Ork Invasion Part 12 – A Big Warboss

Hello all.

I hope everyone has been keeping well.

Since the cabin has been built I have had half a dozen hobby sessions already and have been, mostly, working on another Ork army. This one will be a smaller one but more on that in upcoming posts.

For now I thought I’d share what I built today.

For Da Blud Letta Albino Ork army I’ve built a couple of Warbosses already but this new one is the biggest.

This is the base model from Reaper.

Not a bad model on its own actually but naaahhhh… In my opinion it was screaming out to become an Ork Warboss!

Instead of doing black and white arty farty photos I thought I’d just show you what I’ve done in the raw… err so to speak haha.

Some things to make note of are as follows:

  1. The face was a little tricky but kind of fun to transform into an Ork face. Luckily a sharp scalpel helped. I sliced the nose off and added nostrils. Then i cut away all the hair and beard. I even cut his eyebrow off.
  2. The little grot was a late addition to the conversion and he fit absolutely perfectly.
  3. Thats a rubber tank tread from a 1:35 scale model wrapped around his upper right arm.
  4. His sword is cut from the same tank kit.

Im going to do a little more work on the cabin tomorrow but hope to paint this monster of a Warboss as well.

On another note is anyone else finding WP a little clunky?



27 thoughts on “Ork Invasion Part 12 – A Big Warboss”

  1. Bloody hell! that’s a lot of guns!, didn’t realise you’d converted the face at first I thought you had just stuck on an Ork head, so kudos on the nice carving job mate!!

    As said he is a monster!

    Cheers Roger (Oh and I think WordPress is always clunky these days!).

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Nice to be back in the weird and wonderful world of IRO, it’s been a while. Nice conversion made all the better with the walk through of changes and how. As for WP I’m really finding it shit just lately. My biggest bug bear is having to go in and out as every time it does an autosave it loses the cursor! A real pain in the arse.

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  3. Nice build, IRO!

    WP is taking time to settle in, for certain. I have finally found where the Classic button is hidden as they still do not offer the facility to Justify text (shift+alt+J) through the block editor. 😦

    Regards, Chris.

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  4. Its great to see you back. I have another friend outside of our blogging community who is converting a GW Ogre into a big bad Ork like you’ve done so this seems to be a bit of a trend and a good one at that. This guy is huge and intimidating thanks to your awesome conversions. I can’t wait to see him painted up. I’m glad to hear that cabin you worked on is paying off too 😀

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