Dawn of the shed – part 10

Hello good people.

I am getting to the tail end of finishing the cabin now. However, when I say that, I think there will always be things to add or fix or tinker on hehe.

I installed another fold-away table. After all what’s better than having a fold-away table? Having TWO fold-away tables. This one will be a work station for the beloved hobby. A place where I will build and convert models and terrain. The main desk will be for painting.

I still need to add a little shelf or window sill under the circle window.

I’ve pretty much finished the floor as I found some more fence panels on the side of the road.

Theres still a small section near the door that needs to be done. The reason I haven’t is because I need Big Waz to come by with his electric plain and take off some of the door otherwise I won’t be able to close the door haha. Not sure when this will happen because we are on lockdown. No rush though.

Yesterday I made a start on the hearth for the wood heater. I’ve decided not to use those cinder block in the pictures and will build up the red bricks instead.

I’ll be adding a mantle to the top of the corrugated iron.

There’s still plenty to do but there’s a finish line in sight now and I’m super excited to get back to the hobby.




I feel like an arsehole not having time to view all of your lovely blog posts but I’ve literally been working my day job, coming home and working on the shed until dark and then hanging with the family. I can’t wait to catch up properly.

27 thoughts on “Dawn of the shed – part 10”

  1. Jesus mate, you’re such an arsehole – fancy doing your job and hanging out with your family when you could be reading all about me! 😉 That aside this still looks great, very much the awesome gang-hut I wish I could have hung out in when I was a yoof. Then there’s the fact that Roger wrote exactly the comment I was thinking of – it’s amazing what you can get away with when people are in lock down! 😉

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  2. Well done mate, I’m bloody impressed ! its always good to have a handy mate like big Wazz. don’T
    worry about catching up with everyone posts mate, I cant and I have seven bloody days , i have no idea where the time goes!!

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