Ork invasion part 18

A Millenia ago I bought some ready made Ork Nobs from eBay. The intention was to use them for parts but I ended becoming quite fond of them as they were. So, strangely for me, there are no conversions with these three. 

GutzKrumpa, JawChoppa and BogDragga are all brothers, well as close to brothers as Orks can be. Basically three fungal spores were clustered together and they’ve remained that way ever since. 

As he’s slightly older, by a few minutes, GutzKrumpa is the leader of the trio. I like his torso armour. 


He is my favourite of this little bunch. I love his iron jaw and I’m quite pleased with the freehand on it. I’m not great at freehand but do like giving it a go from time to time. 

BogDragga’s only good quality is his gold “Toof”. Other than that he is rotten to the core 

All three a lot dirtier looking, which was my intention, and look suitably menacing. I’m really enjoying experimenting with different shades of green.

I believe I am up to 12 Ork’s painted for Orktober now. Be sure to check out Wudugasts progress… I’m certainly keeping an eye on him.



30 thoughts on “Ork invasion part 18”

  1. Nicely done mate. I checked with Wudu and he’s closing in on 30 done now (I may have miss heard) and is so relaxed that he took time out to do something else which he posted today. As for not converting these chaps are you sure you aren’t just trying to cut corners in an effort to get more done? Asking for a friend. 😉

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    1. I bet you were one of those kids at school that was a real stirrer to cause trouble but then somehow always managed to wiggle out of any trouble yourself. Haha. In all honesty I think I’ve started running my own race now. I’m intrigued to see how many I can get done.

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  2. Well isn’t that an odd little coincidence? I’ve painted numerous versions of GutzKrumpa and to be honest I never liked that head so I always converted him, or used something different. Over the years though I’ve grown really fond of him, and the other day I spotted yet another version of him in the box and thought “this time I’m going to paint him just as he is”. He’s on the desk as we speak. 🙂 Anyway, lovely work on all three of these lads and cheers for the shout out. 

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  3. Great trio Luke, and loving how your varying the skin tones on them all. The freehand looks good, and the more you practice the better you’ll get, just ask your dad (TIM)

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  4. All looking really good! 🙂 I’m pretty sure that nefarious, underhand individuals could just paint a bunch of orks, photograph ’em, post ’em and then re-paint some slight details on them and show them off as a new set of minis, seemingly then doubling the number of minis painted! Good job you and Wudugast are not such individuals!

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  5. As has been the case, the comments on these are delightful and TIM is in rare form! 😀 I’m glad to see some more orks with legs and if they’re all carrying huge weapons then that is all the better too. I like the desaturated green skin like others have mentioned. I think these guys would look great with some Mad Max-style vehicles if you have any of those laying around too 🙂

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