Dawn of the shed – part 3

G’day gang.

The rain held off today so I spent a good four and a half hours working on the shed.

As I’ve been chipping away I’ve realised that nothing is square or straight haha. Now that’s due to the carport being out of square already plus some of the materials I’ve been using aren’t exactly perfect. However I am going for RUSTIC so if things don’t line up perfectly that’s quite ok for me.

As some of you pointed out in part 2 this is simply terrain building in a 1 to 1 scale haha.

It struck me today just how similar to modelling this project is. I’m keeping all the off-cuts (just like I do with models), I’m fudging things here and there to make them work (just like I do with models) and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself (just like I do with models).

So today I finished off the first small wall. It’s solid and turned out quite good if I do say so myself.

The gable is all pieces together with that fencing I picked up the other day.

It took a while to pull all the panels off and get all the nails out. The lady I got the fence from said it’s about twenty years old so I had to be firm but gentle at the same time to get the panels off. Needless to say I had a small pile of split or broken panels as well but I’ll put all of it to good use.

I had some Creedence Clearwater Revival playing in the background.

I also concreted in another stump and started putting on some slats to the second (window) wall.

I’ve realised that due to the drop (slope) in the land the other end of the shed will be fairly high off the ground so I’ll need some stairs. Found some for free online and have emailed the bloke about them. Fingers crossed.

Big Waz (my best mate) has still been busy salvaging things for me and has more timber slats coming soon. He also found this door for me that I picked up the other day. It’s nice and solid.

I am loving this project but as it’s taking up nearly all of my spare time I haven’t done anything with CoffinWood. Well, I’ve painted some more buildings but they’re not really for showing yet.

My rules for this shed build is thus:

  1. Keep costs to an absolute bare minimum (still only $10 spent)
  2. Use as much salvaged materials as possible.
  3. Use as much of the off-cuts and waste as possible too.
  4. Have fun building it and don’t get stressed.



28 thoughts on “Dawn of the shed – part 3”

  1. Wonderful progress on the shed Luke, amazing how little you have spent on it so far, and good that your enjoying it, will help keep the motivation going

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  2. It’s amazing what folk will offer if they hear that you are building a shed. I started with one door, but now have six! Doors make really good structural panels, and windows if they are the clear French style of door. I’m impressed by the quality of timber on the fence panels, too.

    Regards, Chris.

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  3. You can’t beat the price of the new shed. I think you’re making a smart trade off where you’re saving money but spending time on this project instead. If you enjoy the process of building it, then I’d say you’re doing the right thing and don’t worry if it takes a bit longer than expected. You’ll have that thing built and your daughter climbing all over it in no time! 😀

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  4. Looking good. Though here I have had to jump through a lot of hoops with the Town to get permitted to raze and rebuild my garage. Though I wish mine was at your cost (building inspector would likely get in my way). Lucky you, and it looks damn solid too.

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  5. Ah so you already new it was a gable! its coming on nicely mate, don’t forget to play John Williamson’s song at the grand opening “All Australian boys need a Shed”.

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