CoffinWood part 9 – The Sheriffs Office (3D print) and Sheriff Blackburn.

Hey hey gang, what’s occurring?

So I’ve painted another 3D terrain piece for CoffinWood and I’m quite chuffed with it but now it’s given me a bit of a dilemma.

You see I’ve painted up a whole chunk of mdf kits for the project and now, for some of the buildings, I’m doubling up. Eg I had a sheriffs office in mdf and now I have one in 3D print. So what do I do? Have two sheriff offices, two banks etc?

I think I’ll turn the mdf ones into little shops because, in my opinion, the 3D printed pieces look sooooooo much better. They’re chunky and more detailed. However the mdf ones still work well for the Wild West theme so will definitely still be included. I’ll do some comparison shots in another post.

On another note I’ve made a start on the figures. Here are just some that I took a quick snap of before undercoating.

From this bunch I chose a stereotypical Sheriff Cowboy.

I’m quite excited to get stuck into the minis because the colour palette is actually quite vast and varied. So even though there’s a lot of little 28mm dude and dudettes to paint I won’t get bored.

Sheriff Blackburn is the only decent law enforcer in the town of CoffinWood. There’s other, so called, Lawmen but Blackburn is the real deal. He doesn’t take kindly to people trying to bribe him to turn a blind eye or to anyone who manhandles a lady. He’s tough as old leather and smooth as ice cream on a warm day. He’s a crack shot with his Winchester rifle and an extremely quick draw with his twin colt revolvers. He keeps a cool head in a heated situation and is known for smiling broadly during a gun battle. Blackburn is also a connoisseur of fine quality clothing but isn’t flamboyant or foppish.

I’m not sure why his pants came up a little shiny in the pix. I assure you they’re not spandex haha.

I’m excited to paint more 3D terrain and more minis for CoffinWood so stay tuned.



33 thoughts on “CoffinWood part 9 – The Sheriffs Office (3D print) and Sheriff Blackburn.”

  1. Excellent work on the sheriff and his office, I think the idea of repurposing the MDF kits has merit, and with a little work could have a whole new purpose

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  2. Great add to Coffinwood. The 3d print is a good-looking model. The brick and bars details are very nice.

    As an FYI, towns often had more than one bank. And plenty of saloons. There might even be more than one lawman, as a sheriff and a Marshall had their own jurisdictions.

    Even so, changing up kits is a brilliant use. I saw one guy on a forum (lead adventure maybe?) who magnetized signs so he could swap them and change what the shop was from game to game.

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  3. The terrain looks great. I like how you’ve made it look “lived in” with your painting. Its awesome to see your first cowboy mini too. The first of many it looks like which sounds excellent to me 😀

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  4. I’ve very little experience of painting buildings so I can only imagine how I’d go about it. All I know is that your paintwork and shading on the brick the wood, the floor, the plaster, etc, etc. always seems to hit the mark perfectly.

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  5. The sheriff looks great and the very nice backstory will be nice for the eventual game. The project is coming along nicely. I can echo borderguy on the duplicates front – gives you a chance to give wider variety in the town, as long as your mat size allows. 3D or resin buildings will have better detail than MDF, but the challenge for you would be to paint them such as you would create a realistic overall town. I guess my point is that they can be different and still work together in Coffinwood. Kudos on Blackburn and the building.

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