CoffinWood part 10 – The town so far

G’day guys

I thought I’d spread out the mat and set up all the building I’ve done so far for my Wild West project by the name of CoffinWood.

  1. Purely out of interest to see how it’s all looking.
  2. To compare mdf to 3D buildings.

The image in my head when I first started the project was a humble little town with maybe a dozen buildings. However after going a little nuts with 3d buildings it will definitely be bigger than expected.

I still have a fair few buildings to add as well so what you’ll see here isn’t the complete town. I just wanted to get a grasp on things I guess. Plus it gave me an excuse to set up my toys haha.

So let’s have a look aye…

So the first thing I noticed is that the town is nowhere near congested. This means two things. 1. Plenty of more space for the buildings I still have to do. 2. I might actually have two streets running parallel. Initially I thought I’d just have one main Rd but now I think I’ll at least have two but obviously every thing is modular anyway so there’s a myriad of layouts I could do really.

I think the mdf building blend beautifully with the 3D gear so I can lay those fears to rest. What do you guys think?

Even though I’m looking forward to painting more minis I’m going to get stuck into more terrain with more gusto now. Sheriff Blackburn will have to wait before he can arrest and/or shoot any varmints just yet.

One more thing…

I’ve got another new gang in mind who will be lead by “The Preacher”



49 thoughts on “CoffinWood part 10 – The town so far”

  1. Hi IRO, I think it looks great. My experience with skirmish gaming is that you cannot provide too much terrain. I will post some pics of my Western town that may give you some ideas or may not. The main thing with any of this is that it has to work for you. Look out for the post tomorrow morning.

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  2. Looking great so far Luke, and the buildings tie together perfectly, as there was lots of types of construction used. Agree on the scatter terrain for cover and the lived in look.

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  3. My first thought was “that looks great!”. My second thought was “Needs scatter terrain” but I think that point has already been covered by everyone else. Seriously though, you need some scatter terrain – and it’s always a hoot to make as well. Overall though it looks fantastic already, and the mdf buildings fit in nicely alongside the 3d printed ones.

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  4. Hey mate maybe you could add some scatter terrain! Whats that you say! F.. off you old fool! Nay mate its looking really grand and reminds me of something I made as a kid out of cereal boxes long ago when i was a kid !

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      1. 👍🏻just about to listen to number 107 😃have to say the ones with your folks and sister were great, it will be a bastard when I’m limited to one a week🤓.

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  5. Coffinwood is looking great! The flexibility that you have with it is impressive. You can vary the town layout to represent different towns too. One thing I’d advocate for is some small scatter terrain of wild plants. I think that will add a lot of life to this in addition to the other suggestions above. Can’t wait to see where you go from here. The hard work on this project is mostly done. The stuff you have left to do is the most fun part in my book 🙂

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      1. I know what you mean. While I do not play fantasy (except for ASOIAF where you do not really need terrain), it is the same with Star Wars. 3D Prints look a lot nicer there.
        Otherwise they all have their pros and cons and mixing them on one table gives a more realistic look.
        Here I think I get a certain South Western / SoCal vibe from your table and I think MDF has more of a northern California / plains feel to it. Not that it would be wrong or look out of place.

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      2. Even though I’m a massive Star Wars fan I’ve yet to paint any Star Wars minis. I guess I’m going for a fairly generic “Wild West” vibe but there will a Mexican-ish vibe too like Sonora haha

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  6. Finally catching up on things and I’m really happy you’re making such good progress with this. The camera shots are great, it’s like taking a walk around a movie set!

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  7. Very impressive buddy and glad you’re happy with the collection, you should be. Eventually you’ll get all the scatter terrain in and maybe even tumbleweeds! Loving this project (oh hell all of your projects are intriguing)!

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  8. Buildings look great. Whether they are mdf or resin or any other material, I think its all in the painting. I myself dont spend enough time on terrain, but your posts do inspire me to get going with all the stuff I have lying around.

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