Dawn of the shed – part 5


Sorry I haven’t been around too much, I have a lot of catching up to do on all your wonderful blogposts, but if I haven’t been working I’ve been chipping away at my beloved shed.

On the weekend I didn’t feel I achieved too much as was going at a snails pace and seemed to be held up a bit with getting the door sitting just right. Every little bit helps though right?

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts it’s all about recycled materials but, even though this is a great thing for many reasons, it does making everything perfectly square quite a challenge. Needless to say I’ve adopted an “Orky Approach” haha so if it’s close enough it’s good enough.

For a laugh I sent some pix to my brother in laws today who are qualified builders. Hey replied with, “let’s call it rustic” haha. I’m happy with that though.

Today, unlike the weekend, I progressed in leaps and bounces. I’d spied some corrugated iron (colourbond) under the house so made sure I put this to good use. I also framed out the door wall and did some more fence paling cladding.

It has a bit of a ramshackle bar feel about it haha.

The door will, eventually, be red.

Big Waz has found some white exterior paint that I’ll be using for certain sections as well.

Speaking of Big Waz he’s been busy too and has put together this little gem.

It’s a wood heater made from an ammunition box, I’m pretty sure he took the bullets out though haha. How cool is it? He’s very bloody clever.

All up the cost is up to $105. Not too shabby. I’d say it’s about 60% done.

I hope everyone is keeping well.



29 thoughts on “Dawn of the shed – part 5”

  1. Hanging a door effectively when everything is “Orky “ or at least “rustic” is not easy at all so glad you got yours in so well. Agree with Dave on the charm. 60% means you’re on the back nine!

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  2. Great progress Luke, coming along well. Big Waz is a gem, although would advise trying out the wood burner outside first, just incase of any powder residue, wouldn’t want a flash bang taking out your shed ! LOL

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    1. Thanks so much. I’m starting to call it a cabin more than a shed now hehe. The wife and I are planning a weekend “away” in it once it’s done. Two nights. We can only use the house for the toilet and the shower hehe

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  3. You and Big Waz are so dang crafty! Great teamwork, guys! This is coming along so well, and it’ll be that much cooler when it’s all said and done because you put all this work and creativity into making it happen. ^_^

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  4. Catching up slowly. Very impressive. The fact you have a clever converted ammunition box in there from a guy called Big Waz is the cherry on the cake for the whole project in my opinion.

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