Ork invasion part 22

Sometimes you get that feeling that you’ve got just things juuuuust right. That’s, almost, how I feel about this maniacal green menace. 


Not sure if you can see it but its the first time I’ve painted gums on an Ork.

There’s a build up of four different greens on the skin followed by some very small dabs of a light bone colour for his lips, points of his ears and a little on a few of the muscles. I find blending tricky to master but fun attempting. 

This recruit makes 19 Orks painted for Orktober. I think Mr Wudugast is going to be quite difficult to catch now as the finish lines is quickly approaching. Unless I can come up with a cunning plan… (insert evil genius laugh). 



21 thoughts on “Ork invasion part 22”

  1. Great looking Ork Luke, and the gums show up brilliantly in the picture, so great detail mate. Have you had much experience with glazes ? as a red glaze on knuckles and joints can add another element.

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  2. Oh I like him a lot mate, good work on the gums (and the rest of the ork for that matter). Where’s his head from, I don’t recognise it but I like it.
    Now then, what’s this I hear about a cunning evil genius plan..? *looks around nervously*

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      1. Ah, the old Kommandos. I have that kit somewhere, I really must break it out and get them painted. That head works well on the Nob body which is a useful thing to know. 

        Cheers for the warning, very sporting of you. Better yet, by not wasting time on frivolities like eating, sleeping or interacting with other humans I should have plenty of time for painting orks! 

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  3. This latest Ork looks great and I think the gums are worth painting. It gives it a bit more “realism,” if you know what I mean 🙂 Personally, I’m expecting your cunning plan to be a horde of 50 Orks without legs and/or arms to help you surpass Wudu! 😉

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