Ork Invasion part 14

Hello good people,

Yesterday I posted that the Great Wudugast and I are competing against each other for the month of Orktober to see who can paint the most Orks. We are both huge fans of the viscous green monsters so we’ve both felt rather inspired to get painting.

Today I managed to finish off three brutish Orks so lets have a little look aye?

First up is BigBasha

I haven’t painted much checkerplate in the past as you can probably tell haha but I figure it’s Orky so I can get away with ”not perfect”

The bases are a little patchy so I’ll add more sand before the next lot of Orks.

Next we have SlayGutz

Thats a stormcast shield made Orky!

Lastly for this little trio we have MadKraka

I had some bloody good fun building and painting these bad boys and look forward to tackling more this week.

So thats a total of 4 completed Orks for me so far for Orktober. I’ve just had some suspicious looking haggis delivered to my door. Hmm I suspect Mr Wudu is trying to poison me. Luckily, my cast iron stomach can handle anything!



37 thoughts on “Ork Invasion part 14”

  1. Excellent models, they look very menacing!

    I’ve got a tip on the checkers. It looks like you’re painting white squares on top of black. I’d do it the other way around – first white background and then black grid and squares on top. As black covers much better, it’s easier to get a neater result.

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  2. Dammit, that was a waste of a good haggis, I’ll have to think again. Time to break out the armour-peircing bagpipes I reckon…

    Lovely work on those orks though, I’ve been thinking about using the Orc Brutes to make Cyborks myself. More fuel for future inspiration there. The checks look good to me (always something I struggle with I must admit). 

    Anyway, back to the desk for me – fingers crossed I should have some orcs to share by tomorrow. 

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  3. I can already see it now. Daily Ork posts from you and Wudu. I’m not sure the world is ready for this haha. These latest boyz all look great to me! A very gritty and nasty looking bunch if I do say so myself. I hope GW has plenty of Orkz in stock because I can see the two of you wiping out whatever they have “in print” in an attempt to win this mighty competition!

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  4. These three look great, and the checker pattern looks perfect for Orks to be honest – it’s not like they’re the world’s most precise artists!
    I especially like the Stormcast shield – love to see one of those on a left arm being weilded aggressively as a full-on melee weapon (as shields often historically were!)

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  5. Clearly based on what I’ve read so far, the winners are US the reader. Having done a few checker patterns on my Aztec shields, I can attest to it being a tough go. You did well here, and I would suggest even more battle damage and rust to make them even more orkish. Looking forward to chatting!

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