Bolt action ‘48 – part 8 Built some Afrika Korps

This box of goodies didn’t quite fit into my “Bolt Action Storage Tub” so I took it as a sign that I should build everything in it over the course of the next few days.

As you know I fancied a little painting the other day and went with a Valhallan Ice Warrior Lieutenant. I’ve also had a hankering to build some minis so here we are.

Bolt action plastic minis are a little fiddly but still quite fun to put together. I started with the infantry because, in any army, they’re always my favourite units, and made three squads of ten men including one veteran squad. Each squad has a Lieutenant and a sergeant.

Here’s a couple of pix. They really remind me of the old plastic soldiers I had as a kid.

I also managed to build a 81mm mortar and a medium machine gun team but, as they’re shiny metal minis, the B&W photos didn’t come out too good.

I’m looking forward to tackling what’s left in the box which consists of a 8.8 Flak 37 and a medium Panzer III tank.

I think I have more Afrika Korps somewhere as well so I may need to dig those out and build all that too.

For now though, it’s back to CoffinWood 😉



31 thoughts on “Bolt action ‘48 – part 8 Built some Afrika Korps”

  1. Who doesn’t love the DAK, (well the Desert Rats if I’m honest), I’ve got some DAK fig’s up in the loft somewhere, though mine are 20mm, those Bolt Action 28’s are great looking figures though. Looking forward to seeing those painted up.

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Some of the first figs I ever had were DAK 15mm. Never had the idea that people painted them, they were molded in tan plastic. They fought my US Paras (molded in green, of course) and the only other box of figs the store had. Modern NATO aircraft ground crew in MOPP gear. No idea who made them. Your DAK look much better! They will be even better once the get the IRO paint.

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  3. I know I have about a billion projects to be working on, but every time I see your Bolt Action stuff I do get tempted. And before you say “do it!” I’ll refer you straight back to my initial statement! These do look cool though – loads of character.

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    1. Dooooooooo IT! Haha. You and I could start our own little BA club. Basically it involves lots of research and looking at pictures plus collecting lots of minis that we will never get around to painting haha. OR it might just help keep us motivated. Food for thought aye

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      1. That sounds like exactly the kind of club I’d like to be in! I keep trying to be strong willed and focus on all the projects I’ve already got on the go, and then I keep getting tempted all over again. Usually I’m quite good at the old will-power but not when it comes to miniatures… I’ve got a pal who’s getting into Bolt Action (actually one of the guys who first got me into Warhammer way back in the day) so between the two of you I reckon I’ll let myself be talked into it sooner or later. 😀

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      2. I hear ya brother. You’re the one that advised me to take little breaks to help me keep focused on the main project. That seems to be working for me at the moment. Bolt Action has such a huge range in minis and apparently the game play is fun but the rules are simple. Right up my alley. Maybe we could do some sort of joint thing in an effort to keep both of us motivated. Sort of like a monthly challenge in a way but purely for bolt action. Eg an artillery piece by the end of the month sort of thing. The other fun thing about BA for me is researching the historical stuff. Battles, regiments, campaigns, tanks and weapons etc.

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  4. I’ve often mused over the Bolt action ranges and wondered if I could squeeze a box into my life. Now you’re doing it for me so I can relax and watch some develop! And you’ll make a better job too so win-win! They’ve got me thinking of my old airfix versions (which included one surrendering, unusually).

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  5. Nice, and I know you’ll enjoy painting them and doing the research. Warlord is ok historically, but not always correct. I played BA last night – was assigned a US 101st Airborne squad and had a teammate with a couple of regular infantry squads, Was ok except that it was a 500 point game and our opponent chose…Aussie infantrymen. The need of my brain’s historical accuracy section was aggravated, but I played anyways. I felt very sorry when I wiped out not one but two squads of your countrymen. The GM said it was a “training exercise”, so that felt better. Still, BA is simple enough, but historically accurate? Methinks not enough (but you’ll like the game).

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    1. Haha you can take the man out of the army but not the army out of the man huh? I’m looking forward to giving it a go but don’t forget my world war 2 kicked on longer, hence why it’s BA ‘48 and yep there will be US vs Brits and Aussies and sometimes the US and the Japanese might even team up to fight the Soviets haha

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