may be able to think of a few other downsides but for me that is the main one!

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  7. Wow, you have definitely stumbled into one of the existential question zones for anyone who’s got a growing collection of models!! I am not at all sure I would consider it “fun” to downsize — though, actually, we moved about a year-and-a-half ago into a house smaller than the one before, and it wasn’t so bad having to let go of some things, now that I think of it! I admire your positive outlook! 🙂 Keep on keepin’ on!

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  8. Been following your progress and that’s a big step, wish you well! Gonna binge read all the last month’s posts and catch up on the shed. Hell, I don’t know how you do it, I need more space!

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