Ork invasion part 17

I had to Google this but the word for the attraction to amputees is called “Devotism”. I’m not a devotee in the slightest but I do get a morbid enjoyment out of giving my Orks mechanical arms and legs in place of green fleshy limbs haha. 

This next Greenskin is, sadly, missing both legs and half an arm but have no fear, he’s still a force to be reckoned with I’d say. 

They call him Ghurrrrr…

In all honesty I’d run out of Ork legs so had to make do haha. 

Ironically I spent longer on him with shading and highlighting than I did all the other Orks I’ve shown you recently. 

Now the question is does Ghurrrr count as one model or half a model? In my humble opinion he should count as one because he’s the size of a Grot plus it’d be morally wrong to say he’s half an Ork just because he’s missing some limbs. 



30 thoughts on “Ork invasion part 17”

  1. Yikes! He’d have trouble keeping up with the other Boyz, but the noise of him inexorably dragging himself along would be terrifying… as to whether he counts as 1 or not, I think Gimli calls it right 👍

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  2. Fun miniature Luke, I was half expecting to see a mono stabilised gyro wheel, or bionic legs, but what you did was very cool. He could do with a catapult or launcher, for his mates to launch him into the middle of a unit and let him go ! LOL

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  3. Nicely done mate but I can’t help but feel you are pushing the boundaries with this one in terms of one or half a figure. If I put my old working hat on he’s definitely not an FTE – full time equivalent- member of staff and must therefore be seen as a fraction. That then opens up arguments concerning the Disability Discrimination Act not to mention Racial Equality and Ethnicty given he is an Ork. His gender also comes into question as he is missing his lower half too. All in all IRO you’ve opened a right royal can of worms here, such is the world we now live in! 😉

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  4. The way I see it is this; would I be willing to say he doesn’t count as a full ork to his face? And the answer to that is a vehement “no”! Great work again mate, can’t believe we’re one week in and you’ve run out of ork legs already though!

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  5. This could be a very consequential post if you’ve run out of legs already! I think I’m going to move all my bets over to Wudugast winning this one 😉 In all seriousness, I’d hate to be caught by Ghurr on the battlefield. I imagine he’d be good and mad by the time he catches up to his opponents haha!

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      1. Broken knee right now, so my mobility is through the floor. Upstairs bedroom and shower as well, so I get to crawl backwards up the stairs and then make my way across the floor to the bedroom…

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      2. Three months overall for recovery if all goes well, so another 2 months from now, basically. Not entirely sure when I’m able to walk again at this stage. Back to the Fracture clinic at the end of next week for the next x-ray and update.

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