Ork invasion part 16

I’ve been in the cabin keeping busy with these lovely green Orks and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying myself. I took up a cup of tea and two mince pies (bit early as they’re a Christmas treat but it always feels like Christmas in the cabin haha) and got stuck in. 

This is ScalpWakka. I may have gone a little overboard with the blood but don’t blame me blame him for whacking so many scalps! 

Then we have SkarGard a very angry Ork indeed. He’s a bit of a juggernaut on the battlefield and would only stop charging forward if he lost both arms and both legs. 

Despite both poses on these green dudes being a little static I actually really like them. I think SkarsGard is my favourite as Im a sucker for a snarly face.

That takes my total of Orks to 8. I’m happy with my progress and still feel super pumped to get more and more and MORE done! 

Just quietly my ninja monkeys have been keeping a close watch on Wudugasts progress and have been tasked with hiding all the green paint in his house Mmmwwwuuaaahhahahahahahaaaa



23 thoughts on “Ork invasion part 16”

  1. More great looking orks Luke, you’re certainly keeping up the momentum.
    Did you receive the email I sent, probably ended up in spam again ! LOL

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  2. Oi! Where the hell have my green paints gone?! Get back here you little furry gits..!

    Ahem… Really like what you’ve done with these two lads, ScalpWakka looks suitably gory to me. 🙂

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  3. Excellent additions to the collection. You’re doing a good job of giving the Orks big and nasty looking weapons. A little extra blood makes sense when you’re carrying a huge axe or cleaver after all. Looking forward to seeing more. I think you might be in the lead right now 🙂

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