Tau Army Dra ‘rax – Part 4  

Sorry for all the work in progress posts. I find they actually help to keep me motivated. 

In this post we have X3 XV8 Crisis Battlesuits. 

These have been my favourite models to build so far for this project. I think I mostly enjoyed adjusting the poses and getting the bases just right. 

The Tau seem to have an Eastern or Japanese sort of vibe/influence to them so I have the first model a katana or samurai sword. I made it from a sprue but do you think it’s a little too small. As you can see I also have him a shield. He’s my favourite of the group as he’s a little different 

The next model I’ll be building is an XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit. Kind of a cool name and I think he will be bigger than these bad boys. 


22 thoughts on “Tau Army Dra ‘rax – Part 4  ”

  1. Dammit man, what are you doing?! You’re making me excited about Tau! This isn’t supposed to happen! I’m going to sit in the corner and think about Chaos now until I feel better!

    Seriously, these are great and the sword is a nice touch – makes me think of Commander Farsight. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Ghostkeel so I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with that.

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    1. Haha as much as you were surprised that I’m doing Tau I’d be doubly as surprised if you started a Tau army. Although I could see you doing a small samurai themed one. The Ghostkeel model looks pretty cool as is so I think it’ll be about positioning and the base.

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  2. The katana is a clever idea, mate! I think the symbol of the Tau (no idea what the name is) looks pretty eastern as well. Now I want to see some bonsai terrain and Japanese/Chinese temples for your terrain, mate 🙂

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