Dawn of the shed – part 2

Since the weekend I’ve worked on the shed nearly every day. It’s slow progress but a lot of fun.

The first wall is complete just need to fill in and/or fix up the top triangular section on the roof.

Those slats are about 2 inches thick so a good sturdy wall. The wall isn’t 100% square due to the main posts being out so I had to fudge it here and there. As I mentioned in part 1 it’ll definitely be rustic hehe.

I wanted a loft for storage but didn’t have any suitable timber at hand then I remembered these hard plastic pallets Big Waz had salvaged. Surprisingly they fitted and wedged in perfectly without any need for hardware to fix them into place. Win 👍🏼

I will be building a wooden ladder eventually but my old click-clack will do for now.

I’ve made a small start on the next wall. This one will hold the window I bought for ten bucks so I’m excited to get it done.

With a little more pruning this will be my view.

It almost has a feeling of being a treehouse hehe.

I’ve also had an idea to collect some grips and handles like these.

Then attach them to that first wall in the first pic for my youngest to practice her climbing skills on. She’ll love it.

Tonight I picked up some old timber (treated pine) fence pieces. There’s plenty more and the lady said I can take as much as I like. All for free. Another win 👍🏼

So, again, I’ve still only spent $10 on this shed build. Super happy about that.



26 thoughts on “Dawn of the shed – part 2”

  1. Great progress Luke, love the idea that your making multiple uses for your shed with the climbing wall on the outside for your youngest to climb on. Great utilisation of the plastic pallets to make your loft storage. Another great find with all that free reclaimed wood, and that will be a great view when in your workshop

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  2. Great progress and really glad to hear you’re having fun with this massive. I can just about imagine you in the shed painting or working on some crazy conversion while your daughter is climbing the outside of the thing. Seems pretty Australian to someone who has never been there and has absolutely no qualifications for making such a statement 😀

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