Dawn of the shed – part 9

So we are in lockdown here which has made it a little tricky to procure recycled timber. Luckily the loop hole is I’m able to work through as I’m an essential worker. Therefore I’ve been able to get bits and pieces here and there. Needless to say it’s been tricky though. A very small issue compared to what a lot of people are going through though so I’m certainly not complaining. It is what it is.

I am able to do “click and collect” from the local hardware store though which is good.

I’ve put in the first layer of fence palings for the floor. One half was recycled timber the other half is some new treated pine I got from the hardware store.

I’ve also made a start on the second layer which I’m installing in the opposite direction to the first layer to give the whole thing a lot more strength.

That’s as far as I can go for now until I get some more recycled timber. Not sure when that will be but I’ll keep my eyes open as I travel the mean streets of my local neighbourhood.

I put in a hook for my Kuksa. Haha. You’ll have to Google image what a Kuksa is.

I also put an old rusted nail in the wall to hang my new skillet on haha.

I started filling the gaps between some of the timber’s but miscalculated how much filler I needed but at least it’s a start.

I also finished the internal side of the wall with the round (porthole) window.

So the project is still moving ahead with great momentum.

Stay tuned for more.



34 thoughts on “Dawn of the shed – part 9”

  1. Sorry to hear about the restrictions Luke, but the shed is progressing well. Great way to strengthen the floor, should save you putting your foot in it ! LOL

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  2. Once again, top stuff – this project keeps inspiring me. Sorry to hear you’re back in lockdown, from what I hear it sounds like the government is getting a bit scary out your way. Keep safe mate. 

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  3. Not even lockdown can slow down the shed construction! I hope you’re healthy and staying safe and its good to see you making steady progress on this project too. Can’t wait to see the final results!

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  4. The shed is moving on! Nicely too! I must say seeing a Finnish cup made me smile too (even though I’m only a quarter Finnish). The cross-linking of the lumber is a good idea. I’m wondering after I saw the video of you in the rain how you plan on finishing/protecting the shed from the elements? Will you go for a stain or paint or au naturel?

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  5. Oh god I’ve only just got the play on words in the title. After 9 posts. I feel like I should be taken behind the shed, when it’s complete and shot 😂. Is the skillet to brain the zombies that we all know will appear off the back of this global pandemic!

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  6. Sorry mate I have been painting someone else shed ,Eh Tiny house, but that’s done so I’m back ! Looking grand mat, how come you couldn’t work last year but you can now Ha HA !

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      1. Its bloody weird as you know we have a big block and with all the rain the grass is growing like mad, couldn’t get our gardener , but now he says he can but has to catch up with other jobs that he got behind in due to being locked down!!! AAh crazy, I cant keep up with whats going on so Ill just have beer and paint some figures and let him work it out!!!

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