Ork invasion part 15

I am loving the competition with Mr Wudugast because it’s keeping me so motivated. Not to win, necessarily, more to just see how many Orks I can get painted in one month.

Tonight I spent a couple of hours in the cabin finishing off these two ugly greenskin brutes.


He’s a bit lighter in skin tone than the previous ones. I love his snarling expression.

His armoured jaw is cool in my opinion. I’d love to wear one myself actually.

Then we have KrusKard

His green skin tone reminds me of the very first Orks I painted many years ago now. A bit more cartoony I guess.

I like that he’s barefoot but wearing a full face helmet haha.

That takes me to a total of six Orks painted for Orktober so far. Hopefully many more to come.



40 thoughts on “Ork invasion part 15”

  1. Great work on both Luke, I think varying the skin tones adds a real sense of nature to the models. Have you ever tried shading green with purple, and highlighting with orange, would add a great variation. Would love to see you do an Albino, on maybe a weird boy or paindoc.

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      1. I’ll take some extra pictures for you and email them across, and I’ve got a couple of others I’ve been doing, that show off the colours better, so I’ll take some of them for you as well.
        To be able to follow on blogger and be able to comment, you need to register on blogger, only requires a couple of details from what I remember. On the right hand side of the screen, you should see a list of followers as you scroll down, at the bottom, there is a follow button, click on that, and it will prompt you with the details required. Hope this helps mate.

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      1. When my eldest (28 now) was a toddler I had a Gwar tour T-shirt with three of the band members on “Oderous Humungus”, “Slimenstra Hyman” and the “Sexecutioner” I think, and when I would point to it and ask Myles who it was he’d say “Gwaaaarrrrr”! as he thought they were monsters and that’s what monsters did! 😁

        They used to have a slogan that if you brought one of your parents severed heads to their gig, you got in free!

        Cheers Roger.

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  2. These lads are ace – proppa brutal lookin’. I like Boggz’s mechanical gun arm and like you I’m a big fan of the armoured jaws – I’ve taken to wearing one whilst I paint to put myself in the zone. Got roped into painting a wall last night but I’m back on the orks tonight! 

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      1. Alas, I painted it in good old magnolia. I did wonder if you’d been putting the word out round everyone I know – “Hey, if you see Wudugast try to slow him down for me. Invite him in, offer him a few beers, tell him to put his feet up, ask him to help you paint a wall…”.

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  3. Its really cool to see you paint up some classic Ork sculpts. That looks like a Black Orc helmet on one of them and I always thought those were about as cool of a Orc unit as you could find. I’m excited to see what else you’ve got hanging around and to see how Wudugast responds to your latest volley 🙂

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    1. I like mixing and matching (kitbashing) it’s my favourite thing to do in the hobby. I’ve always loved that Orc head/helmet and like how it suits this green brute. I’m not sure what Wudu’s tally is at present but I get the feeling it’ll be a close finish but we’ll have to see.

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  4. Another great pair here. I did the same thing with some (still unpainted) builds using those Black Orc helmets in the past, so you’ve beaten me to completion there! I *really* like the build on the first Ork, though – love that dymanic pose!

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