Mo’Vember Challenge

This morning I was reading Marks blog post about Cortes – and he mentioned Rogers challenge for this month “Mo’Vember” –

Then it started pouring down with rain and I thought bugger I can’t work today and then thought WOOHOO!!! I’ll do something for Mo’Vember. 

I’ve started collecting Bossons Plaques (chalkware) to repaint them and a little while ago I received one which was damaged while on route to me. 

I could have complained to the sender but I thought mehhh I could fix it easily enough. 

This particular piece is called “The Highwayman” and was sculpted by Fred Wright and produced between 1966 and 1969. Apparently it’s quite rare. My particular one, according to an inscription on the back, is from 1966. Thats 55 years old. 

As you can see from the pix above part of his jaw had snapped off but me being me found this to be quite inspirational and decided to not completely reattach it as you’ll see soon. 

I kept his hat red but just repainted it and his coat green but repainted that too. I also kept his skin dark, almost Mediterranean, but repainted that too and went with white hair as a nice contrast. 

For his eyes I went with red because, after listening to Highway Man by Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings, I listened to Ghost Riders in the sky and the lyrics mention “red eyes” haha. 

I also repainted the pistol. 

The last thing I did was cut this up…

To make The Highwayman’s moustache (Mo). 

He’s got a bit of an Errol Flynn vibe about him, sort of dashing but at the same time evil. I hope you like him. 

Here’s a little poem I wrote for him too. 

When the darkest clouds hang heavy in the sky and thunder cracks the night, 

Even the bravest of brave and the stoic through and through will tremble at the sight, 

Of the undead highwayman standing alone with a bloodied ragged smile, 

With shock white hair and eyes of fire, 

He’ll take your soul down the crooked mile. 



26 thoughts on “Mo’Vember Challenge”

  1. I thought you didn’t do challenges except Fembruary? Very nice and very…….IRO 🙄

    I’ll add you to the list, I don’t know what’s going on this year normally there only two of three of us in this challenge but this year it’s gone mental!

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. I’ll put down your new found fame to your appearance on both the IRO podcast and the Fly On The Wall Podcast haha. I think this challenge just caught me on the right bounce after seeing Marks Cortes!


  2. A project and a poem! You’re really spoiling us now, mate! This guy is bloody disgusting after the alterations you’ve made and its really cool the way you’ve repurposed something that was broken (probably beyond repair) too. You never what you’ll find on IRO’s hobby desk, that is for sure! 🙂

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  3. Way to take something broken and make something awesome out of it. I know I said this already over on Instagram when you posted it, but I love this, and the poem, too! 🙂 Great work! Looking forward to seeing what else you’ve been up to lately on the blog, but I’ve been up sick all night so I’m probably just gonna pass out soon, and will have to catch up on your posts later when I’m feeling less subhuman lol Looking forward to it though! 😀

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  4. Brilliant work matey! it has turned out better than the original!!!
    Oh I fell behind on the podcast so I’m back to bingeing !!! That was nice of you to mention me !! And even though I’m a big fan of Big Wazzer the show would be nothing with out your brilliant talent and good looks!! and Keithy and gorgeous boy are great when you have them on , just listened to drunk in the shed! what a laugh!!

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