Dawn of the shed – Day Of The Cabin

Well apart from finishing the loft, installing the chimney/flue and a tiny bit of flooring under the door I’m pretty much done with this mammoth project.

I fire proofed the area around the wood heater and also found a fireplace guard in a customers garden bed that she said I could have. Suits the cabin and fits the hearth perfectly. (I’ll be improving the hearth eventually).

I stained the floor and then the following day I stained all the external walls and gables with my two eldest daughters.

I built a sturdy stool out of leftover fence pieces.

Then I moved in…

This has been the biggest and one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve ever done. I really couldn’t have done it without my best mate Big Waz. With his keen engineering eye, lateral thinking and ability to salvage (not steal) vast amounts of materials and hardware I feel very lucky to of had him as the silent partner on this project. Also, let’s not forget he built the amazing wood heater.

So I started this project thinking yep I need a shed to store some of my hobby gear in and maybe set up a desk. The house we are in now is a lot smaller, but the land is much bigger, than the last so space for the hobby was a slight issue.

What started as an idea for a shed slowly evolved into a cabin haha. I think adding the wood heater really made it feel that way so, hence the title, it’s The Day Of The Cabin hehe.

One of the main agendas for this project was to do it for minimal cost. As mentioned Big Waz was extremely resourceful and saved me an absolute packet. All up this project, as it stands currently, cost $233. That was for things like extra hardware here and there, concrete and filler. Not bad, not bad at all.

I think I’ll be quite happy in my little cabin.

I plan on having a weekend away with the wife in there. Camp outs with the kids. Lots and lots of hobby work. PLUS one of the key things it’ll be utilised for is as the Fly On The Wall Podcast Headquarters. A place where Big Waz and I can record our podcast, jam on some music and maybe even write a graphic novel 😉

The name I settled on was The Alamo (aka – The Alamofo)

Thanks for sticking with me on this one guys and for all your lovely words of encouragement.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the journey and I dare say I will keep tinkering on the old cabin here and there but I am super excited to get back to building, albeit a lot smaller, things and painting things hehe.



36 thoughts on “Dawn of the shed – Day Of The Cabin”

  1. Such a feel-good project, and it’s amazing how nice it turned out – you literally started from what was in effect a pile of trash :O great, great job!

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  2. Super cool – I’m going to have to up my game now that you have a work of art on the wall and a model of a shed inside your shed! I shall be interested to see how you plumb the flue to the stove in to stop the cabin becoming a smoke house for kippers. I’m really impressed 🙂

    Regards, Chris

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  3. For some reason, I wasn’t expecting you’d keep a lot of your painted minis in the new cabin. I think that stuff looks great in there and it will be an awesome place sit and make art, appreciate what you’ve already made, and do a bit of gaming too potentially. I’m also excited to see what you do with the podcast as that was always a good listen!

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    1. Thanks man. I liked having some minis on display at the old place so that was always part of the plan for the cabin. Can’t display everything though so I’ve chosen the ones I like for now but will probably alternate from time to time. I don’t do a lot of gaming and if/when I do I think I’ll still take over the dining table haha. My mate and I will be doing our Fly On The Wall Podcast in there and who knows maaayyyybeeee this year season two of the IRO podcast will come to fruition.

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      1. As long as the missus doesn’t mind! 🙂 There’s no shame in not gaming much too. I hardly get many games in myself. That sounds good to me on the podcasts. Our mate, Pat, is going to need some new content to listen to soon! 😀

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    1. It felt awesome actually. I painstakingly took my time with where I placed things haha. Big Waz is and will remain forever one of my hero’s. He’s not much of a drinker, sadly, but I’ll think of something for the big guy.

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  4. Fantastic work! 😀 It looks amazing and it sounds like you’ve got a lot of awesome plans for it. Very intrigued by that mention of a possible graphic novel you guys may work on. Congrats on a job very well done!

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    1. Thanks so much Sugarandscream! I’ve had a blast building it. The graphic novel idea has been on the back burner for many, MANY years now. I think between us, Big Waz and I could do something pretty cool. Think Frank Miller meets Conan.

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  5. Sorry mate been busy! should go back to work I was never busy there!! Absolutely magic mate ! i remember you talking on the pod about the ideal modelling cave, it sounded good , but I feel you have come up with something a bit more down to earth and I feel it suits your humbleness !!! What was that noise! Big Wazz choking!
    Well mate I wont go on about how much of your success was down to big Wazz as I feel the other lads and lasses have cover that ,and we don’t wont him to get a big head now do we!
    Great to see the girls helping out, enjoy that luxury while it lasts, before you know it they will be of doing there own thing and you will be the one in demand, what with all the experience you have gained do this remarkable project , enough of my waffle, Great job, love the interior, give yourself and the big fellow a big pat on the back!
    What 233 bucks! that cant be real! the guy has to be pulling himself!!

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