Dawn of the shed – part 6

Hello peeps,

More work on Dawn Of The Shed has continued over the week.

Firstly I should mention two things.

  1. Apologies for not reading and commenting on all of your lovely blog posts. I really need to find some quiet time with a bottle of Port and do some catching up. Hopefully this week I’ll get a chance.
  2. I busted a rib last Monday showing off in front of my daughter haha. I decided, as a 42 year old man, it’d be quite a treat for my young daughter to see her dad go head first down a slide haha. Sadly, as my rib cage made contact with the slide that was the exact moment I realised my “head first down slide” days were behind me. I heard a crunch and yep the pain was significant. Being the stubborn idiot that I I am I decided to push on and work and only made it worse. By Thursday I was at the Docs getting X-rays haha.

Now some might say that was the perfect opportunity to stay home and rest but I saw it as the perfect opportunity to chip away on the shed/cabin as well as get some rest.

I attached a door Big Waz had salvaged.

I sprayed that sucker “tangerine” and even recycled old artworks and some bills to use as blockout.

I love how vivid it is.

Today I went and bought some glass for $10. It’s actually the glass top of a coffee table and it’s nearly 10mm thick. (500×500). I built a frame out of hardwood horizontal pieces from those fence palings I’d acquired. Silicones in the glass. The pic above is the back.

This is the front.

I installed it easily enough. Then cladded around it with more fence palings.

Big Waz also popped by the other day to attach the handle for the door. He had this cool little jig he’d made to make sure it fit perfectly.

I also started doing some parquetry (if you can call it that haha) in the internal walls with off-cuts.

My daughter Sianne found a Japanese style curved bench under a camellia tree that will eventually be used on a small veranda I intend on adding to the cabin.

Willow, Sianne and me enjoying the bench hehe.

You can see in this pic that I haven’t finished this side wall. That’s because I’m keeping it open for when I bring in the flooring. It’ll just make it easier that way.



37 thoughts on “Dawn of the shed – part 6”

  1. Face First sliding? Now that is about as intelligent as my 91 year old mother who climbed the lemon tree to get lemons for her “Bingo Girls”. Of course she fell, but that was not the silly part – having miraculously escaped she climbed up again and of course broke her arm when she fell a second time. She is now recovering at home with us! Fortunately I follow after my father!
    I would like to say that I am so sad for your plight and I will when I stop laughing…. you git!

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  2. The shed is coming on great Luke, and great use of all the bits. We may feel young at heart, but our bodies say different, you may need to count to 10 before trying things, giving yourself time to think things through ! LOL

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  3. Everything is looking great and this is really making me miss building stuff. I’ve done no wood working this summer as wood prices have skyrocketed in the U.S. since Covid began. Not to mention school eating up nearly all of my time. The most I’ve done is cut a new window frame for our bathroom remodel. :3
    How do you pronounce your daughter Sianne’s name? In my head I keep pronouncing it, “Cheyanne” which I assume is not correct at all lol. See-ann? Sy-ann?

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  4. Wow this is really progressing! Bad news on the rib hope your doing OK and your not in too much pain. I also have the same problem as a Dad the urge to “show the kids how it’s done” is hard to resist, I almost came off a kids bike (with stabilisers on) down a rather steep hill.

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  5. Oh no mate- my commiserations. I hope it is not too bad.

    I knackred my foot going down a water slide trying to break the pool record to impress my nephews. I guess we get older but never change… unless it is our bodies not being as bouncy as they once were.

    The shed looks amazing by the way.



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  6. Wow mate that was clever!! I do feel for you as I have done a few in my time and boy do they hurt, and there is bugger all you can do for it!
    The door looks great and that bench looks really grand with those two pretty lasses on it, not so sure about the other one though!

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      1. I’m glad you said that mate ! I think it’s only recently that I though 🤔hang on old man you better take a bit more care 🤓. Spend plenty of time with your lovely little angels because bugger me they grow up before you know it 😳.

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  7. Hope the rib improves soon. It reminds me a few years ago when I went to see a physiotherapist because I’d torn a muscle in my leg. Referred through my employer (NHS) I put ‘sports injury’ but had to admit to the enquiring physio in the appointment that I’d actually been racing my daughter down the garden by standing on a child’s Barbie scooter at the time…

    Your shed looks awesome, of course.

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  8. Oh man. I cracked a rib not too long ago when I took a tumble while walking the dog and it hurt for quite a long time after. I hope that isn’t the case for you. And just because Australians have a reputation for being larger than life, doesn’t make it your job to live up to that either, mate 😉 The shed is looking awesome. That door really is nice and gives the shed plenty of eye appeal. I look forward to seeing more progress on it!

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