The Dawn Of The Shed – Part 1

After moving to a smaller home recently, losing my beloved Fungeon that had ample space and coming to terms with a smaller space in the house and storage under the house I decided I needed to build a shed for the hobby haha. Phew that was a long sentence.

This property has a small shed that holds all my tools for work quite comfortably and it also had a carport. The carport is four posts and a roof. After staring at the small shed and carport for a considerable amount of time scratching my errrr… head… I had a lightbulb moment. Why not convert the carport into a shed?

Now knowing the wife, who is more than understanding when it comes to my hobby, wouldn’t be thrilled with the idea I devised a plan. Include a potting area for her. She loves gardening, potting etc. I put the idea to her and she liked it but then did ask won’t it cost a lot?

That’s when I had another lightbulb moment.

One day I hope to build some sort of cabin with my best mate Big Waz so I thought why not try to build this shed as affordable as possible with recycled materials and reclaimed timber etc. knowing Big Waz would love this idea I put it to him. He was pretty excited and within a couple of weeks he delivered a truck load of treated pine. You see, Big Waz is a maintenance man for child care centres so has access to play equipment. It just so happened that most of the centre’s he attends are getting new equipment so, as luck would have it, we had access to a big chunk of FREE wood.

So with some basic drawings and more scratching of my head I got to work.

Over the last four years with running my own business it’s opened the door to lots of handyman type jobs as well so I felt reasonably confident with my skills. However the shed will definitely be Rustic haha

Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far

So mostly done with one wall hehe. It’s been fun.

Hoping to find alternative things for insulation etc and make the whole thing fairly eco friendly and simple. So any ideas let me know in the comments.

I quite like the idea of a small wood heater. I found one online made from cans.

This sort of thing but it’d need a flue as well.

The shed will be, predominately, used for my beloved hobby and will also have a small attic for storage. I’ll also be using the shed as the HQ for Fly On The Wall Podcast and, maybe down the track, season two of the Imperial Rebel Ork Podcast 😀

So far I’ve only spent $10 on the shed which was for a window I found at tip/dump.

I did buy some concrete for posts and some brackets yesterday at the hardware store BUT these were bought with a birthday voucher. So yeah technically I’ve only spent $10 so far whoop whoop.

Watch this space for more updates



35 thoughts on “The Dawn Of The Shed – Part 1”

  1. The way I see it you’re simply building on a scale of 1:1 so technically you are still modelling and converting! 🤗 Pat’s daughter Fiona over at Six By Tiny would be good to tap into, a bright lass who’s built her own home, with the added attraction that she’s beautiful too! Can’t wait to see more on this one. Don’t forget to include a fridge.

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  2. Off to a great start Luke, and amazing you’ve only spent $10 so far, when we built my casting shed the materials alone cost £400 so you are doing great.
    For the insulation we used loft insulation held between the inner and outer wall.

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  3. Ah you’re speaking my language with this, I love the idea of building things for next to nothing with recycled materials. It’s surprisingly do-able too, just takes a bit of creativity and thinking outside the box. Looking forward to seeing how this develops. 🙂

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  4. This is so cool! I love that you guys get to build it together and that you’re having so much luck making it for very little cost, too. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out once it’s done for sure. Happy Building! 😀

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  5. John beat me to the terrain joke but I’ll second his sentiment 🙂 It is seriously impressive to take on a project like this. I have no real building skills (I can barely assemble minis properly some days!) and so I can’t even imagine completing something like this. Also, it sounds like Season Two of IRO podcast is pretty much nailed on which is fine by me too 😀

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  6. Great start mate, lucky you have big Wazz as bloody timber is not only expensive its hard to come by due to no imports coming in. No post from Fi as she might be here the guy cant tow it over from SA due to the border closure.

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